32 Halloween Pun Costume Ideas for the Perfect Pun-chline

Try our clever pun Halloween costumes. Everyone will think they're pun-believable.

Published September 14, 2023
girl in marilyn monroe halloween costume

Life is a punny, punny thing. And Halloween is the chance to live the punniest life you can dream of.

For those who want something that's easy enough to pass off as a coincidentally quirky outfit that you just happen to be wearing on Halloween at the office, a pun costume is a smooth and subtle way to get into the spirit without the spirit taking over. And for those who like to go big, there are pun costumes that will absolutely make you the cat's meow and steal the show. 

Social Butterfly

Swing (or flutter) by the store to grab a pair of butterfly wings and a headband with antennae. In a pinch, a regular headband with some glitter pipe cleaners can do the trick, too. Bonus points for adding a touch of butterfly makeup.

The secret to pulling the pun together? Opt for a single color t-shirt and add the logos for all your favorite social media: Facebook, X, Instagram, Tumblr, you name it. 

Chick Magnet

Do think you're prince charming or the queen of charisma? Then perhaps it’s time to consider being a literal chick magnet for Halloween. Whether you wear actual magnets or drawings of them, don’t forget to paste on chicks to send the message home. 

Be A-Peeling for Halloween

Dress up in all yellow like a banana and add peels falling away from your costume. You can use construction paper for your peels or hit the internet for a banana costume that’s already a-peeling to you. 

Spring Fever

We all get a little spring fever after winter. But you can capture the essence of spring fever in a punny Halloween costume. Dress up in green, adorn yourself with flowers and leaves, and complete the look with a thermometer (real or otherwise) that reads 102°F.

Case the Place as a Cat Burglar

All you need are some cat ears or a touch of cat face paint, a black-and-white striped shirt, and a sack filled with stolen goodies to dress the part of a thief that’ll steal everyone’s attention. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without an eye mask to protect your identity. 

When Life Gives You Lemons

Dress up as your usual self, go a little dressy, or make it super casual with those clothes you reserve for yard work. Clothes aren't the most important part, but they are necessary. To complete your costume as life giving out lemons, you'll need a few of those, plus a basket or bag to carry them in. Feel free to wear a name tag that says "Life" so people can have a giggle when you give them lemons. 

Spice Up Your Life

Whether you lived through the Spice Girls era or you can appreciate the lasting impact they had on pop culture, you can still be a Spice Girl. Don a red apron to take on the look of a spice jar. Round out your pun by printing out a spice jar label or hand draw one yourself. But don’t forget to tape, glue, or hang the paper so people know you’re there to spice up their life. 

Be the Queen Bee

Dress yourself in black and yellow, like a bee, from head to toe the best you can. Black and yellow tie dye is great, but if you can find black and yellow stripes for a shirt, black pants, and black and yellow striped socks, even better. And if you can find clothes with bees on them? Buzz, buzz! Don't forget to add the crown to pull off the look as a queen bee.

Have Some 'Tude With a Chip on Your Shoulder

Some days, people just have a chip on their shoulder. And today, that person is you. Glue an empty chip bag to your shoulder or crinkle up yellow construction paper to mimic a wavy potato chip and tape or glue it to your shirt. Don't forget to sneer or give a good eye roll to complete the punny Halloween costume. 

Holy Cow! Oh, Deer

girl in deer halloween costume

Grab a friend, or get punny on your own with one of these costumes. Dress up with in white with black polka dots, much like a cow's pattern, and add a halo or wings to complete the angelic phrase. Or dress in brown with white dots, big doe eyes, and the word "oh" written or attached to your chest. 

It's Raining Cats and Dogs

Don't be afraid of breaking out your umbrella indoors — but maybe skip the umbrella in favor of an umbrella hat. Or skip it altogether if you're worried about the size or poking others in the eye. Cover yourself in pictures or small stuffed cats and dogs. Of course, you'll need to cut out some blue rain drops so it's really raining cats and dogs. 

The Biggest Fan

You’re the ceiling’s biggest fan! Gather up some pom-poms and clothes that are primary colors. Make yourself a sign that says, “Go Fan!” so there’s no doubt about it, you’re a total ceiling fan. Of course, you can tape pictures of ceiling fans to your clothes, too. 

Fifty Shades of Grey

Who could ever forget the hold that Fifty Shades of Grey had in pop culture? It still lives on. Head to your closest home improvement store and stock up on grey paint swatches. For bonus points, you can attach your paper paint swatches to grey clothing or else just be sure to cover as much of yourself in those grey hues as you can. How else could you pull off being so many shades of grey? 

Beware, Shark Week! 

Zipper yourself into a shark costume or shrug yourself into a t-shirt or sweatshirt that's covered in sharks. To complete your shark week transformation, tape the days of the week to your costume. Don't forget the appropriate shark week watching snacks. 

Identity Theft Isn't a Joke

This is perhaps the easiest of the pun costumes, so long as you remember to remove all the stickers. You'll need a handful or more of "Hello, my name is" labels to complete the punny costume. On each name tag, write a different name. You can even acquire more names as the night goes on from all the costumed people you meet and their identities you steal. 

