James Bond Costume Ideas

Bond Secret Agent Costume

As far as James Bond costume ideas are concerned, older is definitely better. That is to say, the older movies will yield wilder costumes. There is no end of fun costumes for couples or groups to choose from in over 20 films.

Basic James Bond Costume Ideas

Elegant Tuxedo

If you're going to dress up as the world's most suave secret agent, the most obvious costume is a tuxedo. Your prop gun should really be kept hidden, but then you run the risk of no one knowing who you are meant to be. Bond requires more than just the tux; you also need the British accent and the introduction: "Bond, James Bond" to pull it off.

Unique Looks

James Bond is well known for his various attire. If you want a costume that is fun and unique, try one of the following ideas:

  • Wet suit with flippers or a scuba mask and snorkel
  • White dinner jacket and bow tie in place of the traditional black tux
  • Three piece suit with matching shoes

Finish any Bond outfit with the proper accessories. This means a stylish watch, gun and whatever other gadgets you may have on hand.

For The Group

A simple group costume could consist of the MI6 team: Bond, M, Moneypenny and Q. The clothes are fairly easy, as everyone just wears suits:

  • Moneypenny can wear a 1960s suit and beehive.
  • Q, having a touch of the mad scientist about him, can wear a bow tie and carry some sort of prop gadget.

Perfect Couple

The other obvious idea for a James Bond costume is for a couple: Bond and a standard Bond girl. The Bond girls got tougher over the years, but it's the rare film that doesn't feature a woman in a bikini. She may still carry a gun, but she's in a bikini. If you really want to change things up, the woman can wear the suit and the man can wear the bikini and you can be Bizarro Bond.

The Bond Villains

Although some of Bond's tuxes in the 1970s are a bit overly memorable, it's really the villains who wear distinctive outfits. For example:

  • Blofeld: Bond nemesis Blofeld is one of the classic villains. It's his look that was parodied for Dr. Evil in the Austin Powers movies. He is bald and wears a Nehru jacket and monocle and has a nasty facial scar and fluffy white cat he perpetually strokes.
  • Oddjob: Oddjob from Goldfinger is another favorite. He wears a suit and a bowler hat - yours would, presumably, be less lethal.
  • Goldfinger: If you want something very quick and a bit ridiculous, you can be Goldfinger himself, just by painting one finger gold (although this may be deemed a copout).

Bond Girls

You just can't talk about James Bond costume ideas without talking about the Bond girls. While the bikinis abound (the white bikini worn by Ursula Andress in Dr. No remains one of the most iconic costumes in film history), popular "girls" have worn all sorts of memorable costumes. Some famous bond girls looks include:

Bond Girl
Bond Girl
  • Pilot Pussy Galore of Goldfinger is a fan favorite. Either an orange or black jumpsuit, combined with flight goggles and cap, will turn you into this powerful lady.
  • Live and Let Die's Solitaire is not so deadly, but a standard 1970s low-cut gown and a deck of Tarot cards easily comprises this costume.
  • Replicating the look of one of the most famous Bond girls - doomed Goldfinger secretary Jill Masterson - is easy with a fitted gold jumpsuit. Add some gold temporary hair dye and you're set.
  • If you both wear vintage ski suits, you can be Tracy Di Vicenzo from On Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  • A sari will make you Octopussy, especially if your James wears an alligator over his suit.
  • When in doubt, there isn't a single Bond girl who does not wear evening dress at some point in a film, so dressing to the nines, perhaps with a gun strapped to your thigh, will usually do the trick.

Funny Looks

Although the Bond movies have always been action thrillers, they have provided some good laughs as well. Not least are some of 007's disguises, which can yield some fun James Bond costume ideas. More than once has he appeared in scuba gear, only to strip it off and reveal an evening suit underneath. While this look can be a bit warm, you can wear a scuba mask and fins with your suit for a funny and recognizable costume.

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