Superman Wedding Cake Toppers

Updated August 6, 2020
Lego superman cake topper

Whether you fancy yourself Clark Kent or Superman, you can show off your inner superhero with a Superman wedding cake topper. Couples who love this popular superhero can infuse their wedding cake with personality by including a wedding cake topper featuring Superman himself, a likeness of the groom in Superman form, and even Superman carrying his bride.

Finding Superman Wedding Cake Toppers

You aren't likely to find a Superman wedding cake topper in big box stores or even craft stores, but a little searching can get you what you need. From inexpensive standard wedding cake toppers to pricey personalized versions, there's a Superman wedding cake topper out there for every super couple.

Superman Silhouette Wedding Cake Topper

Artisans are one of your best resources for finding specialty wedding cake toppers. If you do a quick search on Etsy, you'll come up with dozens of design options for Superman wedding cake toppers made from acrylic or wood. The Superman silhouette cake topper by P2Topper comes in your choice of four sizes and over 35 colors for $20 or less depending on your personal selections. The topper features the silhouette of Superman carrying his bride while standing on top of the words "Mr. & Mrs."

Mr & Mrs Superman wedding topper

Super Couple Acrylic Wedding Cake Topper

Superman stands next to Superwoman or Supergirl in the Acrylic Superman Couple wedding cake topper by Frog Studio Home on Amazon. For only $40, you get this wide topper that also includes the Superman symbol, your last name, and the date of your wedding. The topper comes in your choice of 15 different colors from black to glitter gold.

Custom Polyresin Superman Wedding Cake Topper makes great custom wedding cake toppers that look like the actual bride and groom including a Superman wedding cake topper design. For just under $200, you'll have a unique cake topper that doubles as a keepsake. For the bride figure, you get to choose either a fully customized bride or one of dozens of cute bride body styles. You upload pictures of the bride and groom so the faces can be customized to match, and you get to choose every detail from skin color to hairstyles. For an extra fee you can add a solid round base for the figures to stand on, a custom nameplate, and even add pet or child figures to the topper.

Custom Superman Wedding Cake Topper

Custom Superman Gay Wedding Cake Topper

One groom won't outshine the other when you buy a custom Superman gay wedding topper from WeCakeToppers. The topper features two male figures, each wearing a white Superman costume. You can change the costume color for an additional fee. Upload images of both grooms and choose your details from eye color to tattoos. You also have the option of adding special accessories to the base like a guitar or something related to your passions. WeCakeToppers sells eight other custom Superman wedding cake topper designs.

Superman gay wedding cake topper

Superman Wedding Cake Topper Shopping Suggestions

Although finding that Superman wedding cake topper may be difficult, when you get one, you can be sure your topper will be a unique addition to your wedding décor.

  • Sometimes wedding or cake bakeries may offer specialty toppers.
  • Consider commissioning someone you know or a local artisan who makes custom acrylic, clay, or wooden pieces.
  • Check out thrift stores and antique shops who carry unusual items.
  • Consider using toy action figures you can buy at stores like Walmart, such as a LEGO superman and LEGO bride minifigure, which are especially cute on Superman cupcakes.
  • Shop online for used wedding decor to see if you can find the topper of your dreams.
  • Check with a local comic book store or trading card shop.

Making a Superman Themed Cake

If you can't find a Superman wedding cake topper you like or that fits your budget, consider a Superman themed cake instead or making your own Superman cake topper. Groom's cakes are another place to use Superman if you do not want to have him atop your actual wedding cake.

  • Use modeling chocolate and edible paints to sculpt your own edible Superman wedding cake topper.
  • Use non-toxic paint on plain wooden peg people to create cute, crafty Superman wedding cake toppers.
  • Make a gumpaste cake topper using a printed Superman template, then paint it with edible paints.
  • Choose a red velvet cake frosted in blue and gold with Superman symbols.
  • Use red fondant to cover the cake and have small "S" shields along the border of the cake tiers.
  • Drape a red fondant cape down the back of your blue tiered cake to get the Superman look.

Your Superman Themed Wedding

A superhero themed wedding is a unique idea for couples to pull off. You may have met at a comic book convention or just share a love for the caped crusader. A funny wedding cake topper such as Superman can be great for a couple who just likes to have fun, too. Regardless, having a themed wedding will be memorable for everyone involved. You can devote the whole wedding to a Superman theme with a red and blue color scheme and Superman symbols or simply keep him on the cake.

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Superman Wedding Cake Toppers