8 Creative DIY Shelf Ideas to Express Your-shelf in Style

From upcycled drawers to totally custom paint jobs, we've got tons of unique wall shelving ideas to inspire you.

Published February 23, 2024
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Sure, the big box store has you covered if you just need something to hang on the wall, but if you want a really unique and interesting place to display your treasures, it's fun to get creative. These DIY shelf ideas are simple and fun, and you won't see them hanging on anyone else's walls.

Turn an Old Chair Into a Custom Shelf

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We are so into this awesome wall shelf idea that repurposes an old chair. You can find cast-off wooden chairs at any flea market or thrift store. To turn one into a shelf, you just have to cut it in half and mount it to your wall. You can use supports to mount it or pick up an invisible shelf mounting kit from your hardware store.

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Give the chair shelf a totally new look with a can of spray paint. These look amazing in vivid colors, and they're perfect for anywhere you'd expect to see an ordinary chair (like your dining room).

Upcycle an Old Drawer Into a DIY Shelf

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Don't toss that old drawer when the dresser or desk it came out of is no longer useful. All it takes is a coat of paint and a little imagination to transform it into a totally adorable shelf. We love the idea of covering the drawer bottom with a patterned contact paper or wallpaper to make it extra cute. Then just hang it on the wall and use it to display your stuff.

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Give a Simple Board a Whole New Tile

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If you've ever worked with glass mosaic tile, you know how simple it is. If not, be prepared for fun. To make a funky shelf (ideal for your bathroom), use construction adhesive to glue glass tiles to a shelf. Grout the tile and hang the shelf when the grout has cured.

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You can buy glass mosaic tile in any color, and it comes in sheets attached to mesh. Cut the mesh with scissors, and use tile nippers if you need to cut the tile.

Hang Some DIY Shelves With Rope


You don't need to be a woodworker to make a set of DIY shelves. Just cut some boards to the width you want the shelves to be and drill two holes in the end of each one. Then connect them with ropes by tying knots above and below each shelf. You can hang the ropes from hooks on your wall.

Paint or Decoupage a Shelf in Your Favorite Pattern

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Having a little pattern in a room couldn't be easier when you apply it to a simple pre-made wall shelf. You can paint the design yourself if you're feeling crafty, or you can use a decoupage medium like ModPodge to apply patterned paper to the shelf (hello there, gorgeous wallpaper scraps).

Open a Window Into Great Storage

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An old window frame gets new life as a shelf and mirror combo. Simply replace the window glass with a mirror (have one custom cut to fit) and attach a shelf to the top of the frame. You can paint the whole thing one color or let it be a two-tone design. There are no wrong answers.

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Turn an Old Fireplace Mantel Into a Shelf

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Upcycle an old fireplace mantel and add tons of architectural character to your room at the same time. You can buy mantels at salvage shops and antique stores. You don't need a fireplace to put it over; just hang it where you need some storage and display space.

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Show Off Some Great Antique Corbels

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Corbels are awesome for a lot of purposes, but one of the things they're best at is hanging a shelf up in style. Shop your local architectural salvage store and find a pair of corbels you like. Cut a shelf to any size and paint or stain it a color that matches your decor. Then let the corbels hold it up and show off.

Experiment With Wall Shelf Ideas in Every Room


There are so many unique shelving ideas out there, especially if you like upcycling or getting creative. Try a different DIY shelf in every room of your home. After all, you really can't have too much storage and display space.

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8 Creative DIY Shelf Ideas to Express Your-shelf in Style