50+ Yogurt Topping Ideas to Spice Up Your Breakfast

Say goodbye to your boring old breakfast with these creative yogurt topping ideas.

Published August 22, 2023
yogurt with toppings

I eat yogurt every single morning. Seriously. And the only reason I haven’t gotten completely bored with it (like every other meal I’ve ever eaten more than four days in a row…) is because there are so many yogurt topping ideas out there. Want something sweet? Sprinkle on some pomegranate seeds and dark chocolate. Feelin’ spicy? Mango and spicy honey is seriously to die for. With so many creative toppings for your yogurt, you might just want to eat it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Healthy Yogurt Toppings You’ll Love

fruit and nut yogurt toppings

If you’re looking for toppings for your yogurt, chances are you’re health-conscious. Totally get it. Yogurt is packed with protein, calcium, and probiotics, all in one tasty little food. Add an extra boost of nutrition to your plain yogurt with some healthy toppings that’ll have your taste buds dancing.

  • Apple and crushed walnuts
  • Fresh blueberries and slivered almonds
  • Sunflower seeds and dried cranberries
  • Mixture of fresh berries
  • Flaxseeds and raisins
  • Sliced apple and a sprinkle of cinnamon
  • Pear and a sprinkle of ground ginger
  • Mango and kiwi
  • Berries and almond butter
  • Granola and a drizzle of honey
  • Fresh blueberries and hemp seeds
  • Honeydew and lime zest
  • Watermelon and spicy honey
  • Blackberries and lemon zest
  • Cherries and roasted almonds
  • Dried apricot and pumpkin seeds
  • Mixed nuts and dried fruit
  • Sliced bananas and peanut butter
  • Pecans and pumpkin spice

Yogurt Topping Combos That Taste Like Dessert

yogurt with fruit and honey

Do you ever have those days where you just feel like eating dessert for breakfast? Because same. Dessert yogurt is my go-to for those mornings when I need something a little extra special or even as a late-night snack.

  • Salted caramel drizzle and sliced banana
  • Fresh cherries and dark chocolate shavings
  • Lemon curd and fresh blueberries
  • Grapefruit, fresh mint, and a drizzle of honey
  • Edible flowers and honey
  • Chopped pistachios and sliced dates
  • Crushed chocolate-covered pretzels
  • Nutella and strawberries
  • Slivered almonds, chocolate chips, and shredded coconut
  • Drizzle of maple syrup and crushed pecans
  • Matcha powder and white chocolate chips
  • Crushed cashews and a drizzle of honey
  • Fresh raspberries and white chocolate chips
  • Fresh fig and vanilla bean
  • Rose petals and pistachio
  • Caramelized pineapple chunks and shredded coconut
  • Graham crackers and chocolate chips
  • Goji berries and dark chocolate
Quick Tip

If yogurt isn’t your thing, you can try cottage cheese with any these toppings. 

Crunchy Toppings for Yogurt

yogurt with fruit and nuts

Love a good crunch? A combination of textures can jazz up any boring yogurt. Try a sprinkle (or handful, no judgment!) of these ingredients over your yogurt whenever you need that crunch. 

  • Granola
  • Cereal
  • Chia seeds
  • Slivered almonds
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Banana chips
  • Chopped walnuts
  • Coarsely crushed graham crackers
  • Coarsely crushed pretzels
  • Roasted chickpeas
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Hemp seeds

Savory Topping Combinations

yogurt with dill and cucumber

Most people think of yogurt as being a sweet treat, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Throw on some savory yogurt toppings for an umami twist.

  • Sliced avocado and cilantro
  • Kalamata olives and dill
  • Crispy roasted chickpeas and a drizzle of olive oil
  • Chili flakes and mango
  • Sundried tomatoes and pesto
  • Cucumber and fresh dill
  • Cucumber and curry powder
  • Smoked salmon, dill, and lemon zest
  • Black beans and corn
  • Diced tomatoes and onions
  • Roasted zucchini and parsley
  • Tomato, basil, and a drizzle of balsamic
  • Pinto beans and jalapeno
  • Roasted cauliflower and paprika

Mix and Match Your Favorite Yogurt Toppings

These yogurt topping combinations are just the beginning. Mix and match whichever ones appeal to you to create your own unique recipes based on your mood or cravings. The options are truly endless.

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50+ Yogurt Topping Ideas to Spice Up Your Breakfast