42 Ideas for Fun Father's Day Activities Your Dad Will Love 

No matter what your age, we've got Father's Day activity ideas perfect to celebrate dad this year.

Updated April 29, 2022
family celebrating father

Get the whole family involved with fun Father's Day activities that everyone will enjoy. Toddlers, teens, and everyone in between will love these special activities to do with dad.

Great Father's Day Activities for Toddlers

The littlest members of the family sometimes offer the biggest laughs and the most fun on Father's Day. The key is keeping them busy and making sure activities are short and interactive. Try some of these engaging ideas.

Build a Simple Birdhouse

father and son building a birdhouse

Sure, a toddler with a hammer might be a recipe for disaster, but when dad's hand is a steadying influence, it's all a lot safer. Time spent building something together is a great way to celebrate Father's Day. If dad isn't super handy, pick up a birdhouse kit or a pre-made birdhouse to paint together. Don't forget the safety goggles.

Have a Dance Party With Dad's Favorite Songs

father daughter dance party at home

Make a playlist of his favorite songs for Father's Day, especially the ones with a great beat. Toddlers love a dance party, and so do dads when it's the right kind of music. Then put dad's music on the stereo and have a dance party.

Make a Father's Day Snack Mix

fathers day snack mix

While cooking with a toddler probably isn't dad's idea of relaxing, not all food requires cooking. Pick up a variety of candy, pretzels, cereal, dried fruit, and other goodies, and make a Father's Day snack mix as a family. Toddlers love dumping ingredients and mixing things, and dad will love snacking on the results later that day.

Tour the Best Playgrounds

father with son at playground

Take dad on a tour of the best playgrounds in your town or neighborhood and use a star rating to decide which is your favorite. This is a fun Father's Day activity for toddlers because it includes plenty of physical activity, and it gives dad a chance to get involved too.

Get Out the Face Paints

daughter putting face paint on father

If dad's pretty adventurous, there's nothing like seeing what a toddler will do with face paints. Pick up a set of non-toxic paints and some brushes and let the toddler and dad take turns making each other into art. Wearing a pair of goggles isn't a bad plan.

Break Out the Backyard Sprinkler

fathers day backyard sprinkler party

Sure, running through the sprinkler might not be dad's favorite activity, but everything gets a lot more fun when you add a toddler to the mix. Set up some lawn chairs, and have everyone wear their swimsuits. Don't forget some great music to really keep the fun moving.

Be Superheroes

father daughter superhero

Dads make great superheroes, and it's even more fun with a cape. Make capes out of blankets, or pick up some superhero capes to use. Come up with some pretend superpowers and have fun playing together.

Cool Activities for Older Kids to Do With Dad

School-aged kids can have lots of fun with great Father's Day activities that are age-appropriate. Since older kids can handle more physically challenging activities and have a longer attention span, you could spend an entire Father's Day afternoon doing some of these fun things.

Take Dad for a Bike Ride

family riding bikes together on Father's Day

Since Father's Day happens in the early summer, it's often a great day for a bike ride. Take some time to plan a route dad will love and then hit the bike path together.

Set Up a Domino Topple

domino topple

If dad loves engineering, a domino topple is a fun way to create something cool as a family. You can use dominos you may already have around, but it's also interesting to incorporate other building toys to make chain reactions. This is a great way to spend a rainy Father's Day.

Do Some Father's Day Crafting

father daughter crafting string necklace with beads

Get creative with dad and make some Father's Day crafts together. You can work on a gift he'll enjoy for years to come, or you can all learn a new craft no one has tried before.

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Hit the Arcade

father and son at arcade

Nothing beats an afternoon at the arcade, especially if dad grew up playing arcade games. Pick out a great arcade near your home and head out for some family fun. Older kids will love this Father's Day activity just as much as dads will.

Interview Dad With This Printable List of Questions

daughter interviewing father

Older kids can be great at having conversations, and Father's Day is the perfect time to sit down and chat. You can come up with some questions to ask Dad about his life, what he thinks is important, and anything else you've been wondering. On the big day, take some time to ask him all these questions and record the answers if you'd like, or just listen intently.

Need help getting started? Below you'll find a list of questions that are perfect to ask your dad on his special day. Just print the list and ask away!

