5 Valuable My Little Pony Dolls We Regret Not Holding Onto

Flip your 50-cent thrift store finds into big payoffs by scoring these valuable My Little Pony dolls.

Published November 29, 2023

If you’ve been online long enough to see floppy discs turn into flash drives, you probably witnessed the My Little Pony transformation firsthand. Those uncanny valley horses of the first generation became fantasy characters with much broader appeal. Yet, serious collectors know not to pass on those valuable vintage My Little Pony dolls. Once you discover just how much these vintage My Little Pony dolls are selling for, you won’t pass up on them either.

5 Valuable My Little Pony Dolls  

My Little Pony toys were every horse girl’s dream come true. Colorful horses, fantasy magic, the power of friendship? Sign every 7-year-old up. For nearly five decades, My Little Pony has been reeling kids in. Yet, it’s not just kids and their pocket change bankrolling the franchise. Avid collectors — some with… curious adult interests — throw Benjamin Franklins down for these valuable My Little Pony toys.

My Little Pony Dolls Recent Sales Prices
Feathermay (2011) $12,445
Blue Belle (1982) $1,225
Rapunzel (1990) $1,195
Diamond Dreams (1988-89) $561
Baby Gametime (1989) $550

Feathermay (2011): $12,445

Feathermay Brushable Pony

You’d think the My Little Pony that topped the list would be one of the stockier originals, but it turns out a 2011 Feathermay beat them all to the punch. Recently, this generation four pegasus with her three feather cutie mark sold for $12,445 on eBay.

Despite selling for the amount of a down payment on a house, there’s not a lot about this 2011 toy that makes it stand out. As far as we can tell, it’s not particularly rare, it’s not an iconic character or special edition, and it’s not that old. But it goes to show that My Little Pony fans will pay extremely high amounts to fill a hole in their collection.

Blue Belle (1982): $1,225

Blue Belle is one of the rare original six ponies that were released in 1982. With the massive cast of characters, it can be hard to believe the world started with just six ponies. Any of these original figurines are worth a ton, especially when they’re still in their original packing.

This unopened Blue Belle manufactured for Spain recently sold for $1,225 on eBay.

Rapunzel (1990): $1,195

Vintage G1 My Little Pony RAPUNZEL

If you look for any My Little Pony toy while you’re thrifting, keep your eyes open for this pink pony with luscious long, pink-streaked hair. Rapunzel and her on-the-nose cutie mark (an illustration of Rapunzel and her long hair? groundbreaking) were among the rare mail-order ponies from 1990, and she’s considered the hardest to find.

Even in poor condition, she’ll sell for around $1,000. For example, this used Rapunzel with her fuzzy hair sold for $1,195 online.

Diamond Dreams (1988-89): $561

Vintage G1 My Little Pony

In comparison to today’s ponies, the original My Little Pony dolls aren’t as exciting. They aren’t articulated and can’t light up. But that doesn’t mean there weren’t a handful of series that took a more creative approach.

The Merry Go Round series included six individual ponies who all came with molded flower blankets on their backs in place of the typical cutie marks. These first-generation ponies are pretty collectible, with Diamond Dreams being the hardest to find. She’ll fetch upwards of $500 at auction, like this unopened one that sold for $561 on eBay.

Baby Gametime (1989): $550

Although no one’s winning any awards for the name Baby Gametime, this pink and blonde pony with a blue balloon animal cutie mark is one hard-to-find original. What’s even more difficult is discovering her with all of her Happy Birthday accessories, such as the pin the tail on the horse game.

What makes Baby Gametime so valuable is that she’s one of the ponies you could only order by mail. Think back to how often you actually ordered something by mail as a kid, and you’ll understand why she’s considered so rare. In good condition, she’s worth a few hundred dollars. Best case scenario, you find one with all the accessories, in which case it’ll sell for much more, like this one that went for $550.

Look for These Types of My Little Pony Toys

To the untrained eye, My Little Pony toys look the same. Colorful horses with shiny manes and various accessories don’t stand out in a crowded consignment store. However, if you want to make a quick buck, make sure you sift through all the toys on the shelf to see if they check any of these boxes.

  • Generation 1 ponies: The first generation ponies come from the 1980s, and they’ve got that just realistic-looking enough design to be off-putting. Not every 1st gen My Little Pony is valuable, but enough of them are that it’s worth taking the chance.
  • Unopened, vintage ponies: Anything collectible that’s unopened will have a higher price tag than the ones that are just hanging out.
  • Mail-in ponies: The ponies that have the highest average values are the mail-in ponies. Look for copies of the old mail-in catalogs before going on your adventures to familiarize yourself with what each one looks like.

Who Knew Friendship Was Worth So Much?

With 40+ years under their belt, My Little Pony is a pro at rebranding. Each of these new iterations are just as popular as the last, and they’ve left decades worth of dolls, playsets, and accessories to collect. And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to flip a 50-cent My Little Pony toy find into a $500 sale.

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5 Valuable My Little Pony Dolls We Regret Not Holding Onto