6 Valuable Normal Rockwell Prints Full of American Nostalgia

The value of Norman Rockwell prints can range from a few dollars to thousands, but these six are worth a lot.

Published May 22, 2024
Norman Rockwell Painting Himself

If you close your eyes, you can probably call up a Norman Rockwell picture of a child at the doctor's office or people at a soda fountain. These iconic scenes of American life are everywhere. While most posters and pictures aren't worth a whole lot, some Norman Rockwell prints' values are worth thousands.

There are a few factors that can make a print valuable, and learning to spot them can help you identify a treasure in your own attic or at the thrift store. We have some tips to help, plus some of the most valuable Norman Rockwell prints from recent sales.

Need to Know

Norman Rockwell is famous for showing American culture and daily life from a quirky, idealized viewpoint, and you've almost definitely seen his work. He illustrated covers for The Saturday Evening Post for nearly 50 years and even made the famous Rosie the Riveter poster, which is an emblem of feminine strength during World War II.

Six Valuable Norman Rockwell Prints

An original Norman Rockwell painting is very rare and sells for millions, but there are thousands of prints that still grace the walls of many homes, offices, and organizations. Most of these prints aren't worth a lot, selling for only a few dollars. Some, on the other hand, are treasures. Here are some of the most valuable.

Norman Rockwell Print Value
Schoolhouse signed artist proof $5,000
Jester signed artist proof $2,100
Benjamin Franklin signed artist proof $1,975
Goin' Fishing signed artist proof $1,700
Lincoln for the Defense signed print $1,700
Puppies signed print $1,000

Schoolhouse Lithograph Signed Artist Proof

A limited edition artist proof of Norman Rockwell's Schoolhouse sold for about $5,000. It was signed by the artist and measured 11.5 by 10 inches. Rockwell's signature is very crisp and clear. The print was in its original frame and came with the certificate of authenticity from when it was issued in 1976.

Jester Lithograph Signed Artist Proof

Another signed artist proof of Rockwell's illustration for the cover of a 1938 issue of The Saturday Evening Post sold for about $2,100. The large, full-color print came in its original 21.5-inch by 31.5-inch frame and included the certificate of authenticity from 1976. Only 60 of these proofs exist, and Rockwell's signature is very bold and clear on this one.

Benjamin Franklin Signed Artist Proof

Norman Rockwell Benjamin Franklin Rustic Art

Another proof that was limited to 60 signed copies, Benjamin Franklin features the founding father holding a pen and looking out at the viewer. It was created for the bicentennial of the United States. The proof, measuring 21 by 28 inches, is signed by Rockwell and includes the original certificate of authenticity from 1976. It sold for $1,975.

Goin' Fishing Signed Artist Proof

Norman Rockwell Print, Grandpa and Me Going Fishing, Circa 1948

A signed artist proof of the classic Norman Rockwell print, Goin' Fishing, sold for $1,700. It was in beautiful condition with a clear signature from Rockwell, but it did not include the certificate of authenticity. As one of the most iconic Rockwell illustrations, it was very valuable even without the certificate.

Lincoln for the Defense Signed Artist Proof

Lincoln for the defense Abe lincoln Norman Rockwell art paper

This charming Norman Rockwell print's value lies in the artist's signature and the appealing subject matter. It shows a young Abraham Lincoln and is signed in pencil. Even though it has some discoloration and age-related wear and doesn't include the certificate of authenticity, the print sold for about $1,700.

Puppies Signed Limited Edition Print

A sweet Norman Rockwell print showing a family with new additions, Puppies sold for about $1,000. It was a numbered limited edition with a genuine artist signature. Even though it didn't include the certificate of authenticity, it was in good condition in the original frame.

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Tips for Finding Norman Rockwell Prints of Value

The value of Norman Rockwell prints depends on several factors, so it's good to keep them in mind as you're looking at art or considering your own collection. These tips can help.

Look for Limited Editions

A limited edition is always more valuable than a print that was mass-produced. You can identify a limited edition because it will be numbered. It might also be labeled as an artist proof. Either way, it's rare and worth more.

See if There's a Signature

If the print is signed by Norman Rockwell, it's more valuable. Take a good look at the signature to see if it's stamped or a reproduction or if it's a real artist autograph. He often signed proof and limited edition prints in pencil.

Check the Condition

The condition of a Norman Rockwell print has a big impact on its value. Stains, rips, marks, and other damage can reduce what the print is worth.

Consider the Subject of the Print

While all limited edition prints have some value, certain prints are extra charming because they represent the artist's work as a whole. A print of a cover for The Saturday Evening Post or a famous Rockwell image may be more valuable than a lesser-known design.

Look for a Certificate of Authenticity

When it comes to antique and vintage art, provenance is a big deal. If you can show that the piece has a history and is authentic, it's often worth more. In the case of Norman Rockwell's illustrations, that often involves a certificate of authenticity.

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Art With Nostalgic Charm

The value of Norman Rockwell prints isn't just monetary. These lovely images are iconic, and they have a ton of nostalgic charm for many people. Whether a print is worth a lot or just a few dollars, it's got plenty of value as a decorative piece of Americana.

6 Valuable Normal Rockwell Prints Full of American Nostalgia