12 Easy-Going Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home

You're staying home on NYE this year, and you're not mad about it. Try celebrating your cozy night in with these easy ideas.

Published December 13, 2023
friends in the kitchen on NYE

They say whatever you're doing when New Year's arrives is what you'll be doing all year long. We like the idea of staying in and being cozy for the upcoming 365. If you plan to celebrate New Year's Eve at home, try some simple and snug ideas for your evening of staying in.

How to Celebrate NYE at Home With Friends

Just because you're celebrating at home doesn't mean you're celebrating on your own. You might have some friends stopping by to ring in the New Year with you, and these are the simple ways you can make your celebration a bit more fun.

Play Viral Games From TikTok This Year

TikTok gave us many things this year, but one of the more positive gifts from the social media platform has to be the fun party games. Gather your friends for an evening at home and a few rounds of Oreo Roulette or have an exciting game of Cup

Helpful Hack

You can ask everyone to bring the supplies for the game they would like to play.

Host a BYOB Party — Bring Your Own Board

We've seen every type of board imaginable at this point. So, ask your pals to bring their favorite board idea from the year to share. You might have a mix of charcuterie boards, butter boards, and fruit platters. You can even designate certain colors or flavor profiles to each guest.

Have a Champagne Tasting 

Champagne toast

Save your wine tastings for warmer weather. New Year's Eve is all about the Champagne. Ask every friend to bring their favorite bubbly and spend the evening tasting the selection. Toast with your favorite as the ball drops.

Invite Friends for a Pajama Party

Trade your usual New Year's Eve attire of sequins and heels for a cozy alternative. Host a pajama party and invite friends to stop by for a low-key and comfy night. You might even call it a night around 10pm and sleep through the ball drop. 

Quick Tip

A pajama party might be the perfect opportunity to watch New Year's Eve with your besties.

How to Celebrate NYE at Home as a Couple or a Family

If you're staying in for NYE, it might be because you have kids with a curfew or you just want to spend the night with your significant other. You can keep things cozy and curfew-friendly with these ideas.

Watch a Slideshow of Memories

Gather your family around for a slideshow of the past year. Feature sporting events, vacations, individual wins, and memories from your favorite days. You can even ask each family member to give a short presentation alongside the slideshow to talk about their own highlights of the year.

Have a Fancy Dinner In

You can stay in and still have a photo-worthy New Year's Eve. Grab your sweetheart and make a full course meal as you sip champagne. You have until midnight to make and enjoy your meal, so take your time and be present together.

Celebrate Noon-Year's Eve With the Kids

NYE Family

Even if they want to, your kids probably aren't staying up to see the New Year roll in. They don't have to miss out on all the fun though. Host a noon-year's eve celebration with their favorite snacks and video of the ball drop from last year. Let them dance and sip on sparkling cider so they're definitely ready for bed when it's time for your own NYE celebration to start.

Host an End-of-Year Family Meeting

Wrap your year up as a family with one final meeting. Discuss what you've all learned, point out improvements each member has made, and start planning for your year ahead. You might review some family values or add some new ones and enjoy a meal of all your favorite dishes as you carry out the meeting.

Wrap the Year With Snuggles

If staying in with your sweetheart and snuggling sounds like your kind of celebration, you should do it. Cuddling up in your comfy clothes, grabbing takeout for an easy meal, and turning in early is a worthy way to celebrate the coming year, especially when you get to do so with the one you love.

How to Celebrate NYE at Home Alone

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and skip hosting the NYE party, you can definitely spend the final hours of the year alone and loving every minute of it. You deserve a celebration of everything you've accomplished this year, even if you're celebrating on your own. 

Practice Golden Self-Care

Gold is the color on New Year's Eve, and it looks amazing on you. Treat yourself to some glittering self-care with a shimmering bubble bath (glittering bath bomb included) and gold masks for your face and eyes. Give yourself a golden manicure and finish the evening with Champagne in your most luxurious pajamas.

Have a Favorites Night

You've worked hard this year, and you deserve to celebrate that with all your favorite things. Make your favorite dessert, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine, and order takeout from your favorite restaurant. Cozy up in your best lounge wear and watch your all-time favorite movie or binge your best show.

Meditate on the Past Year

woman drinking wine on nye

If you're looking for some serious quiet alone time, meditation may be exactly what you're craving. Spend some time reflecting on the past year and practicing gratitude. Focus on the future and set intentions within yourself for success in all the areas of life that mean the most to you. 

Ring In the New Year Your Way

Don't let anyone call you a party pooper. You celebrate NYE your way with pride! Staying home and ringing in the New Year with those you love (or yourself) is a worthy way to say hello to the fresh year ahead.

12 Easy-Going Ways to Celebrate New Year's Eve at Home