Bridesmaids' Luncheon Invitations

Updated November 16, 2018
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Invite all the lovely ladies in the bridal party to a special bridesmaids' luncheon to honor them all. The invitations will let everyone know about the plans and can be hung as a reminder during all the hectic planning activities.

Free Printable Luncheon Invites

Use Adobe to print the customizable invitations with your information for the event whether you host at home, restaurant, or other location. Use white cardstock so your invitations are sturdy when you mail them. Keep in mind that while the event may traditionally be a bridesmaids' luncheon, you can also invite special attendants, mothers of the bride and groom, and your personal attendant(s). Make the envelopes out using your best handwriting for a personal touch.

Bridesmaid and Bouquet Invitation

The bridesmaid and bouquet is perfect for a bride who wants to honor her bridesmaids and other special attendants. Select this invitation if you are the hostess.

Bridesmaid luncheon invitation
Click to print the bridesmaids' luncheon invitation.

Rose Bouquet Invitation

The rose invitation works well for bridesmaids or other hostesses who want to honor all the females in the bridal party. It is appropriate for any time of year.

Click to customize and print the bouquet invitation.
Click to customize and print the bouquet invitation.

Bridesmaid Luncheon Invitation Wording

The wording you use in the invitation should reflect the formality and who is hosting the event. If the wording in the examples doesn't suit your personality or event, consider writing your own or modifying examples to fit your luncheon. You can also utilize bridesmaid sayings and poems on the backside of your invitation.

Casual Wording Example

This bunch of gals
have become great pals!
These bonds won't break
so let's celebrate
with a luncheon and cake.
Please join us for a bridesmaids' luncheon on
Date at Time at Location.

Formal Wording Example

You are cordially invited to attend a
Bridesmaids' Luncheon and Tea
in honor of Bride-to-Be's Name
and her attendants
at The Fancy Location in City Name
on Date at Time.

Bride Hosting Example

In honor to thank you
for all that you do
please join me for a
Bridesmaids' Luncheon
held in appreciation of my attendants.
Date at Time in Location

Bridesmaid or Other Female Hosting Example

The bride-to-be is soon to be married.
Let's join in celebration of her and her dearest friends
before the wedding begins and ends.
A Bridesmaids' Luncheon will be held on
Date at Time in Location.

Make a Lunch Date

Sending out invitations to the ladies in the bridal party is the best way to let them know about the luncheon plans. Pick one with wording that reflects your sentiments and enjoy your day together before the most special day of all.

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Bridesmaids' Luncheon Invitations