7 Vintage Coach Purses Worth Digging Out of Your Mom’s Closet

Coach handbags have been around for a long time, but these valuable vintage Coach purses prove that some things never go out of style.

Published January 31, 2024
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In the 2000s, there were a few mid-priced luxury bag brands that reigned supreme. Vera Bradley and its paisley prints might come to mind, but Coach was a staple among Gen X moms and partying millennials. Although those Louis Vuitton knock-off logo bags haven’t aged that well, these valuable vintage Coach purses are more stylish today than ever before.

7 Valuable Vintage Coach Purses 

Coach is a popular American fashion house that falls on the lower end of luxury. Started in the 1940s, this brand really got up to speed in the 1960s and 1970s. From iconic saddle bags to unique 60s shapes, these are some of the most valuable vintage Coach purses we go full steam ahead for.

Vintage Coach Purse Recent Sales Price
1970s Saddle Bag $4,050
1970s The Federal Shoulder Bag $2,750
1960s Double Pocket Duffle $1,695
1960s Pony Express Pouch Bag $1,324
1970s Suspender Crossbody $1,225
1960s Scissor Frame Tote Bag $1,200
1990s Winnie Top Handle Bag $1,000

70s Saddle Bag

The Coach saddle bag debuted in 1972. This leather bag came in a number of colors, including warm red-browns and yellowy neutrals. Over the decade, the specific sizes and buckles changed, but the general shape stayed the same. This shoulder or crossbody bag took the functional design of a horse saddle bag and transformed it into a statement purse.

The saddle bag is one of Coach’s most iconic vintage designs, making it a hot commodity with young collectors. While it’s difficult enough to find on its own, brightly colored ones are even harder. Take this rich red saddle bag from the 70s, for example, It recently sold for $4,050 on eBay.

70s The Federal Shoulder Bag

There’s a lot of debate over where The federal bag’s design came from, but it’s one of those rare mid-century Coach bags that you dream of finding in the wild. This simple leather shoulder bag’s most notable feature is the Presidential seal embossed on the front flap. When you do find one of these 1972 bags for sale, they usually go for anywhere between $1,000-$3,000 on average. One lucky collector scored this black federal for $2,750 online.

60s Double Pocket Duffle

If you’re looking for an expensive vintage Coach purse, keep your eyes peeled for a Bonnie Cashin for Coach one. Bonnie Cashin was one of Coach’s most impactful designers, and her bags are highly coveted today.

One such Cashin bag is the double pocket duffle, which comes with two coin purse clasp pockets attached to the front. Other than the bright striped lining, this bag looks like a leather duffle you’d find on department store racks today. Except, this one goes for $1,000-$2,000 regularly. For example, someone recently listed one on Etsy for $1,695.

Vintage Bonnie Cashin for Coach Bag Double Pocket Duffel Rare Black Leather 1960s

60s Pony Express Pouch Bag

The pony express bag is another of Cashin’s early 60s designs for Coach that really sells well on the vintage market. This crescent moon-shaped shoulder bag is such a popular design that it might look more familiar if you glance at it through a Paris Hilton 2000s fashion lens.

This bag, like most of Cashin’s, sticks with a standard simple tan leather that makes it versatile enough to fit in right in with a modern aesthetic. The pony express is another $1000+ vintage Coach bag. Recently, one sold on Etsy for $1,324.

70s Suspender Crossbody

Take one look at rising womenswear-does-menswear-in-1970s fashion, and you’ll see it reflected in Coach’s suspender crossbody messenger bag. Aside from its unique suspender-esque handle attachments, it’s a rather unremarkable leather bag. With a simple twist lock closure and rectangular shape, this bag is just as functional today as it was 50+ years ago. Granted, you’ll need about $1,000-$2,000 to get your hands on one, like this red Suspender bag that sold for $1,225 online.

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60s Scissor Frame Tote Bag

Bonnie Cashin’s scissor frame tote gets its name from the hinged handles that open and close like a pair of scissors. It vaguely resembles knitting caddies and bucket bags in its shape and touts one of Cashin’s signature coin purse pockets.

Undoubtedly, the most striking and valuable of these is the yellow-green “mimosa” color. You won’t see these selling for less than $1,000, like this one that’s listed for $1,200 on Etsy.

Bonnie Cashin for Coach Scissor Frame Tote Bag Mimosa Leather Rare Vintage 1960s

90s Winnie Top Handle Bag

Break out your Clinique black honey lipstick because we’re heading straight to the 90s with this one. Coach’s Winnie top handle bag is one of the more compact bags to make it on this list. But Coach fans will be familiar with its briefcase-like utilitarian style. Given that it’s a newer vintage, you can grab this one for about $1,000, which is exactly what this black Winnie sold for on eBay.

Valuable Characteristics to Look for in Vintage Coach Bags

Not every vintage Coach bag is worth a high price tag, but these characteristics help the expensive ones stand out.

  • Bonnie Cashin tags: Look for a Bonnie Cashin sewn-in tag in the lining because her designs are some of the most valuable.
  • Colorful, vertical striped lining: This is another hallmark of a Bonnie Cashin Coach bag.
  • Metal tags: Not every vintage Coach bag has a metal hang tag, but many of them do.
  • Unlined leather bags: Vintage leather Coach bags were seldom lined.
  • Serial numbers: Bags from earlier than the 1970s won’t have serial numbers, but the ones that do should correlate to the correct timeframe.

Vintage Coach Bags Are the Best Coach Purses

Vintage Coach bags are still beloved for their classic utilitarian style and solid construction. While the brand might have devolved into a bit of a gimmick in the past decade or two with eye-watering patterns and color schemes, these valuable bags have yet to go out of style. So, if you’ve got a spare $1,000 lying around and a bag-sized hole in your heart, treat yourself to one of these vintage Coach purses.

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7 Vintage Coach Purses Worth Digging Out of Your Mom’s Closet