Spruce Up Your Space: A Comprehensive Guide To Keeping Your Home Secure

Simple tips to help safeguard your sanctuary.

Published January 15, 2024
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In the hustle and bustle of daily life, the concept of home is a sanctuary—a place where we hope to find comfort, safety and peace. However, achieving this isn’t just about having your favourite scented candle on hand or buying a fluffy blanket to snuggle up in, as much fun as that can be. It often requires proactive measures to secure your home against potential threats, both external and internal. 

From burglaries to unwanted pests, taking steps to fortify your living space is essential for a tranquil and secure environment. Sure, it sounds a little less enjoyable than indulging in your creature comforts, but we’ve got good news - GIO’s Know More blog is full of practical articles, just like this one, to help keep you informed when it comes to looking after your home.

Now without further ado, let’s explore some helpful tips on how to secure your home to safeguard your sanctuary for decades to come. 

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The Fundamentals of Solid Home Security

1. Invest in Upgraded Security

Invest in quality locks for your home's entry points, ensuring doors and windows are fitted with high-grade options like deadbolt locks. Additionally, consider upgrading to a smart security system, taking advantage of technology's advancements. These systems, which cater to various budgets, often include features like cameras, motion sensors, or alarms that can be monitored remotely, enhancing both security and real-time property monitoring.

2. Illuminate Your Area

Well-lit exteriors are a deterrent to burglars. Install ample outdoor lighting, especially around entry points and vulnerable areas (read: that old fence that’s looking a little worse for wear). Motion-activated lights are not only energy-efficient but also catch the attention of anyone approaching your home. A well-kept garden also enhances the aesthetic appeal of your home, benefits our mental health (it’s true, look it up!) and contributes to security. Trim bushes and trees near windows, as overgrown foliage can provide cover for potential intruders.

3. Secure Your Garage

Don't overlook the garage when it comes to securing your home. If TikTok hasn’t yet terrified you about the ease of accessibility to some garages, allow us to re-state its importance. Ensure garage doors are sturdy and equipped with reliable locks, and if your garage has windows, consider adding window coverings to prevent prying eyes from scouting out valuables.

4. Be A Nice Neighbour

Community awareness is a powerful tool, beyond just the feeling of a friendly face in the driveway next door – establishing good relationships with your neighbours can create a network of vigilant eyes so that you can keep each other informed about holidays or any suspicious activities. It contributes to a safer neighbourhood, and if nothing else you’ll have someone on hand to water your plants while you’re away. 

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Practical Ways to Manage Pests

1. Keep It Clean

Pests are attracted to food sources and unclean environments, which is why it’s best to regularly clean and disinfect your home, paying special attention to kitchens and areas where crumbs might accumulate. Make sure you’re wiping down surfaces and vacuuming regularly to minimise the risk of infestations (yeah, no thanks!). Dispose of trash regularly and use sealed bins to minimise odours that attract pests.

2. Seal Entry Points

Pests can infiltrate your space through even the tiniest of cracks and gaps, which means you’re particularly susceptible to pests in an older home. Conduct a thorough inspection of your home's exterior, sealing any openings and repairing any damaged screens. This simple step can prevent insects and rodents from making their way inside.

3. Proper Waste Management

Keep outdoor trash bins away from your home's entry points to reduce the likelihood of pests finding their way inside after dining al fresco in your bin. Dispose of trash regularly and use sealed bins to minimise odours that attract pests.

4. Mindful Storage

Store food items in airtight containers to prevent easy access for pests – this applies to both pantry items and pet food. Additionally, consider elevating any food storage off the floor to deter pests like ants and rodents.

5. Regular Pest Inspections

Early detection of potential issues allows for prompt action, preventing minor problems from turning into full-blown infestations. That’s why it’s crucial to schedule in pest inspections with a professional service on the regular. 

6. Natural Deterrents

Embrace natural methods to repel pests. Planting pest-repelling herbs like mint, basil, or lavender around your home can discourage insects. Citrus peels and vinegar can also be used to create natural cleaning solutions that repel pests without relying on chemicals.

Another important consideration is to make sure you and your home are emergency ready. Knowing what to do in case of a fire, flood or other emergencies can enhance your overall home security, so you won’t get caught off guard – especially in this unpredictable climate.

Equip your home with basic emergency supplies, including a first aid kit, flashlight, and note down all essential emergency contact information. To help, GIO has some handy checklists and actionable tips that, if followed regularly, will help you prepare the inside and outside of your home. 

By safe-guarding your haven against both human threats and pesky pests, you're not just protecting your property; you're nurturing a safe, comfortable space for your loved ones. GIO has provided a plethora of helpful tips on the Know More blog, to help you stay informed and make the most of what’s important to you. 

Head to the Know More blog for more helpful tips like these, and remember – a secure home is a happy home and the effort you invest in its protection pays off in the peace of mind it brings.

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Spruce Up Your Space: A Comprehensive Guide To Keeping Your Home Secure