Loving Wedding Day Letter From a Mother to Her Son (+ Examples)

Share sweet sentiments with your son as he begins the rest of his life. We know you know what to say, mom. We're just here to help you find the words.

Updated January 26, 2024
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There are so many emotions swirling when your child is getting married — what a monumental occasion! Writing your son a letter for his wedding day is a beautiful way to share your excitement. It's also a sentimental keepsake for him as he journeys into his new role as a husband.

We've got you covered with what to write and even share a sample letter from a mother to a son on his wedding day so you can find the perfect words.  

Sample Letter to Son on His Wedding Day

Get ready to be inspired (and maybe a little emotional) with the mother of the groom wedding letter below. You can make it your own with personal touches that reflect how you feel about your son. Use Adobe to print the letter and customize it.

Things to Include

When sitting down to write the letter, think about your son and the relationship the two of you have. Be real and honest, and, most importantly, express love. Your son will likely save this letter for his entire life. While the letter can be as short or as long as you'd like, try to keep it between one to five pages.

We love a handwritten note, too — it makes it extra personal. Here are some points to include. 

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Heartfelt Congratulations 

You'll want to write exactly how you would speak to your son, so don't worry about too many exclamation points or writing down the ways the two of you genuinely express yourselves to each other. Congratulate him on the new journey he and his partner are about to embark on and tell him how excited you are for them.

Helpful Hack

Convey all your emotions in the letter. Write down if this letter writing makes you cry happy tears or gives you the biggest smile. It'll make the letter even more beautiful.

Your Son's Accomplishments

You'll be celebrating your son's wedding, so take a moment to recall some of the wonderful things he has accomplished leading up to this day. All of it makes him the person that he is, so share your pride in his accomplishments.

Helpful Hack

If you have an old report card or a sweet note your kid wrote to you when he was 6, consider including this in the envelope with your letter. Prepare for major waterworks!

Inside Jokes & Meaningful Quotes

If the two of you have some inside jokes, share them in the letter! The more personal, the better. You can refer to special books that you read when he was a baby or even quotes from television shows that you watched together. It's all about expressing yourself in a way that's unique to your relationship and the things you've done together.

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Sage Advice

Moms are full of sage advice, aren't we? While your child may have rolled his eyes at your words of wisdom when he was growing up, it'll likely warm his heart for you to share some in this letter.

Your insight into love and relationships may be words he and his partner will cherish.

Welcome His Partner

You're about to have a new person added to the family! Share how excited you are to welcome your son's partner and include the beautiful qualities you've noticed — both about them as an individual and as a couple. 

A Sweet Conclusion

Wrap up the letter to your son with more words from your heart. Share your gratitude and love for his partner. When you sign the letter, make it extra personalized and in the way that you typically express your love and affection for him.


A few fun photos from when your son was a kid might be just the thing to take this sweet gesture to the next level. Choose special pictures that represent everyday moments and significant accomplishments in your son's life.

Need to Know

If you plan to read the letter during the reception, consider reading it while showing a slideshow with pics of him and his partner growing up — and their achievements — leading up to their wedding day. 

Choose Words That Reflect You

Above all, express yourself in your own words in your letter. Examples of other letters can inspire you, but the words should come directly from your heart. You might want to start working on the letter at least a month before the big day just to allow yourself time.

Just writing the letter will be a beautiful thing for you as you recall moments and express your love. Your son will feel that unconditional love when he reads it. And that sense of love is exactly what you want him to take into his marriage.

Loving Wedding Day Letter From a Mother to Her Son (+ Examples)