Build a Father's Day Fort

father and son building a fort

Inside or out, a fort is always a good idea. If the weather is rainy or you don't have a yard, build a blanket fort inside. If you have the space and supplies, an outdoor fort can be fun too. Either way, let dad be the king of the fort and have some fun playing in it together.

Hold a Mini Sailboat Regatta

homemade toy boat on the lake

Build your own mini sailboats or purchase toy boats ahead of time. Then, on Father's Day, pick out a park with access to a creek, stream, pond, or lake. Let your mini boats set sail together and see who stays afloat the longest.

Create a Custom Dad Joke Book

book of dad jokes

Pick up a blank journal and decorate the cover. Then write down all the dad jokes he's told recently. Leave plenty of room for more, and on Father's Day, sit down together and add to the book. It will become a gift and an activity in one.

Look for the Big Dipper

father and son stargazing in tent in backyard

Stargazing makes a fun Father's Day activity for older kids to share with dad. If Father's Day is a clear night, you can choose a spot away from city lights and lay out on sleeping bags to enjoy the stars together. Dad can point out his favorite constellations.

Build a Campfire Together

father and son at campfire

Another great outdoor activity for Father's Day is building a campfire. If you have a backyard fire pit, you can do this activity at home. Otherwise, you could head to a local park that has fire rings. Either way, it's a good plan to check fire regulations first.

Help Make Father's Day Dinner

daughter making cupcake for father

Everyone can get involved with Father's Day dinner, and dad will think it tastes even better if the kids helped. School-aged kids can help prep veggies for grilling, such as putting asparagus or green beans in foil packets with butter. They can also help mash up strawberries for strawberry shortcake, make and decorate cupcakes, or create any other kind of Father's Day dessert. Dad is guaranteed to love the results.

Fun Father's Day Activities for the Whole Family

Get the entire family in on the Father's Day fun. From toddlers to teens, everyone will love these fun activities.

Go on a Nature Hike

family hike in nature for fathers day

A nature hike is a perfect Father's Day activity for all ages. The littlest kids can pick up leaves and pine cones to show to dad, and older kids can help read maps and enjoy bird watching.

Camp in Your Back Yard

family camping in the backyard

Kids of any age love a backyard camp-out with dad, and this is a perfect way to celebrate Father's Day. Set up the tent, lay out the sleeping bags, and break out the flashlights. This is a great way to make memories as a family.

Make Ice Cream Together

homemade chocolate ice cream

Everyone loves ice cream, and making it together is even more fun. Whether you start from scratch using an ice cream maker or combine flavors and toppings for a custom blend, there are lots of ice cream recipes to try with dad.

Visit a State or Provincial Park

family fathers day picnic in the park

Many states and provinces have beautiful parks that can make an excellent Father's Day day trip. Pack a picnic lunch and head out together to explore. You'll find great trails for hiking at most state and provincial parks, as well as lakes, camping, picnic areas, and more.

Take Him on a Fishing Trip

fathers day fishing

If dad loves to fish, a whole-family fishing day trip is the perfect activity for Father's Day. Head to his favorite fishing spot together, or ask around to find a new one he'll love.

Tour a Museum

fathers day museum

No matter what he's into, chances are there's a museum for that. Learn about art, history, sports, science, and everything else at museums in your area. You can plan the visit in advance and include time for lunch or snacks, so the whole family has plenty of energy to enjoy the experience.

Hold a Movie Marathon

fathers day movie marathon family watching television together eating popcorn

Does dad love Star Wars, Marvel movies, or anything else that would make a great movie marathon? Pick two or three movies he loves and set aside the afternoon and evening to watch them together. He'll love sharing his favorite flicks with everyone for Father's Day.

Have a Father's Day Photoshoot

family selfie in the park for fathers day

Give dad some new photos for his desk or wall with a Father's Day photoshoot. You can hire a professional photographer to get some great shots or take some family selfies on your own. Either way, make sure you print up some of the images for him to display.

Volunteer Together

father day volunteer serving food

Volunteering is a great way to spend Father's Day too. Think about what matters most to the dad in your life and then choose a charity that needs some help. From building houses to walking shelter dogs, there are lots of ways the whole family can make the world a better place on Father's Day.

Decorate a T-Shirt

painting a t-shirt for dad

Pick up a plain white t-shirt or snag one out of his drawer. You'll need fabric paints, markers, and anything else you'd like to decorate with. Take turns decorating a shirt for him to wear. Dad can go last and put the finishing touches on his Father's Day T-shirt.