Just Another Copy Cat

Cat ears, a tail, and black clothes will complete your base look as a cat. To make yourself a copy, you have two choices: tape a dozen pictures of the same cat to yourself or go digital. If you opt for the digital route, grab a sheet of paper and write "ctl + c" for the keyboard shortcut to copy. 

You're the Bread Winner

White bread, rye bread, sourdough bread, whole wheat bread. You’re the breadwinner. Attach pictures of bread to your clothes or tie a piece of fabric around two bags of bread to drape over your shoulders with a gold medal around your neck. You’re number one! 

Live the Geek Life as the Smartie Pants

Hit the store for some Smarties and an adhesive, such as glue or tape. And possibly a pair of pants if you're not ready to part ways with any of yours for a costume. Cover your pants from ankle to waist with the Smarties, so everyone knows that you're the smartest one in the room. You are a smartie pants, after all. 

Quick Tip

Before you start gluing those rolls of Smarties to your pants, skip the back of your pants if you hope to sit down without crushing your costume. Or you can just use empty wrappers. 

Get Cozy as a Pig in a Blanket

Oink oink! Dress up in pink, add a pig’s nose, and get cozy. With a pink blanket, that is. And when you’re getting hungry as the night goes on, maybe your punny Halloween costume can serve as inspo for snacking on some pigs in a blanket. 

Holy Guacamole!

Grab your avocado green clothes and get dressed. Cover yourself in a couple pictures of avocados and even carry around a bag of tortilla chips for dipping. To complete your look, don't forget your halo or wings before heading out of the house. 

Make a Formal Apology

Break out your suit or fancy dress. You’re going for a formal look to complete this pun Halloween costume. Use a sash or other text that reads “apology” and attach it to your formal wear. You can spend the night letting people know that you formally apologize for having such a great costume. 

Some Things Are a Blessing in Disguise

Dust off that mysterious mustache disguise and your sun hat or fedora. You're going undercover. Once you have the look of a private eye, you can write "blessing" across your shirt or attach the text to your clothes. Then you can head out to celebrate Halloween, not as an angel, but as a blessing in disguise. 

One Smart Cookie

Get nerdy for the night, or embrace your inner geek by being a smart cookie for a punny Halloween costume. Using thick black glasses, preferably not your real ones, wrap the bridge of the glasses in tape. Then cover your clothes with pictures of cookies and A pluses to let everyone know, you are in fact, one smart cookie. And for those that get it right? Maybe you can hand out a few real cookies, too. 

Plant a Smooch as a French Kiss

girl in mime costume

Dress up as a French mime, complete with white face paint, dramatic eyes with black paint, and red lips. Oh, and the white gloves. Then, or maybe before you're in costume, snag yourself a loaf of French bread and cover it in lipstick kisses. Muah! 

Take a Picture for Gram

Hold right there, kiddo. Grandpa's gotta give you a kiss and take a quick picture before you head out to trick-or-treat. Just kidding. Tonight, you're the grandma, complete with gray hair and that pastel pink nightgown and slippers. To complete the look as Insta-Gram, don't forget to bring a frame with you or even carry around a Polaroid camera. 

Be the Eye Candy You Are

All you need to be eye candy this Halloween is a couple handfuls of those fun-size candies, some glue, and googly eyes. Carefully attach the candy and several pairs of eyes to your shirt. 

You Give It Two Thumbs Up

Grab your grayest clothes, or head to the store or thrift store to pick some up. Add a touch of makeup to your face to give yourself a face that mimics a seal. Then make a necklace with clips, string, and cardboard or construction paper that reads: approval. Then you can let everyone know that you are the seal of approval. 

Two Roads Diverged

Grab a few forks and pick out a t-shirt with a car or some roads strewn across. And if people ask you what you are, instead, ask them which direction they pick when they face a fork in the road. 

Jealousy Looks Good on You

Drape yourself in green from head to toe, as much as you want. Green shirt, green pants, green socks, green dress, maybe even green hair. And don’t forget that jealous sneer. After all, you are green with envy. 

Go on Strike!

All you need to do is raid your closet, and your punny Halloween costume is nearly complete. What’s left, you might wonder? A sign that reads, “Nudist on strike!” Because, of course, you’re wearing clothes. 

Life's a Nightmare

You can be punny and spooky at the same time for Halloween with a simple street sign: Elm Street. Don’t forget your pajamas, sleep mask, and cozy slippers to complete the dreamy look. 

Live Life With Nose in a Book

Wiggle your way into the hearts of those around you without doing any damage to the books you love.

Dress yourself up in green, perhaps with a few yellow spots to complete the look. Or you can pin a few pretend worms to your shirt. Grab a pair of big spectacles and don’t forget to bring a book or two with you. But make it a paperback so you don’t end up with a sore arm. Bam! You’re a bookworm.

Get Your Pun On This Halloween

Why not add some old-fashioned pun-kin fun and some Halloween ha-ha's to your costume repertoire? Especially for those who love a good puzzle or riddle, there's no better way to spread the spooky mystery like a punny Halloween costume. Personally, I’m thinking I might start gluing Smarties to my jeans.

32 Halloween Pun Costume Ideas for the Perfect Pun-chline