9 Most Valuable Air Jordans That Prove They're the GOAT

From the original GOAT's hands to the auction block, here are the most valuable Air Jordans ever sold.

Updated March 20, 2024
Man holding Air Jordan 1

Name a more iconic sneaker line than Air Jordans. We dare you. Created for one of the most phenomenal basketball players in history, Air Jordans are as famous as Michael Jordan himself. And Sneakerheads will liquidate all their assets in a heartbeat for the chance to own one of the most valuable Jordans on our list. 

9 Most Valuable Air Jordans Sneakerheads Are Desperate For 

Made with the man, the myth, and the legend in mind, it makes sense that Air Jordans have become ubiquitous with high-paying celebrity clientele and record-breaking auction numbers. Bursting onto the scene in 1985, Air Jordans have both invigorated and dominated the sneaker space. And these rare pairs show just how expensive Air Jordans can be. 

Most Valuable Air Jordans Record Sales Prices
Game-worn Air Jordan 13 $2.2 million 
Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans  $2.1 million
Kanye's Grammy Air Yeezys  $1.8 million
Michael Jordan's Air Ships $1.472 million 
"Flu Game" Air Jordan 12 $1.38 million 
High "Chicago" Air Jordan 1s $615,000
Original Air Jordan 1 $560,000
Game-Worn & Signed Air Jordan 8  $378,000
Olympic Air Jordan 7  $112,500

Game-Worn Air Jordan 13: $2.2 Million 

In a 2023 Sotheby's auction, a pair of game-worn Air Jordan 13s broke records when it sold for $2.2 million. Michael Jordan wore this pair during his infamous 'Last Dance' season. So between the incredibly popular documentary on the subject and the release of Air in 2023, people were primed to pay out the wazoo for these shoes. 

Solid Gold OVO x Air Jordans: $2.1 million 

The most expensive Air Jordan sold so far isn't even a shoe that you can wear. Drake's fashion brand, OVO, commissioned a pair of 24K solid gold Air Jordan 10s for a record-breaking price of $2.1 million. They may be absolutely useless from a functional standpoint, but they certainly were a fashion moment. 

Kanye's Grammy Air Yeezys: $1.8 million

While we're loathe to give Kanye any more publicity than he's already gotten, we couldn't complete our list without featuring his Air Yeezys. The custom pair of Air Yeezys that he wore to the 2008 Grammy Awards is a testament to the fashion label's marriage of luxury and function, and they sold at a Sotheby's auction for $1.8 million.

Kanye West's Nike Air Yeezy

Michael Jordan's Air Ships: $1.472 million

While not technically an Air Jordan, this early pair of Nike sneakers worn by Michael Jordan during a Chicago Bulls game in 1984 (the year that he signed his deal with Nike and began development on the infamous sneaker line) is too big of a money maker to ignore. This pair ended up selling in 2021 at an auction for a whopping $1.472 million.

"Flu Game" Air Jordan 12: $1.38 million 

Nicknamed the "Flu Game" shoes, these Air Jordan 12s got their taste of the limelight in Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Michael Jordan was struck down with food poisoning but powered through and made the game-winning shot. In 2023, the signed game-worn pair sold at a Goldin auction for $1.38 million. 

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High "Chicago" Air Jordan 1s: $615,000

Michael Jordan is just another in the long list of athletes to partner with Nike, and just under a year after his Air Jordans were conceived and released to the public, he wore a pair of his Air Jordan 1s in a Chicago Bulls game. These shoes were later sold at a Christie's auction for $615,000. It goes without saying that a game-worn pair of inaugural Air Jordans would rack up quite a price tag. 

Original Air Jordan 1: $560,000

The Air Jordan 1 was the first specially designed sneaker of its kind. Made for the legendary basketball player, Michael Jordan in 1985, Nike quickly released these shoes to the public. Collectors salivate over finding pairs of the originals. The most expensive pair was sold in a Sotheby's auction for $560,000.

Game Worn Air Jordan 1s

Game-Worn & Signed Air Jordan 8: $378,000

Another final Bull's season game-worn shoe to recently come to auction was a pair of game-worn and signed Air Jordan 8s. According to Christie's, Michael wore these low Jordans in the first 2 quarters of Game 5 in 1998. Despite not being a watershed game, the fact that both of these shoes are signed helps up the pair's value. Just in 2022, they sold for $378,000.  

Olympic Air Jordan 7: $112,500

Michael Jordan wasn't the only elite athlete to have a pair of Air Jordans cross our list. In 1992, Olympic players were sent exclusive Air Jordan 7s. One such game-worn pair came to auction with a letter of authenticity to the shoe's owner from Michael Jordan himself. Given the Jordan connection, these shoes spiked in value and sold for $112.500 in 2020. 

Air Jordan Collecting Categories to Recognize 

If you're new to the collecting game, then you'll need to know these insider categories before you go trolling through any auction sites. 

  • Originals or OGs: OGs are a pair of Jordans that come from the first design of any new iteration.
  • Retros: The Retros are Jordans where an original design has been modified in some way, such as changing the colorway.
  • Samples: Samples are the shoes made before the production run of any new Jordan. They're a teaser of the design, so to speak, and can be pretty hard to find.
  • Re-releases: You can find a ton of old Jordans taken out of the vault and re-released. But, these re-releases are never as valuable as the originals. 

Jump Into These Air Jordans 

Unlike your go-to pair of bargain sneakers, these expensive Air Jordans aren't shoes you want to stomp through mud puddles with. With small production numbers and one-of-a-kind connections, any of these collectible shoes will make a true sneakerhead drool.

9 Most Valuable Air Jordans That Prove They're the GOAT