Take Him Out to the Game

fathers day baseball game

Take dad out to see his favorite local sports team play. You can tell him ahead of time or keep it a surprise until Father's Day. Either way, he'll love sharing his love for his team with his family.

Read His Favorite Children's Book

family reading book together for fathers day

Spend a cozy Father's Day afternoon or evening reading dad's favorite kids' book out loud as a family. You can choose ahead of time or let him pick from a selection of books you know he loves.

Learn Something New Together

teach father to play piano

Many dads are great at teaching things, but it's also fun to learn too. Pick something he would love to know how to do, from building to baking, and take a lesson as a whole family.

Father's Day Surprise Ideas

If everyone can keep a secret, there are some clever ways to surprise dad with a great activity on Father's Day. Try one of these.

Set Up a Scavenger Hunt

father on scavenger hunt

Have everyone come up with ideas for a scavenger hunt for dad on Father's Day. You can include natural features for him to find on a nature walk, landmarks to see on a drive in your area, or items in your own home. Have a prize at the end, such as his favorite drink or a Father's Day gift from everyone.

Hold a Blindfolded Soda Taste Test

soda blind taste test for dad

Set up a soda taste test for everyone to enjoy. Have one person run the taste test and pour small cups of dad's favorite soda flavor from lots of different brands. Then everyone can wear blindfolds and rank the sodas from best to worst.

Take Him on a Mystery Adventure

family adventure surprise for fathers day

Tell dad to prepare for a mystery adventure on Father's Day. Don't tell him where you're going, but give him just enough information to wear the appropriate clothing. Consider an amusement park, laser tag, an escape room, or anything else he would enjoy.

Give Him a Day Off

dads day off sitting on couch watching television

One way to surprise dad on Father's Day is to give him a day off. Ahead of time, list everything he does around the house and community and then divide up those duties. On Father's Day, tell him what everyone will be doing and let him know the entire day is his to spend the way he wants.

Recreate a Memory He's Shared

play dominoes for fathers day

Lots of dads tell stories about growing up, and one way to show that everyone is listening is to recreate one of those memories as a surprise. This could mean making a food he told stories about, taking him to a place he remembers going to as a kid, or playing a game he loved in childhood. Don't tell him the plans until Father's Day to make sure it's a surprise.

Do Some Surprise Science Experiments

father and son doing science experiment at home

Gather supplies and have a surprise science day with dad. Arrange everything you need to make the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano or something new like a gummy bear science project. Tell him to cover his eyes, and present him with the science experiment supplies so you can have fun together.

Creative Father's Day Games for All Ages

Does dad love a great game day? From classic board games to mini-golf, there are lots of ways to play games on Father's Day.

Get Out the Lawn Games

family badminton

Head out to the backyard or your favorite local park and bring along some lawn games. Badminton, croquet, boche ball, and all the other classic favorites are perfect for Father's Day. Throw in a picnic lunch for even more fun.

Play a Round of Mini-Golf

family mini golf fathers day

Mini-golf is fun for the whole family, and it's even better when you play it on Father's Day. This is a great game for everyone, from toddlers to teens, although younger kids will need a little more help.

Break Out Some Classic Board Games

family board game for fathers day

If it's rainy on Father's Day or dad would prefer to hang at home, break out your favorite classic board games. You'll need to choose the games based on the ages of everyone involved, but some great options include checkers, Monopoly, Clue, and Snakes and Ladders.

Have a Paper Airplane Tournament

paper airplane contest for fathers day

A paper airplane tournament makes a great Father's Day game he's probably never played before. Ahead of time, gather up lots of paper and some other airplane supplies like tape, staples, paperclips, and rubber bands. Challenge everyone to build airplanes and then have a fly-off where you see which plane is the fastest.

Have Some Role Play Fun

fathers day role-play game

If dad is into role play gaming, let him run a game for the whole family. He can walk everyone through creating characters. Once you start rolling dice, it will be a gamer dad's dream come true.

Make Dad Feel Special on Father's Day

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter what you do on Father's Day as long as you make dad feel special. Spending time together is what matters, and so is telling Dad how much he means to you. The rest is just added family fun.

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42 Ideas for Fun Father's Day Activities Your Dad Will Love