Pictures of Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Updated August 20, 2019

Gerbera daisies are the perfect flowers for wedding bouquets. They come in a variety of colors, from subtle to bold, so it's easy to match your chosen wedding colors. Go for a mix of complementary shades, or choose a single pretty hue. You can also mix them with greenery or other buds for a stunning presentation.

Gerberas With Sparkling Glamour

You can use the same Gerbera daisies and other flowers for your bridesmaids' bouquets. The bride's bouquet can be highlighted with rhinestone centers placed in the Gerbera daisies for a touch of sparkle and glam.

Burgundy Gerbera Bouquet

Create a dramatic contrast with burgundy Gerbera daisies and white hydrangeas. Add some greenery, a few burgundy Peruvian lilies and a coral Gerbera daisy for a truly striking bouquet.

Shades of Pink

Beautiful pink Gerbera daisies are nestled among coral and pink carnations. Budding day lilies, pink roses, yellow roses, and yellow calla lilies create a rich, colorful bouquet.

Purple Captivation

This stunning bouquet of purple Gerberas captivates with its elegant design. Nestled among hydrangeas, light and dark purple flowers, the daisies are highlighted with a few white rosebuds and blue star sea holly sprigs.

Elegant Pink Gerbera Bouquet

Tender baby's breath peeps out among large white rose buds anchored by pale pink Gerbera daisies in this bridal bouquet. A great choice for any elegant bouquet.

Pink, White and Coral

Pink, coral and white Gerbera daisies are accented with white, pink and coral roses in a round bouquet design. This bouquet is a vibrant and beautiful choice for any time of the year!

Old-Fashion Nostalgia

This classic bouquet features lush ferns and other green fillers. Cushioned among the greenery are pink Gerbera daisies, old-fashioned peonies, a large dahlia, roses, and tiny hydrangea buds, giving this bouquet a nostalgic appeal.

Red Passion

Bold red Gerbera daisies and velvet red roses are accented with sprigs of grassy greenery. This bridal bouquet conveys the color of passion for a great romantic wedding flair.

Magical Bouquet

Coral, white and pink Gerbera daisies with baby's breath, green buds and ornamental grass sprigs. The highlight of this bouquet is the oversized faux pearls add interest and a magical touch.

Gerbera Daisies and Cabbage Flowers

Pale pink Gerbera daisies, dusty purple rose buds and small pale purple flowers fill this bouquet. The unexpected inclusion of ornamental cabbage flowers makes this bouquet a unique and one-of-a-kind design.

Bright Yellow and Coral Interplay

The bright yellow Gerbera daisies anchor coral roses in a nest of lush greenery and ornamental grasses with orange loops entwining the flowers. The bouquet collar made from crumpled yellow and coral striped paper completes this modern design.

Sweet and Simple

Some brides prefer to keep it simple and this sweet bouquet of light and medium pink Gerbera daisies does exactly that. While the bouquet is small, it features sprigs of greenery and green raffia ribbon for an elegant design.

Red Gerbera

Red Gerbera daisies are displayed with deep red waxy buds, all appearing to float in a sea of greenery. Yellow roses tinged with dark red make a stunning visual for this bouquet that's perfect for a daisy themed wedding.

Pale Pink

Pale pink Gerbera daisies are paired with equally pale pink rosebuds. Variegated darker roses further accent the bouquet along with velvety purple blooms and dark purple decorative swirl picks.

Totally Gerbera

This bouquet is filled with multiple colors of Gerbera daisies for a burst of spring colors. Eucalyptus and a mix of greenery make this a wonderful spring or summer bridal bouquet.

Simply Adorable

If you want to keep your wedding bouquet simple, choose powder pink Gerbera daisies. Add curled ornamental grass and miniature white flowers to complete this adorable bouquet.

All Daisy Bouquet

These lush pale pink Gerbera daisies are accented with large white Gerbera daisies. Small white daisies are perfect for a soft romantic touch. A few clusters of small white daisies make a good contrast for this wedding showpiece.

Touch of Fairyland

This colorful bouquet features lilac-colored Gerbera daisies contrasted with coral roses. Purple poppies and yellow flowers with green ball dianthus make this ball bouquet magical.

Christmas Bouquet

Red Gerbera daisies and red roses round bouquet feature red berries and baby's breath. This Christmas wedding bouquet captures the spirit of the season!

Round Burgundy Gerbera Bouquet

This round burgundy Gerbera bouquet features pink roses. Miniature red and white roses fill the spaces between the larger flowers with sprigs of greenery peeking out between the flowers.

Just Gerbera Daisies

This is a simple but compelling bridal bouquet. The bouquet highlights orange Gerbera daisies. This color makes an ideal fall wedding bouquet choice for any bride. Gerbera daisies are available in such an array of colors, you're sure to find ones to match your wedding color scheme. Choose Gerbera daisies for your wedding bouquet for a spectacular display!

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Pictures of Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets