22 Things You'll Get Spotlessly Clean With Bar Keepers Friend

Don't dread spring cleaning anymore. Use Bar Keepers Friend to tackle tough jobs around your house.

Published March 13, 2023
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How great would it be if there was a multi-use cleanser that could tackle the toughest jobs around your house? Great news! The cult cleaning product, Bar Keepers Friend cleanser, is a miracle worker in your home. When you keep a package on hand, you can do everything from removing that annoying sticker residue from glassware to polishing chrome to a spotless shine.

How to Use Bar Keepers Friend


Bar Keepers Friend cleanser is a mild abrasive that's easy to use. The sprays and creams are self explanatory. The powder might seem intimidating, but it's quite easy to use.

Mix the powder with a little water to make a paste to scrub, or you can dampen the surface you're cleaning, add a bit of cleaner, and scrub with a sponge, cloth, or even toothbrush. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Repeat if you need to.

Clean Your Kitchen With Bar Keepers Friend


Sprinkle or spray nearly ever nook and cranny of your kitchen, but skip the quartz and cast iron, to make your kitchen sparkle. It'll look even better than the day you moved in. Give your sink a good scrub with a sponge and some Bar Keepers Friend cleanser, rinse it away, and admire your reflection. You can even clean your stainless cookware to a perfect gleam with Bar Keepers Friend cookware cleanser and polish.

Clean Glassware


Cloudy glasses and murky flower vases will haunt you no more. Give your glassware a wipe and swipe with Bar Keepers Friend cleanser to say so long to glasses that aren't crystal clear.

The best way to do this is to make a paste with Bar Keepers Friend and water and use it on a damp sponge to polish your damp glasses.

Give Tile a Scrub


Floor tiles? Backsplash? Shower tiles? From wall to floor, you can scrub and shrine in no time with Bar Keepers Friend. Skip the ceiling tiles.

Make Your Chrome Shine


Is chrome your favorite color? Are you sad because your chrome is a bit meh? Sad no more. Bar Keepers Friend will bring your chrome handles and taps back to shining glory.

Easily Clean Every Corner of Your Bathroom


Take your bathroom by storm with a singular cleaning product. Ceiling need a spot clean? Bar Keepers Friend. Floor, sink, taps, towel racks can all be given a swipe without pausing to grab new supplies. Skip your mirror though, and stick to a dedicated mirror cleaner.

Remove Bathtub and Shower Grime


Have you, like me, tried every cleaning hack the internet has suggested for your shower or tub because you're totally over the buzz from those cleaning supplies? Bar Keepers Friend will not only speedily clean your shower, but it might inspire you to enjoy a lovely bubble bath as a reward for that cleaning.

Oh, and banish those mineral deposits and soap scum, too.

Porcelain Toilets Will Gleam


If you're not a fan of scrubbing your toilet (who among us is?) and you're not a fan of bleach tablets, then you can turn to trusty Bar Keepers Friend toilet bowl cleaner to give that throne a shine that won't have your arm sore from scrubbing or water all over your feet from splashing around. Pheww.

Give Your Utensils Some Love


Sometimes a dishwasher doesn't do the best job cleaning silverware - be it man or machine. And sometimes, your flatware picks up a bit of rush, tarnish, and who knows what other bits that have decided to glue themselves to it. A scrub with Bar Keepers Friend ensures that there's nothing between you and your fork other than your next bite.

Say so Long to Tarnished Silver


Whether you're a professional thrifter or your grandma's good silver managed to get tarnished (as it does), don't panic. Bar Keepers Friend will restore tarnished silver back to its original brilliance. You'll need to find something else to be anxious about.

Scrub Away Rust Easily


Rusty tools, rusty tap handles, rusty anything. Say so long to that garish red rust and hello to the shine and clean thanks to Bar Keepers Friend. Who's rusty? Certainly not you anymore.

Clean Stovetops Effortlessly


Nothing accumulates everything, and I mean everything, quite like the stovetop. Even food you were thinking of making somehow ends up dried there. Once the surface has cooled, give that stovetop a swipe and scrub with Bar Keepers Friend cooktop cleaner to part ways with stuck-on splatters.

Clean Your Oven With Barkeepers Friend


Wipe away the sins of past cooking projects. Bar Keepers Friend can clean every last inch of your oven. You can use Bar Keepers Friend to clean your oven racks, the glass on the oven door, and the walls. So long mystery burning smell.

Buff Your Car Rims


So your car rims have seen better days. They're a little scratchy and quite a bit dirty. Take your Bar Keepers Friend to your car rims and give them a makeover. Okay, you may need to wash the rest of your car to match now, but then it'll be time for a cruise around the city.

Touch Up Your Car's Chrome


Using a rag and some Bar Keepers Paste, you can forget about those little scratches on your car's chrome surfaces. Yes, even the ones from the zippers of your jacket and when your dog decided to jump on the car that one time. Note - Bar Keeper's Friend is not recommended for scratches in your car's paint.

Clean Up Your Golf Clubs


Get ready for golf season, or stay ready, with a toothbrush and a bit of Bar Keepers Friend. Take your paste to your golf clubs and scrub away to reveal that shine. No guarantees on this improving your game, however.

Vanquish Frustrating Sticky Labels


No need to head to a rage room when you're ready to engage in a battle against sticky labels and pricetags. Bar Keepers Friend is a great weapon in your arsenal against that perpetually sticky mark on pretty much anything made of glass or ceramic that you bring home from the shops. Now go forth and collect even more trinkets.

Give Your Dishes a New Life


It's time to part ways with the scratches from cutlery on your dishes. Whip up your cleaner into a paste, scrub, and then send those scratches a yearly Christmas card. They won't be living in your home anymore.

Clean Vintage Pyrex


Congratulations on bringing home some vintage Pyrex! However, the celebrations could be dampened with some scratches that take away from it. Good thing you have Bar Keepers Friend to buff out and fix those unsightly scratches in your vintage Pyrex.

Make Your Countertops Sparkle


Close your kitchen up for the night with a spritz or paste of Bar Keepers Friend. Say so long to scratches, stains, and all that other kitchen gunk that accumulates. No thanks. Skip the quartz countertop scrub, however.

Clean Brass Candlesticks With Bar Keepers Friend


Your brass candlesticks should shine as bright as the flames. Whip up some paste or add a bit of Bar Keepers Friend liquid to a sponge. Give the brass candlestick a thorough scrub, rinsing when you're done. After drying, inspect to make sure it looks how you want. Otherwise, repeat until you're happy.

Clean Stainless Steel With Bar Keepers Friend


One of the best and most frustrating surfaces is one of Bar Keepers Friend's best uses: cleaning stainless steel. With a scrub of your stainless steel sinks, taps, or appliances, the job will be done almost before you've started. When you're done, give it a quick polish with the Bar Keepers Friend stainless steel polish.

What Not to Use Bar Keeps Friend On


Don't use your regular Bar Keepers Friend cleanser on:

Whizzing Through Cleaning With Bar Keepers Friend


Don't stress about spring cleaning, fall cleaning, or "please, I need something to do, I'm stuck inside because of winter cleaning." Now, I don't want to say that Bar Keepers Friend makes cleaning fun, but it sure as heck makes it easy. And there's no better high than crossing off your entire to-do list.

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22 Things You'll Get Spotlessly Clean With Bar Keepers Friend