8 Diaper-Free Ideas for Repurposing a Changing Table

When you're done with diapers, don't toss your changing table. Give that changing table a whole new use in your home with one of these simple projects.

Published December 18, 2023
Modern changing table with toys and accessories in baby room

Once the little ones have outgrown the changing table (and no one is sad about changing that last diaper), you can put it to work in a totally new way. There are actually a ton of ways to repurpose a changing table — from using it as a potting bench outside to letting it take on a new role in storing your vinyl collection. These are a few of our favorite projects.

Repurpose a Changing Table as a Standing Desk

You know how it's a trend to work standing up? You don't have to run out and invest in a standing desk to try it out for yourself. A changing table is already the perfect height (plus it has a ton of built-in storage). Clean it well and maybe give in a new coat of paint and then put it in your home office.

Quick Tip

Accessories are important here so it doesn't look like you're working on a changing table. Add a desk pad, a cup for pens, and other office essentials to make sure it looks legit.

Turn a Changing Table Into a Potting Bench

Outdoor table bar

A potting bench is really handy if you do a lot of container gardening, and it's actually really easy to turn a changing table into one. Just find a small sink (if you want to add a sink) and cut a hole to drop it into the top. The table is already the right height for standing. Add some hooks on the ends for hanging your gardening tools and store pots and soil on the shelves.

Make a Changing Table Into a Wrapping Station

If you love wrapping gifts, a changing table is actually the perfect solution. It's a little wider than the width of a roll of wrapping paper, and you can store the gift wrap and supplies on the shelves or in the drawers. Add a basket for things like tape and scissors, and you'll have everything you need in one handy place. The top is a great size for wrapping on, too.

Create a Custom Kitchen Island From a Changing Table

It might seem sketchy at first thought, but hear us out. A changing table is already counter height. If it's super sturdy and well-made, you can add a butcher block top for an instant kitchen island. Clean it really well and maybe give it a new coat of paint, and no one will even know about its previous life of changing dirty diapers.

Repurpose a Changing Table as a Home Bar

 Table Refurbished Bar with Wine Rack

If you're like us, you really learn to appreciate a home bar after you have kids, and there's a special satisfaction in mixing up a dirty martini where you used to change a dirty diaper. Most changing tables already have plenty of storage for all your liquor and tools, and you can add a wine rack if you have the space. It's practically poetic.

Quick Tip

Worried your changing table still looks too much like baby furniture? Give it a coat of paint in a bold color or even gold or silver. It will look totally different.

Use a Changing Table as a Garage Workbench

A sturdy changing table is actually a ready-made garage workbench. Sure, it's going to get beaten up and show a few hard miles, but it's kind of perfect in a bunch of ways. First off, it's the right height (once again). If it has an edge around it, you can use that to keep tools and fasteners from rolling off the top or use it for clamps. And don't even get us started on the built-in storage.

Create a Changing Table Plant Stand

If you have a three-season room or screened-in porch, you can put a changing table out there as a plant stand. We're talking about the kind with three open shelves. Position it where it will get plenty of light, and put your plants on all the shelves. It's also a great option for starting seeds in the early spring.

Show Off Your Vinyl Collection on a Changing Table

This changing table repurpose project is another one you might not think of right away, but once you give it a little thought, we guarantee you're going to love it. The shelves on a changing table are often tall enough to display records! As long as it's sturdy enough to support the weight, why not put your record player on top and store the records on the shelves beneath it?

Extend the Usefulness of Your Changing Table

No matter what you choose to do with your changing table, its usefulness doesn't have to end when you take that last Diaper Genie bag out to the curb. Give this utilitarian piece of furniture a new life with one of these changing table repurposing projects, and let it continue to be a part of your home.

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8 Diaper-Free Ideas for Repurposing a Changing Table