Say 'I Do' to Free Samples of Wedding Announcement Wording

Share your big news with everyone with a perfectly worded wedding announcement.

Updated September 25, 2023
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If you're like me, you've probably agonized over the wording of your wedding invitations. And just when you thought you were done, there's another hurdle: the wedding announcement. Also, like me, you're probably scrolling through the internet trying to get ideas for the right words to say. That's why I've created these free samples of wedding announcement wording. Let's get some ideas together.

Getting the Words Right

Before we dive into the samples, let's talk a little about why getting the wording right is so crucial. Your wedding announcement isn't just a piece of paper or a social media post. It's a timeless keepsake that you'll look back on years down the line. Plus, you want to convey the joy of your big day accurately to those who couldn't attend. No pressure, right?

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Wedding Announcement Wording

Wording for a wedding announcement is similar to that of a wedding invitation. The formality can vary depending on the type of wedding and your preferences. The exact phrases you use can change based on who is making the announcement and the tone the couple wishes to use. 

Formal Announcement Issued by Parents

Mr. and Mrs. [bride's or groom's parents] are pleased to announce the marriage of their daughter/son/child, [bride/groom], to [bride/groom], son/daughter/child of Mr. and Mrs. [bride's or groom's parents], on [wedding date] at [wedding location]. A celebratory reception is planned for [reception date] at [reception location].

Informal Announcement Issued by Parents

[Names of parents] are pleased to announce that [names of couple] went away for vacation and got married in a tropical destination! [Names of couple] were married on [wedding date] at [wedding location]. We hope to celebrate with you on [reception date] at [reception location].

Formal Announcement Issued by the Couple

[Names of couple] are pleased to announce their marriage on [wedding date] at [wedding location]. A private reception was held at [reception location] immediately following the ceremony. The couple's new address is [home address].

Casual Announcement Issued by the Couple

Two hearts became one, and it's time to have fun! [Names of couple] were married on [wedding date] at [wedding location]! We then danced the night away in a private reception at [reception location]. Our new address is [home address].

Casual Announcement With Reception Invite by the Couple

We did it! [Names of couple] were married on [wedding date] at [wedding location]. Please join us to celebrate with a barbecue on [reception date] at [reception location].

Quick Tip

Mix and match to create an announcement that truly represents you and your partner.

Elopement Wedding Announcements

An elopement wedding announcement contains the same information as a traditional wedding announcement. However, elopement announcements also clearly identify the event as an elopement so no feelings get hurt from friends and family thinking they just weren't invited. 

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Formal Elopement Announcement Issued by Parents

[Bride's or groom's parents] are pleased to announce that [names of couple] eloped on [wedding date] at [wedding location]. The couple has settled at home at [new home address]. [Bride's or groom's parents] invite you to a reception at [reception location] on [reception date].

Formal Elopement Announcement Issued by Couple

In a private ceremony, new love was celebrated. [Names of couple] eloped on [wedding date] at [wedding location].

Informal Elopement With Reception Invite Issued by Couple

We love each other a lot, and we finally tied the knot! [Name of couple] eloped on [wedding date] at [wedding location]. We look forward to seeing you at our reception, to be held on [reception date] at [reception location].

Intimate Elopement Announcement Issued by Couple

Just the two of us! We're thrilled to announce that we eloped on [wedding date] at [elopement location].

Fun Elopement Announcement Issued by Couple

Guess what? We're married! Hitched on [wedding date]! Party details to follow.

Information to Include

No matter what type of wording you choose for a wedding or elopement announcement, you should include certain details.

  • Names: Both the bride and groom's full names should be included so that the recipient can be sure they know who the announcement is regarding. This is particularly true for recipients who don't know both the bride and groom.
  • Wedding date: Sharing the date of the wedding lets every recipient know the special date and what will be the date of many happy anniversaries. It should also be very clear that this date is in the past, so there can be no confusion about whether this is an invitation or an announcement.
  • Wedding location: The exact address of the wedding is unnecessary, but many couples will include the city and state of the ceremony, or the name of the location, such as a specific resort or church. This provides more information about the wedding, to let recipients know a little more about the event.
  • Reception location: If a reception has not yet occurred, a wedding or elopement announcement can be used to share the date, time, and location of the upcoming reception. Note that since it serves as an invitation to a reception, you should only include and send this information to recipients you intend to invite.

The Difference Between a Wedding Announcement and Wedding Invitation

The beautifully decorated cards you receive in the mail asking you to join in the celebration of a couple's special day is a wedding invitation. A wedding announcement is a bit different. The wedding announcement lets everyone know the couple has already tied the knot. It's not uncommon for couples who eloped to send a wedding announcement rather than a wedding invitation. 

Are Wedding Announcements Necessary?

Well, it depends. There isn't a right or wrong answer to this question. They're necessary if you say they are. In other words, whatever you want for your special day is up to you. If you want a private ceremony where it's only the couple and a few family members, a wedding announcement may be a go-to so you can let everyone know you are now married. On the other hand, if you really don't care to say you're married in a decorative card with a bow, go ahead and just let everyone know more casually. 

Quick Tip

You can make a cute graphic with Canva for free and share the news on social media instead of using snail mail if this suits you better.

Wedding Announcement Etiquette

If you decide to create a wedding announcement for your special day, but you're unsure of the rules, we have your back. You can make up your own rules on some things, but here are the general guidelines.

  • Respect the couple's wishes. If you want to send out an announcement that's not your own, respect the newlyweds' privacy and don't announce anything until they do unless they give you the go-ahead.
  • Don't leave people out. Send announcements to friends, family, colleagues, and acquaintances who you didn’t invite to the wedding, but who would appreciate knowing the joyful news.
  • You can include a photo. If you choose to include a photo, opt for a high-quality, tasteful image of the couple, typically from the wedding day.
  • Don't expect gifts. Those who receive wedding announcements are not obligated to send gifts, but it’s always a good idea to include a return address if they want to send you a card.
  • Always respond to cards or gifts. If someone sends a congratulations note or gift in response to the announcement, send a thank-you card as soon as possible.

Creating and Sending Your Announcements

Wedding announcements allow you to share the news of your wedding with distant friends and relatives. You're probably ready for a break from the wedding stuff, but it's important to send these as soon as possible after the wedding. You can mail announcements as soon as the day of the wedding and up to a few weeks after, but you shouldn't wait much longer than that. 

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Say 'I Do' to Free Samples of Wedding Announcement Wording