Drink This Instead of Coffee: 10 Alternatives You’ll Wish You Tried Sooner

If it's time to break-up with big coffee (& caffeine), we've got your next rebound. You'll love these delicious alternatives!

Published August 11, 2023

If can't turn on until you've had a fresh cup of coffee, it might be time to hold an intervention. But white-knuckling those first few days of caffeine withdrawal cold-turkey probably doesn't sound like the best idea. Instead of quitting that part of your morning routine, think about what to drink instead of coffee. From caffeinated teas to keep your energy up with nutrient-filled beverages, these drinks just might make you toss out your coffee pot for good.

Decaf Coffee


If you still want to relish in that fresh-ground smell and warm mug feeling while cutting back on your caffeine intake, you can always switch to decaf. While it might not perk you up like that lightning bolt of bean juice, it'll give you the same experience as making your regular brew, but without the jolt.

Of course, you can always start off small with just one or two cups switched out every week until you're not too bleary-eyed to handle fewer milligrams. Gradual tapering is always easier than going cold-turkey. 

Chicory Coffee


From dandelion root salad to chicory coffee, dandelions can do it all. Chicory coffee is a drink that feels like it would be right at home in the Great Depression, but it actually outdates it by a few-hundred years. Chicory, which is a flowery herb in the dandelion family, can be brewed to create a similar coffee-flavored drink without the high levels of caffeine.

So, if you want to get a taste for what your ancestors might've sipped on their sunrise mornings, or you need to cut back on the caffeine, give chicory coffee a try.

Mushroom Coffee


You heard us right—mushroom coffee. Don't let the social media hype confuse you; mushroom coffee isn't technically 100% mushrooms. Rather, it's a fortified coffee blend that includes a variety of ground mushrooms.

Mushrooms have antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, too, so they're good to have any time of the day. If you're feeling experimental and want to see what the hype's all about, get yourself a bag of some mushroom coffee to pair with your morning commute.

Hot Tea


Hot tea is a wonderful substitute for a cup of coffee. Not only do you still get to wrap your hands around a warm mug, but it's one of the few brewed beverages that also has a sizable amount of caffeine.

If you really want to pack a punch to the Monday morning blues, try a matcha, black, or green tea. You'll be able to sip on a hot tea all morning long and get a boost of energy without the jittery drawbacks. If you're trying to eliminate caffeine, then opt for caffeine-free or herbal varieties.



You might be one of the fair few people that can down an espresso-laden morning coffee and not feel jittery enough to Fred Flintstone your way to work, but you probably haven't been able to avoid the customary post-coffee bathroom trips. Instead of sending your gut into hyper drive, think about choosing something more gut-supporting like kombucha.

A fermented black tea, kombucha is full of probiotics, which can fortify your gut's microbiome and lead to less of that tummy upset than your morning cup of joe. On top of being a bit of an acquired taste, the main downside to kombucha is that it doesn't have nearly the same amount of caffeine as coffee does.

Aloe Vera Juice


If you're spending more time in your bathroom in the mornings than not, you might need to take a breather from your caffeine blend and try something restorative instead. Aloe vera juice—yes, that aloe plant—is known for having anti-inflammatory properties, which can help soothe an irritated gastrointestinal system. It's why aloe jelly helps so well with your sunburns—it calms that inflammation right down.

Bone Broth


In the past few years, bone broth has really come into the spotlight. As many people are more interested in natural ingredients and alternatives, bone broth is a big deal in some circles. Derived from boiled animal bones, bone broth has a range of benefits, from being anti-inflammatory to boosting energy.

But as it's an animal by-product, it's not an option for vegetarians or vegans. And for some, it may be an acquired taste.



If you're used to downing a cup of coffee as your customary morning meal, then maybe you should switch things up every few days in favor of something a bit heartier. Smoothies are a perfect way to get some fruits and veggies in on the days you've only got enough time to grab something and swallow it down.

On top of being way more nutritionally fortifying than coffee, you can also prep smoothies the night before. No need for fussing with a coffee pot.

Hot Chocolate


In the winter, dragging yourself out of the warm sheets is a herculean task—especially if you've got hardwood or tile floors. On those particularly cool mornings, forgo that cup of coffee for a marshmallow-laden hot chocolate instead. Just be careful; you'll still get an energized buzzed, but the sugar crash might hit you a lot harder than your coffee come-down.



You don't have to tell us, we know. The idea of getting out of bed to immediately down an 8-ounce glass of water seems like a less than pleasant thing to do. But staying hydrated is important. It's important to be mindful about when and if you're getting enough water. If you're seriously under-performing on your water intake chart, it might be time to swap out coffee for some H20.

Breaking Up With Big Coffee Just Got Easier


You shouldn't be able to compare quitting coffee (or cutting back) to A&E's Intervention level of difficulty. Whether you feel too caffeine compliant in the mornings or you just want to diversify your morning routine, make it easier on yourself by trying out these awesome coffee alternatives.

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Drink This Instead of Coffee: 10 Alternatives You’ll Wish You Tried Sooner