Make Your Own Pirate Hat

Pirate Hat

It is easy to make your own pirate hat out of paper, felt, craft foam, cardboard or cloth bandanas.

How to Make Your Own Pirate Hat

The following ideas will help you make your own unique hat.

Felt Tri-Corner Pirate Hat

Make your own pirate hat out of brown or black felt, for an authentic looking tri-corn pirate hat. You will need a piece of felt that is approximately one half yard. Cut a circle out of the felt that is approximately 2 inches larger in diameter than your head. This is called the bowl of the hat. Cut a larger circle from the remaining felt. Cut a doughnut hole from the center of the larger felt, this will the brim of the hat. Glue or sew the bowl of the hat into the center doughnut of the brim of the hat. Make the hat into a tri-corn by lifting one side of the brim up near the front and tacking it with glue or thread. Do the same for the other side front. Add a feather or trim to the brim of the hat to give the hat a pirate look.

Cloth Pirate Bandana

The easiest pirate hat to make is the bandana. Purchase a store bought bandana or make one out of cloth. Fold it in a large triangle and put the fold on your forehead. Tie it in back of your head. Voila!

Paper Hat

Everyone remembers making a pirate hat from newspaper in school. This pirate hat is easy to make and fun for kids to make at a pirate birthday party. To make your own pirate hat, get a large piece of paper approximately 12 x 20 inches in size. Lay it on the table and fold it in half. Fold the top two corners down to the lower edge. Crease the folds crisply. Lift the bottom edge and fold it upwards approximately one inch. Turn it over and fold the bottom edge up one inch also. Decorate your pirate hat with skull and crossbones or a feather if you want.

Craft Foam Pirate Hat

Craft foam is the perfect medium to make inexpensive cute pirate hats for parties or plays. You will need two pieces of 8 x 11-inch black craft foam and another piece in white. Cut two one-inch strips of black craft foam. Place them around the circumference of the child's head and staple the ends. The black circle should fit snuggly on the child's head and not slip down. Fold the second piece of black craft foam in half and draw half of a pirate hat at the fold line. Pirate hats are similar to a bell shape, but wider at the base. Cut it out and lay it flat on the table. Cut some skull and crossbones out of the white craft foam and glue them to the black pirate hat. Staple or glue the black pirate hat to the black headband and your pirate hat is complete!

Cardboard Pirate Hat

Cardboard pirate hats can be made from heavy poster board in black, or a piece of cardboard painted black. To make the hat, follow the same directions for the pirate hat made from craft foam.

Kids Pirate Birthday Party

Pirate's hats made from craft foam, cardboard and paper are perfect to make for a kids birthday party. To make the party go smoother, have all the pieces cut out prior to the party. Provide the children with glue, glitter, feathers, foil, or beads to decorate their pirate hat as they wish.

Ready Made Pirate Hat Options

Pirate hats are fun to make and wear. If you don't want to make your own, you can purchase a pirate hat and decorate it with feathers, trim, a skull, and crossbones for less work.

Make Your Own Pirate Hat