Hannah Montana Costumes

Hannah Montana is all the rage!

You don't have to have voice lessons to turn into a secret rock star. For Halloween or any dress-up event, whether you buy an official costume or make one yourself, you'll be ready to rock the night away in a Hannah Montana costume.

Shopping for Hannah Montana Costumes

Since so many tween girls want to unleash their secret singing sensation, the licensed costume and wig are available at the vast majority of costume shops, both online and brick-and-mortar. The costumes are extremely popular, and shops have a hard time keeping them in stock, so if you want a ready-made costume, you must plan ahead and buy early.

Popular online sources for the costumes include:

  • Amazon has many different costumes available, as well as a variety of accessories that can be purchased separately.
  • Costume Craze sells full costumes, wigs, boots and other items to help complete the Hannah Montana look.
  • Halloween Express offers a variety of costumes and wigs including a head-set microphone that will go perfectly with the pop diva costume.
  • Costume Express has a Hannah Montana costume and wig available for purchase.
  • Toy Wiz has a Hannah Montana costume that comes with the famous blonde wig.
  • Totally Costumes offers several different outfits and wigs that are perfect for a Hannah Montana costume.

How to Make a Hannah Montana Costume

Given the astronomical prices of costume shop Hannah Montana outfits, it makes sense to create a custom Hannah Montana. Some items needed to create the pop diva costume can be found in the closet. Thrift stores and consignment shops are great places to find clothing and accessories needed to make a rockin' Hannah Montana costume.


The wig is the most important part of the entire costume, so consider purchasing one that emulates Hannah Montana's trademark long, blonde hair. The wig should feature bangs and should have a lot of body and volume.



Hannah Montana wears flashy clothes with as much glitz and glamour as possible. Her tops are typically made from bright metallic fabric that sparkles when the light hits it. In addition, Hannah Montana wears bolero jackets and other cropped layers that expose colorful tanks and tees. Her shirts are semi-form fitting, but not too restrictive or daring. Add glitter with a glue gun to a pink T-shirt or cami, or stitch sequins onto them.


Hannah Montana often wears leggings which can be purchased inexpensively at discount retailers or second-hand clothing stores. Wear the leggings under a brightly colored short skirt or a pair of denim shorts and her trademark belt. Another good choice includes rhinestone-studded black jeans.


Hannah Montana doesn't hobble around in heels, so ditch the spikes and go for the cowboy boots instead. The best choice is to wear boots that have bling and fringe. Jazz-up some regular boots by adding glitter or sequins to them and get ready to rock and roll.


No Hannah Montana costume is complete without a headset microphone. If a headset is hard to find, simply purchase a cheap plastic microphone. Another option is to buy a headset for a telephone and paint it purple to match Hannah Montana's. Be sure to learn some good Hannah Montana tunes to belt out while in costume.

Other must-have Hannah Montana costume accessories include bodacious costume jewelry. The singing sensation wears chandelier earrings, plenty of bangle bracelets and big, beaded necklaces or scarves.The pop sensation is also known for her wide gold belt with a big buckle.


Complete the Hannah Montana costume with some make-up. Start with a smoky eye using pinks and purples and add black eyeliner that is heavier on the top than the bottom. Add a bit more shimmer under and in the corner of the eyes and thick mascara. A touch of blush is all that's needed on the cheeks and a bit of shimmery pink lip gloss will finish the look perfectly.

Fabulously Frugal

Official Hannah Montana costumes don't come cheap. They are often overpriced and may not fit exactly right depending on which ensemble you choose. Learning how to make a costume from items already in the closet is a great way to save money. Another way to dress-up on the cheap is to check the classified ads for used costumes that can be purchased for a fraction of the original retail price.

Hannah Montana Costumes