Party Games for Large Groups

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Group party games

Party games for large groups require extra coordination and planning to keep everyone active. Check out these ideas for planning the entertainment at a party with a large guest list.

Planning Party Games for Large Groups

Large groups present a logistical challenge when it comes to party games. The key is to find games that the entire group can participate in without feeling lost in the shuffle. There are several considerations when planning large group games.

  • Purpose of the party: Choose games that complement the goal or reason for the celebration.
  • Age of the participants: Choose games that are age appropriate.
  • Familiarity of guests: Consider how well the guests know each other and how they may interact. Icebreaker games are a good way to ease strangers into the party so they feel comfortable with one another.
  • Personality of guests: Some people are naturally more outgoing than others. Avoid games that force participants to take the spotlight if you have several shy or reserved people at the party.
  • Space: Choose games that work well with the amount of space available. If space is limited, avoid active games that require lots of movement. Parties held outdoors allow more active games.

Icebreaker Games

Begin with icebreaker games to help the guests feel comfortable. If some of the guests aren't already acquainted, these games also help them learn names of the other guests.

Shoe Match Up

All participants take off one shoe and place it in a pile. Everyone should take off the same shoe, either the right or left as determined by the organizer of the game. Each player then grabs someone else's shoe and puts it on, thus the reason for everyone taking off the same shoe. The goal is to match up the shoes to form a row. Each participant must find the person wearing his other shoe, but he must also find the owner of the random shoe he grabbed from the pile. The players stand in a row with the matching shoes next to one another.

Have You Ever?

This game needs a room large enough to form a circle of chairs. You need one less chair than there are players. The person without a chair stands in the middle. The person in the middle asks a question that begins with "Have you ever". For example, "Have you ever eaten ice cream straight from the container?" All of the players who can answer yes to the question must get up and find a new seat. You might want to make a rule that they must move to a seat that's at least four seats away from their original seat to make it more challenging. The person in the middle attempts to sit down in one of the empty chairs. Whoever is left in the middle is the new caller.

Other Game Ideas

Whether you play a game with everyone participating or divide the party guests into smaller groups, these party games will keep the fun moving with your large guest list.

Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt helps manage the large number of participants by dividing them into smaller teams. Each team receives an identical list of items to find. Decide if you'll have the guests stay at the party location or go out into the community to find the items. If the party has a theme or is held around a holiday, consider developing the list around the theme. For example, a Christmas scavenger hunt might include ornaments, a nativity scene, garland, a Santa hat or a Christmas light bulb. Set a time limit and award a prize to the team with the most items from the list.


Trivia games always work well for parties. They challenge the knowledge of the guests in a fun way. Divide the large group into smaller teams for the trivia game. There are several trivia possibilities to tailor the game to the party guests.

  • General trivia questions about several topics
  • Themed trivia questions based on the purpose of the party
  • Name That Tune: Identifying songs based on a few lyrics
  • Charades
  • Pictionary
  • Finishing a famous line from a book or movie

Party Game Fun

Whatever you decide for your party games for large groups, the key is to have fun. Consider the number of guests and the personalities of those guests when planning the games. Your attention to detail with the party entertainment will pay off in the form of smiling faces and laughter.

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Party Games for Large Groups