Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas (From Cute to Rustic)

Published October 30, 2020
Vintage bathroom decor

If you love antiques and vintage pieces, you can let these treasures inspire your beautiful vintage bathroom decor. From adorable rustic styles to opulent antique looks, there are lots of ways to give your modern bathroom a sense of history.

Use Vintage Bathroom Decor in a Powder Room

Because powder rooms don't have a lot of moisture in the air from showers or baths, they are a great place to show off your antique accessories. You can create a vintage feel by wallpapering the powder room in a bold design and then hanging vintage etchings on the walls. Add an antique stand or table if there's room and display collectibles on top.

Show Off a Colorful Clawfoot Tub

Nothing does more for your vintage bathroom decor than decorating with a clawfoot tub, especially if you paint it in a beautiful color. This type of tub makes a major style statement, especially in shades of yellow, blue, green, or even pink. You can find restored clawfoot tubs at many architectural antiques firms or check your local paper or Facebook marketplace.

Clawfoot Bathtub

Embrace Romantic Style With Vintage Pink Bathroom Ideas

Pink bathrooms were all the rage in the 1950s and 1960s, and they can be just as beautiful today. The key is to embrace romance. Add an antique gold mirror, beautiful art, floral prints, and lots of lace. Keep the lighting soft and pretty too using vintage light fixtures and candles. If you have a clawfoot tub, paint the exterior pink or gold to take this beautiful vintage look to the next level.

Romantic pink bathroom

Add Vintage Style With Old Photos

Hang a selection of old photographic portraits on the bathroom wall for an instant dose of vintage creativity. You can find old photos in any antique store, and you can sometimes get hand-colored ones that are truly beautiful. Frame them in gilt frames and group them together in a mini gallery. Everyone who sees your vintage bathroom will ask about them.

Bathroom with old photos

Hang a Whimsical Oil Painting in Your Power Room

Because it doesn't have the humidity of a full bathroom, a powder room is actually a good place to display an old painting. Instead of hanging a mirror over the sink, hang a large oil portrait in its place. If the person looks stern, this can be a whimsical choice for a vintage bathroom. Look for an ornate frame and colors that match your bathroom decor.

Oil painting in bathroom

Reflect Vintage Bathroom Decor With an Antique Mirror

An antique mirror is an easy way to add vintage style to your bathroom. Choose a rustic wood mirror if you're going for a more primitive look, or select a pretty gilt-framed mirror for a more luxurious vintage vibe. Another option is an antique mirror with a colorful frame. This can be especially charming if you're creating a vintage pink bathroom or another fun color.

vintage mirror in bathroom

Turn an Antique Cabinet Into a Rustic Vanity

Repurpose an old printer's cabinet, tool bench, shop counter, or apothecary cabinet into a one-of-a-kind rustic bathroom vanity. In many cases, you can use the existing top by covering it in marine varnish to keep water from destroying the wood. You can also replace the top with marble, granite, or another surface. Sometimes, you may need to modify the interior of the cabinet to accommodate the piping for the sink. However, this is a fairly simple project that gives you a gorgeous rustic vintage bathroom style.

antique rustic cabinet in bathroom

Bring China From the Dining Room to the Bathroom

Vintage and antique china patterns can look amazing on the bathroom wall, and these pieces will not be damaged by a moist bathroom environment. You can choose all one pattern or display several patterns with similar themes or colors. Either way, this is an unexpected touch that creates a sense of history.

china in bathroom

Use a Vintage China Cabinet for Linens

A vintage or antique china cabinet can be just as useful in the bathroom as it can in the dining room. If you have room in the bathroom, move the china cabinet in there and fill it with towels and other linens. It will do double duty as useful storage and a powerful vintage style statement.

Bathroom with antique tub and linen cabinet

Vintage Bathroom Ideas Are Just the Beginning

Whether you choose to create a rustic antique bathroom with a primitive cabinet turned into a vanity or embrace your romantic side with a vintage pink bathroom, these ideas are just the beginning. Learn how to decorate with antiques so you can bring history and style to every room in your home.

Vintage Bathroom Decor Ideas (From Cute to Rustic)