10 Red Rose Bushes That Will Level Up Your Garden

Who needs cut roses when you can grow them right off the bush?

Published May 9, 2023

When you think of roses, you probably envision bouquets of beautiful red, white, and pink petals. Yet, these cut flowers don't come sprouting out of the ground like tulips. Instead, they're grown on multi-sized bushes. Red rose bushes have been a staple for decades, fitting into traditional old world gardens and suburban landscapes. See which red rose bushes are perfect for your yard and growing needs.

Super Hero Roses Are Great for Resisting Disease


Super Hero rose bushes are the best of the bunch if you're looking for something that can fight off nearly every plant disease that comes its way. These crimson tea-shaped blooms can grow up to 5' tall and 4' wide in zones 4-9. Unlike some plants, these bushes love a lot of sunlight and can flourish in most soil types. Plant your Super Hero bushes in early spring for blooms that last through fall.

Flower Carpet Scarlet Roses Create Beautiful Groundcover


When you think of rose bushes, you tend to think about big sprawling ones with lots of height. However, sometimes the perfect addition to your already bountiful garden bed is a low-growing red rose bush. Flower Carpet Scarlet roses are rather small at about 2' tall and thrive in partial sun. Plant them during any season and they'll bloom from spring to fall. Best part? They're not high maintenance and don't need as much pruning as other roses do.

Thomas à Becket Roses Have a Delightful Fragrance


Another crimson rose is the Thomas à Beckett rose that's best known for its strong lemony fragrance. If you want a beautiful rose bush that smells like a dream, then these English shrubs are the perfect ones for you. More carnation-like in their petal configuration, these aromatic rose bushes were only conceived in 2013 by legendary rose breeder, David Austin. They grow in a variety of zones (5-11) and soil types but need full sunlight to thrive.

Dortmund Roses Are Perfect for Their Size


Dortmund rose bushes are less typical looking than your standard rose bush and can grow up to 10' tall. Spreading up to 6' wide, these light red petals with white centers bloom from spring through fall. Make sure to plant this climbing shrub in well-draining soil and full sunlight. To encourage its height growth, plant it alongside a trellis or pergola.

Knock-Out Roses Are Every Beginner's Favorite


If you're new to growing rose bushes, then the first stop in your rose tour should be knock-out roses. Notoriously great for beginners, these bushes are disease resistant, long-living, not fussy, and can grow in most climates. Don't worry about taking your pruning shears to these pinky-red blooms either; knock-outs practically grow themselves. The only drawback for rose lovers is that they produce fewer and smaller blooms than more traditional rose bushes do.

Don Juan Roses Are the Best Climbers in the Bunch


Don Juan roses broke onto the scene in the 1950s, renowned for being a fragrant climbing rose - most of which previously didn't produce any aroma. Another delightfully low-maintenance rose bush, the Don Juan rose is the perfect choice for someone looking to add a climbing bush to their landscape. These rose bushes perform well in zones 5-10 and need 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, and at their full height, can reach up to 12' tall.

Obsession Roses Are a Gardener's Go-to for a Classic Look


Obsession rose bushes are the top pick for any rose lover obsessed with the classic red rose. These medium-sized shrubs produce large, beautiful, red blooms that give off a lovely aroma. Like most roses, they show off their stuff between spring and fall and will produce the most flowers in full sun. There's a reason these roses were named Rose of the Year in 2015.

To grow Obsession rose bushes, you'll want to plant them in well-draining soil with full sun. Despite their pretty appearance, they're not picky about their growing zones, handling 5-10 with ease.

Black Magic Roses Are the Best at Producing Aesthetic Blooms


Black Magic roses are of the hybrid tea variety, and their velvety, vampire red petals will put a spell on you. These rose bushes are on the larger side, growing up to 7' tall, and produce dark red blooms with stereotypically thorny stems. A '90s creation that emulated the dark lipsticks worn by every '90s icon, Black Magic roses are the perfect pick for anyone looking to plant bold, aesthetic roses.

When planting Black Magic rose bushes, choose an area with full sunlight and well-draining soil. And since they're pretty disease resistant, the biggest thing you should be concerned with is keeping them well-pruned.

Ramblin' Red Roses Thrive in Colder Climates


If you live in cold climates that experience long winters, then Ramblin' Red rose bushes are a great option for you. Since they're climbing, they require some support, but can be planted straight into the ground or in pots/planters. You can plant these roses in just about any month of the year so long as they're in moist and well-drained soil and full sun. Another plus is that they don't need deadheading.

Desmond Tutu Roses Love Warmer Climates


Desmond Tutu roses are top-notch bushes to plant in really warm climates. A medium-sized rose bush, Desmond Tutus need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight, thriving in growing zones 5-9. Their double cabbage shaped blooms are their biggest appeal. On top of being disease resistant, you can plant Desmond Tutus in most soil types, but they should only be planted in the fall.

A Rose Bush by Any Other Name


Roses have a reputation for being fickle, disease-prone plants. Instead of throwing in the towel on your first red rose bush, try selecting the perfect bush for your environment and growing tastes. Some people have a special touch for growing big blooms while others can churn out massive climbers. Experiment with different varieties in your area and see which ones respond the most to your touch.

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