Samba Dancer Costumes

Samba Dancer

The Samba is a high-energy, exciting style of dance, and the costumes are reflective of this energy. Costumes typically expose dancers' torsos, legs, arms,and shoulders. This not only complements the dramatic and intense Samba dance, but also serves a functional purpose in preventing dancers from becoming overheated. Samba costumes are often elaborate and utilize bold, vibrant colors. Accents and embellishments are key, and may consist of sequins, rhinestones, beads or faux jewels, metallic shimmer, floral pieces, fringe, and feathers. Costumes may be very unique and complex, and designers of Samba apparel are well-respected.

Professional and Parade Costumes

The Samba apparel designed for professional and parade use is often elaborate and very high-quality. Top designers take care in creating their designs to create back pieces and other costume elements that are as comfortable as possible for the performers. Costumes may be purchased or rented from a variety of retailers.

Costume Styles

Like the dance itself, the costumes are dramatic and attention-grabbing. Costume styles vary. Types of costumes include:

  • Bikini-style Samba costumes
  • Bikini and skirt combinations
  • Longer Samba skirt with bra top
  • Samba pants and tops
head piece

Additional Samba costume elements include:

  • Elaborate head pieces
  • Back pieces
  • Gloves or armlettes
  • Leg or lower-calf accents
  • Neck pieces
  • Boas
  • Heeled sandals or boots

Where to Buy Samba Performance Costumes

Dancers and performers can purchase or rent costumes from Samba dance retailers, samba schools, dance costume catalogs, and other venues such as the following:

  • Samba Collection: Renowned designed Doris de Hilster has beautiful costume creations that can be purchased or rented. This worldwide name in costume talent has showcased her designs in the Brazil Carnival and many other arenas.
  • Latin Dance Fashions: This company carries many individual Samba dance pieces and sets for women and men.

Dress-Up Samba Costumes

Even those who aren't professional Samba dancers might be inspired by the confident and colorful dancers. Getting dressed up as a Samba dancer for Halloween, a costume party, celebration of the Brazilian Carniva, or Mardi Gras can be fun and exciting. There are sexy and modest version of children's Samba costumes available for those who want to sport the look for a special occasion. Dress-up style Samba outfits are much more affordable than professional costumes, but they are not designed to stand up to repeated or extensive wear. You can purchase these at Halloween costume retailers and select costume shops.

Where to Buy Dress-Up Samba Costumes

Enjoy Wearing Your Samba Costume

Samba costumes are eye-catching, sexy, and functional for those who perform the dance professionally, in competitions, or for fun. They're also a popular choice for those who make appearances in Carnival parades, as well as for costume parties. No matter why you decided to get a Samba costume, you're sure to have fun and look great while wearing it.

Samba Dancer Costumes