90s Food Trends: All the Eats We Still Love & Some We Don't

90s foods were all that and a bag of Doritos chips. We're still loving most of these 90s foods today.

Published July 19, 2023

Some things start out as trends, only to become true classics over time. These 90s food trends were good then and maybe even better now because of the nostalgia they bring us. We're glad these foods from the 90s are still around, and you might have some in your pantry right now.

Toaster Strudel


If you grew up having Pop Tarts for breakfast, you were already winning some serious cool points. But if you had Toaster Strudels, you were living the 90s kid dream. We loved getting to control the ratio of icing on these toaster pastries. They might not be the most nutritious breakfast, but they certainly make a nostalgic snack these days.



If you ever had the joy of pulling one of these out of your lunch bag at school, you had an amazing childhood. Lunchables have come a long way since us 90s kids were begging our moms for one during each grocery shopping trip. It might not be a satisfying meal for you today, but could you really resist those turkey and cheese crackers for a snack?

Caesar Salad


We're willing to bet you heard your mom order this trendy 90s menu item more than once for lunch. They were a staple at every pizza joint, coffee shop, and bistro. We're glad the Caesar salad is still around as a classic salad choice today. Turns out that our moms were right about this lunch staple.

Baked Brie


You couldn't attend a cocktail party in the 90s without a beautiful baked brie for the table. Even if you didn't see the appeal of baked brie, you must admit that it helped set the stage for the popular charcuterie boards of today, and what would life be without charcuterie?

Chicken Pot Pie


Whether it was your grandmother's homemade version or the one's your mom baked from the freezer, chicken pot pie was on the dinner menu at least once a week. Honestly, we're glad this one is still around simply because it feels like the ultimate comfort food.

Stuffed-Crust Pizza


Stuffed-crust pizza felt like a gourmet treat on a regular Friday night. We loved the extra cheese then, and we still love it today. It's not as popular on pizza menus today, but we can still rely on our trusty frozen pizza brands to give us a nostalgic pizza night from time to time.

Hawaiian & BBQ Chicken Pizzas


The 90s saw the rise of pizza toppings that didn't really taste like pizza. Hawaiian and barbeque chicken pizzas were trendy then and are still pretty good today. Whenever you're wanting the fun of pizza with refreshing flavors, these are go-to combos.

Kraft Mac & Cheese


Kraft did something pretty incredible in the 90s: they became the brand synonymous with the signature pasta dish that defined so many childhoods. We're happy to see that Kraft mac and cheese is still on our grocery store shelves today, even if we know we can make a homemade version that's just as good. Convenience and nostalgia will probably have us reaching for those unforgettable blue boxes for years to come.

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Going to the neighborhood Mexican restaurant in the 90s meant at least one person in your party was ordering fajitas. We still get excited today when our sizzling fajitas start making their way to the table.



Speaking of Mexican restaurants, you had to have a side of guacamole with those fajitas. The 90s had a long list of trendy dips, but guacamole is just as popular now as it was back then. It's not a dinner party without a bowl of homemade guac.

Blooming Onion


Guacamole may have been the number one appetizer at your favorite Mexican eatery, but blooming onions were the reigning appetizer king at the steakhouses. You might still order this crispy appetizer on a date night, and we don't blame you.

Molten Chocolate Cake


This warm and decadent dessert isn't nearly as popular as it was in the late 90s, but it's still a fun treat if you can find one on a restaurant menu. If you're really craving the nostalgic dessert, you can always make your own.

Ice Cream Cake


Ice cream cakes were the coolest birthday party treat to have as a 90s kid. There are other cake trends that have taken over the birthday party scene today, but we still have a soft spot for those cool and sweet ice cream cakes of our childhood.



For breakfast, lunch, and snacks, there was an abundance of yogurt in the 90s. Kids were enjoying the colorful and sweet versions from Trix, while moms were snacking on Yoplait. Our yogurt preferences may be a bit more sophisticated today, but it's still a staple in many homes.

Some Foods We Wish Stayed in the 90s


The 90s brought us more than a few foods that marked our childhood, helped us navigate parenting, or just made lunch breaks more enjoyable. But there were a few 90s food trends we're glad have already had their 15 minutes of fame.

  • Frozen meals: We thought those Kid Cuisines were so cool as kids, but there was a reason we only ever ate the brownie.
  • Hot Pockets: They seemed like a good idea, but the middle was always frozen while the edges were like lava.
  • Chip casseroles: Whether it was Pringles or Doritos, we now know that chips are best eaten straight from the bag and not atop a steaming-hot casserole.
  • Tuna tartare: Let's just say that eating raw tuna is much more pleasant when it's on a sushi platter.

We Still Love 90s Food Trends


Every trend may not have had staying power, but a lot of the food trends of the 90s became the staples we all have in our kitchens today. While everyone else is looking for the latest food trends of today, we'll be snacking on Lunchables while waiting for a pizza delivery.

90s Food Trends: All the Eats We Still Love & Some We Don't