How to Iron Without an Ironing Board: 10 Alternatives

Published September 22, 2020
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Not everyone knows how to iron without an ironing board. However, you have options for ironing your laundry even if an ironing board isn't available.

How to Iron Without an Ironing Board: Firm Surface

There are a lot of firm surfaces in your home that you can use for an ironing board when one is not available. However, you never want to iron directly on any surface. You'll want use some type of heat buffer like a white wool blanket or thick towel. Use only white if you are using steam.

How to Iron on Your Floor

If you have a stone, wood, or carpet floor, these can work great for ironing. To iron, you'll want to lay down a towel or blanket. Place the clothing on the buffer and start ironing. Make sure to any hot areas of the iron do not directly touch the flooring.

How to Iron on a Table

Ironing your clothing on a table is much like ironing on the floor. However, you won't blow out your back. Lay your towel or blanket down and flatten your clothing. Then, you can start ironing. It can also be helpful to have a washcloth or kitchen towel for setting the iron on. However, when ironing on a table, opt for one that is not glass. The heat could break the glass of your table.

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How to Iron on the Countertop

Bathroom and kitchen counters deal with heat quite often and can work for ironing your clothing when an ironing board isn't available. However, you'll still need something to absorb the heat so that you aren't putting it directly into the counter. The great thing about having a firm surface for ironing is it can help you to get those perfect creases without an ironing board.

Using a Clothes Steamer as an Iron

Another option for how to iron clothing without an ironing board is to use a steamer. When using a steamer, you want to follow all the manufacturer's recommendations for setting up the steamer and getting it to the correct settings. You'll then run the steamer up and down the clothing to quickly remove wrinkles. However, if you are looking for those perfect creases, seek another method.

Woman using a steamer

Using an Ironing Blanket to Iron Without an Ironing Board

Ironing blankets are perfect for travelers and those that don't have the time to break out an ironing board. This blanket is heat resistant and quickly turns any firm surface into an ironing board without having to set up an ironing board. To use an ironing blanket, you simply throw it on a firm surface and start ironing your clothing.

How to Iron Your Clothes on Your Bed

For quick ironing needs, you can iron on your bed. To iron on your bed, you'll just throw down a blanket or thick towel and iron your clothes on that. However, when ironing on your bed, make sure to stand the iron up properly. It can be helpful to set up your ironing station near an end table that you can use to place the iron on as you fix collars, cuffs, or hems between ironing swipes.

Woman ironing on bed

How to Iron Without an Ironing Board on the Washing Machine

A great ironing board free hack for getting crisp lines on your laundry is to use the top of your washer or dryer. Just throw down a thick towel and get to work. Plus, setting your iron on its heel on the washer or dryer isn't going to accidentally cause any issues. Additionally, you can buy a magnetic ironing mat designed specifically for the top of your washer or dryer, and the magnets make sure it doesn't slip.

Using a Flat Iron to Iron Clothes Without an Ironing Board

To get rid of creases on collars, you don't even need to plug your iron in. Instead use a flat iron. Use low or medium heat to quickly sort out any issues with creases in your cuffs or collars. And, it can be used nearly anywhere.

How to Iron the Clothes With the Dryer

If you are just trying to get your clothes wrinkle-free, skip the ironing board and iron completely and throw the clothes in the dryer. Add a white damp towel with your clothes and dry them for about 15 minutes. This method uses the steam to get the wrinkles out.

DIY Ironing Board Hack

If you do a lot of ironing, you can make your own ironing board using a quick hack.

  1. Break down a cardboard box that fits the ironing board size you need.

  2. Wrap it in a thick white towel.

  3. Staple the towel in place.

  4. Cover it in old cotton fabric.

No Ironing Board Hack

No ironing board? No problem. There are several surfaces around your home that you can use for all your ironing board needs. Just make sure when you are ironing your clothes that you follow your laundry instructions for perfect wrinkle-free clothing. Now that you have these tips, learn how to clean a scorched iron for more ironing perfection.

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How to Iron Without an Ironing Board: 10 Alternatives