10 Forgotten 80s Toys Full of Weirdness & Wonder

You may not remember these rad toys, but we're guessing someone you know had at least a few of them.

Published May 1, 2024
Fashion Star Fillies "Niki" vintage Kenner horse retro pink and purple toy

While you may remember Pound Puppies, Cabbage Patch Kids, He-Man, and Popples, we're willing to bet there are actually a bunch of forgotten 80s toys that you haven't thought about for years. Whether you lived through the 80s like we did or just love the raddest decade of all time, you can't quite understand the weirdness of what it was like to be an 80s kid without thinking about these vintage treasures.


Poochie vintage pink and white dog toy by Mattel.

You might not think there'd be a lot to do with a white poodle with pink ears, and you'd sort of be right. The popularity of this 80s toy from Mattel mostly had to do with how cute she looked in the TV commercials. Once you got her, you could brush her hair and put on her purple sunglasses, and then just enjoy how cute she looked on your dresser. Some Poockie toys did have special rubber stamps you could use to send messages, though.


1980S Madballs Wind-up Screamin Meemie Madballs

The 80s weren't all cute puppies. If you remember Garbage Pail Kids and other toys that verged on the gross or disturbing, you've got a good handle on the decade. Madballs were one of those weird toys. Most of them were rubber balls, but some were wind-ups. Either way, they had the form of monsters, bloodshot eyeballs, mummies, and more.

Fast Fact

In the 1980s, federal regulations changed, allowing more commercials aimed at children, including those that blurred the line between fiction and fact. As a result, toy sales surged during the 80s. What was a $2-billion toy market in 1970 became a $12-billion toy market in 1986.

Tupperware Playset

1980's vintage Tupperware toy Pitcher with 3 orange, green, and brown cups

Tupperware was a big deal in the 80s for adults, and if you were a lucky kid, one of those adults also bought you your own Tupperware playset. The kids' set featured a miniature pitcher with a lid and four cups for serving to friends or dolls. You could just pretend to drink out of this set, but the best Kool-Aid ever tasted was when you sipped it out of these tiny cups.

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Roller Racer

Vintage Roller Racer Sit Scoot Scooter

The Roller Racer was a really low scooter with a seat and large handlebars, and to use it, you had to sit on the seat (practically right on the ground), put your feet and hands on the handlebars, and wiggle the handlebars back and forth. It was one of the few toys that was just as fun in real life as it looked on TV — with one small exception. If you accidentally shifted your weight a little too much, the Roller Racer would tip to one side, and you'd scrape your knuckles on your driveway. Still, totally worth it.


Vintage 1984 Collectable Lilac Snugglebum 'Fondly'

Have we mentioned that 80s toys were pretty weird sometimes? If you need further proof, look no further than Snugglebums. These friendly pastel creatures had hard plastic bodies and a serious case of back hair. They came with a brush so you could keep them looking their best, and depending on the model, they would light up or make a giggling noise when you shook them.


Tonka Keypers Sheldon the Turtle with Key, Comb, and Finder Friend Nostalgia Toys

Made by Tonka, Keypers were another example of an animal toy that got kind of odd. In this case, they came with keys (and brushes to style their hair, naturally). When you inserted the key into the Keyper, part of the animal would open to reveal a secret hiding place. They were part piggy bank, part friend, and all awesome.

Fashion Star Fillies

Fashion star Fillies Kenner Vintage blue and purple toy horse with curly purple, pink, and white hair from 1989

Fashion Star Fillies were a late 80s hit, but you may not remember them at all. They're basically My Little Ponies that grew up to be super beautiful model horses. They were bigger, prettier, and came with as many hair styling implements as a teenage girl. The whole teen thing was part of the marketing, too, with the Sassy Sixteens and Sweet Scent Sixteens really leaning into the mystique of adolescence.

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Hugga Bunch Dolls

Hugga Bunch Huggins yellow and pink Plush Doll with Baby

Okay, so you know how some antique dolls are a little on the creepy side? Well, they don't actually have to be that old to be totally freaky. Take Hugga Bunch, for example. Give a normal doll furry plush skin and weird black hole eyes, and you've got the idea. Even weirder, Hugga Bunch dolls came with their own miniature doll that they could squeeze, and it was called a "Huglet."

Sweet Secrets

Galoob Sweet Secrets Vintage Flashee Purple, Red, and Yellow Gem from 1984

Sweet Secrets were a group of dolls that were genuinely strange but also kinda cute. You could push a button and open up the doll's bejeweled torso. Then you could fold her arms and legs and head inside and close it back up. Anyone else would just think you had a sparkly necklace or bracelet until you pushed a button and let the doll's appendages pop back out.

Bell Charms

6 colorful 1980s Bell Charms on a wooden background

Technically, these were a piece of jewelry, but most of them were also interactive (and they were only worn by kids). Bell charms were these tiny, detailed plastic toys that attached to a plastic chain so you could wear your collection around your neck. Each charm had a little bell on it, so when you wore your charm necklace, everyone would hear you coming. You could get little bikes with wheels that really turned, an abacus with beads you could move, a whistle you could really blow, and pretty much anything else you could imagine.

Forgotten 80s Toys Let You Lean Into the Nostalgia

The 80s represented a big shift in the toy industry, with more money spent on ads, more toy options than ever before, and booming toy sales. With all that variety, it's no wonder that there are a few forgotten 80s toys that no one really thinks about today, but they offer a glimpse at the weirdness and wonder of this amazing decade.

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10 Forgotten 80s Toys Full of Weirdness & Wonder