4 Rare & Valuable Euro Coins to Watch For

Check your change for these valuable minting errors, plus find out what to look for when it comes to valuable Euro coins.

Published June 10, 2024
Pile of euro coins on euro notes

Although the Euro hasn't been around as long as some other currencies, there are still some rare Euro coins out there that are super valuable. If you're in Europe and getting Euros in your change, take a good look at them before you use them to buy your next cup of coffee or bus fare.

Four of the Most Valuable Euro Coins

When it comes to value, the Euros worth the most tend to be error coins that have a minting mistake. Because this makes them rare, collectors get really excited about finding them.

Rare Euro Coin Value
Vatican Euro coin mule with two reverses $2,875
France 20 Euro Cents reverse mule $1,265
France Euro 2001 mint error $920
France 50 Euro Cent mint error $216
Fast Fact

The first Euro coins for general use were issued in 2002, which means there haven't been as many chances for coin errors to happen compared to coins that have been minted for many decades. Still, minting errors do happen, so be sure to grab your magnifying glass for a closer look at your change.

Vatican Euro Coin Mule With Two Reverses

Vatican Euro Coin Mule With Two Reverses

A super rare Euro coin error, this piece is actually two reverses. There is no "heads." One side features a 20-cent design, and the other features a 50-cent design. It's considered extremely rare with no known figures on how many others might exist. This coin sold for $2,875 in 2008.

Need to Know

A "mule" is a combination of two different coin designs that don't usually go together. It often happens when the die of one coin is used on another coin.

French 20 Euro Cents Reverse Mule

French 20 Euro Cents Reverse Mule

There is another coin that has no "heads" and has two "tails" instead, and it's a hit with collectors, too. This 20-cent piece probably comes from France (although many countries used the same dies). Both sides of the coin say "20 Euro Cents." In pristine condition, the rare error sold for $1,265 in 2008.

French Euro 2001 Mint Error

French Euro 2001 Mint Error

Another rare Euro coin that was a minting mistake involved the wrong planchet (or coin blank) being used for the one Euro coin. The coin was stamped on a planchet for a 20-cent coin instead of the 1 Euro one, and the resulting error is super popular with collectors. One sold for $920 in 2008.

French 50 Euro Cent on a 2-Cent Planchet

French 50 Euro Cent on a 2-Cent Planchet

The wrong planchet can make a coin look completely different (and make it really collectible at the same time). In this rare error, a 50 Euro Cent coin was stamped on the planchet for a 2 Euro Cent coin. The result is a copper-colored coin that stands out in your change. This rare error sold for $216 in 2022.

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Euro Proofs Are Valuable


Although you won't find them in your pocket change (most of the time), proof coins can also be worth a lot. These aren't usually in circulation, and they are issued in a number of denominations that regular Euro coins don't come in. Often made of gold or silver, they have inherent value because of their metal content.

For example, a special gold proof issued in France in 2021 with an image featuring design house Dior and a stated value of 500 Euros sold for $14,400 in 2023.

Tips to Spot Rare Euro Coin Errors

Spotting rare Euro coins is mostly about looking for things that are unusual. We have a few hints.

  • Check both sides to see if the reverse has the right design. If it looks the same on both sides or looks like the design for a different coin, it could be a mule.
  • Look at the text closely. Check to see if there's any echo or doubling of the letters or numbers on the coin, indicating it might have been stamped twice.
  • Examine the color. If it's not the correct color or size for the coin, it may have been stamped on the wrong planchet.

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Watch Your Change for Valuable Euros

Euros are fascinating because they come in lots of different designs, but that also leaves plenty of room for errors. Watch your change closely to look for rare Euro coins that could be worth way more than their face value.

4 Rare & Valuable Euro Coins to Watch For