Unique Bridesmaid Gifts

Updated June 8, 2018
Cheerful bridesmaids receiving gifts

Let your besties know how much you love them by selecting an original gift for their help and support on your big day. Bridesmaids are the gal pals who have stood beside you through it all, so make sure they feel appreciated by offering them a thank you gift worthy of their friendship.

Unique Subscription Boxes

A subscription box chosen with your bridesmaids' personalities in mind is the ultimate gift that keeps giving. Go beyond the typical beauty, fitness, and foodie boxes to find something that your crew is sure to love.

Vinyl Me, Please.

Retro finds like vinyl records are perfect gifts for a group of musical mavens. Vinyl Me, Please. offers gift subscriptions that start around $100 and go up to about $325. There are three options for musical styles: Classic (jazz, blues, soul), Essentials (a bit of everything), and Rap & Hip-Hop (covering all eras). Pick the option that fits each bridesmaid's musical taste and you won't go wrong.

Discover essential albums and build your vinyl record collection
Give the gift of vinyl with Vinyl Me, Please

Quirky Crate

If you're a fun-loving group who doesn't color in the lines, consider getting all the gals a subscription to Quirky Crate boxes. Subscriptions start around $13 and go up to a couple hundred of dollars, so you can surely find something in your bridesmaid gift budget. Items in the box range from accessories and jewelry to stationary and household items, all with a bit of a funky touch.

Quirky Crate Box
Quirky Crate Box

Literary Candles Paired With a Book

Personalize the bridesmaid gifts by pairing literary themed candles with a book you think they will enjoy. Look for candles scented like old (or new!) books and seek out a book each bridesmaid would enjoy. For example, your adventurous friend might enjoy a non-fiction account of a real-life mountain climber, while your friend who fancies herself a sleuth might like the hottest detective novel. If you can't find individual books, look for a good story about a group of friends that resembles your group. The Library Set of candles costs around $30 plus shipping, and you can add the book selection to them to complete the gift.

Book Candles The Library Set
The Library Candle Set

Personalized Perfume

Every lady wants to smell her best when she's celebrating a happy day. In that case, let her customize her own layered fragrance to wear on the big day and beyond! Demeter sells fragrance blending sampler packs; most sets come with eight scents and some layering "recipes" from the company. They offer a variety based on moods and feelings; consider picking up their Happy blend for this joyous occasion. Each pack is less than $25, making it unique and economical.

Demeter fragrance sampler pack
Demeter Fragrance Sampler - Happy

Ride the Rails

Skip the spa day and instead offer your pals a getaway after "I dos" are over. Railroads cris-cross the United States, so it doesn't matter where you live; there's sure to be an option available within a day's drive. You can go big or small with this adventuresome gift; look for a dinner ride that takes around two hours, plan a scenic day trip, or a weekend getaway. Prices will vary depending on what you select and the railways in your area, but expect to spend at around $50 to $100 for a dinner train ride, with longer excursions costing several hundred dollars.
Woman travelling by train

Designer Tote

Brides often gift their maids with a bag for all of their wedding day goodies, but instead of simple burlap bag or reusable shopping bag, go the extra mile and give them a designer pick that can be used for years after the day is done. The Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Zip Top Tote costs less than $230, depending on the color selected. With over 20 options, you can pick each lady's favorite color or match the wedding theme. This is a useful, practical gift that may be just a little out of their own bag budgets, making it a wonderful selection they are sure to appreciate.
Michael Kors Women's Jet Set Top Zip Tote
Michael Kors Tote

DIY Vintage Etched Mirror

Vintage is hot and personalization never goes out of style. Do-it-yourself glass etching isn't hard, so consider making the bridesmaids their own mirrors. Each time they look in them, they'll be reminded of your friendship and the fun nuptials. Pick up mirrors at flea markets and garage sales; look for styles each bridesmaid would appreciate. Add a graphic and monogram to personalize them using your favorite glass etching technique. If you've never etched before, you'll want to pick up a few cheap mirrors for practice. This gift will range in pricing based on the cost of the mirrors, but if you start looking early, you can probably do each for anywhere from $15 to $30.

DIY Vintage Etched Mirror

Gifts for Your Gals

The gifts you select don't need to be matching robes or jewelry. Think about what your friends would enjoy and then personalize the option once you have the main idea. They are sure to love any gift from the heart.

Unique Bridesmaid Gifts