15 AARP Benefits You're Probably Missing Out On

Get the most out of your AARP membership by using your little-known discounts and benefits.

Published February 24, 2023

When you turn 18, one of the first things people usually get excited about is being able to buy lottery tickets or vote in the next election. You probably didn't think about joining AARP when the big 1-8 came around, but you'd be surprised at just how many awesome AARP benefits there are. AARP isn't just for seniors and people nearing retirement; it's for any adult looking to invest in their future. These are some of the hidden AARP membership benefits that surprised us the most.

Fly for Cheaper on British Airways


British Airways is England's major airway carrier that operates out of London. With AARP's membership, you can hop onto a domestic or international flight for anywhere between $65-$200 less than the standard fair. The only conditions are that you purchase the tickets online and that they're round-trip.

Get ParkRideFly USA Discounts


ParkRideFly is an off-airport parking service that frequent travelers swear by. With your AARP membership, you can get a 12 percent discount on their off-airport parking reservations. This is a great discount to combine with your flight travel plans through British Airways.

Find Discounts on a Ton of Hotels


Another great benefit of being an AARP member is getting access to all of their hotel discounts. They range from percents off of your total bill to being able to check out later than the typical 11:00am. They're applicable at a number of hotel and motel chains around the world.

For example, at Embassy Suites by Hilton you can get up to 10 percent off and get late checkout (until 2:00pm) when applicable to specific locations. Or, you can get 10 percent off the best available rate at any Comfort Inn & Comfort Suites. For more savings, check out the hotel discount section of the AARP website.

Grow Your Savings With a High-Yield Savings Account


If you're an AARP member and looking to make some passive income, then you may want to check out Marcus by Goldman Sachs. They're partnered with AARP to give their members the opportunity to apply for an online high-yield savings account with the added bonus of 0.10 percent more of an annual yield for two years. Watch your savings grow thanks to AARP.

Snack on McAlister’s Deli for Less


McAlister's Deli is a delicious chain restaurant that's well known for its sweet tea promotions. With an AARP membership, you can get 10 percent off in-store, in-app, and online orders. Whether you want to spend less on lunch out or need to eat a comforting bowl of mac and cheese in your own living room, AARP's got you covered.

Get a Discount on Your Outback Steakhouse Dinner


Whenever a holiday or celebration is rounding the corner and you're looking for somewhere to bring family and friends out to dinner, Outback Steakhouse almost always makes the cut. Northing can go wrong when you've got a bloomin' onion in front of you. With an AARP membership, you can get 10 percent off dine-in service or curbside carry-out orders.

Enjoy Buffalo Wild Wings for Less


Sports season puts everyone in the mood for wings, and there's no better place to go than Buffalo Wild Wings. AARP knows how we can go to town on a big plate of them, so they offer $5 off a purchase of $25 or more for any of their members.

Get Discounts on UPS Shipping Services


Every year, shipping gifts during the holidays gets more and more stressful. AARP's here to help ease the burden by offering five percent off of domestic and international UPS shipping services, as well as 15 percent off eligible products and services like packing and mailboxes. For a full break-down of all the possible UPS discounts with AARP, check out the UPS website.

Get Your Oil Changed for Less


If you've ever had any car trouble in your life, then you know how time slows down inside of a mechanic's waiting room. To soothe that burden, AARP offers its members 15 percent off any drive-thru oil changes at Valvoline. Keep in mind with this discount, though, that it has to be one where you can stay in your car.

Pay Less to Your Cell Phone Provider


Cell phone service is expensive, especially when you're on a single line. Thankfully, AARP offers two different cell phone service discounts that might lower your bill.

With AT&T, AARP members get $10 off their bill per line per month on any Unlimited Premium plans. Similarly, Consumer Cellular offers AARP members two lines of unlimited talk, text, and data for just $55 per month.

Spend Less to Learn About Your Heritage


Ancestry is the most accessible at-home genealogy service available. Of course, they have their popular DNA ancestry program, but they also store millions of digital documents on their website that you can search and save. AARP encourages its members to learn more about where they come from by getting them 30 percent off a 1-year subscription.

Get Half Off of Your Prescription Lenses


Unfortunately, vision insurance is something that not everyone invests in or has the ability to sign-up for. And, if you need glasses, then you know just how expensive it is to pay for them out of pocket. With AARP, you can get any LensCrafters prescription lenses for 50 percent off so long as you buy a frame from them, too.

Make Moving Less Difficult With AARP


Moving is a hassle, and no one gets through the process unscathed. Packing all your stuff up makes you wish you'd never accumulated any physical goods throughout your life. Yet, AARP members can afford to pay for moving services powered by Shyft thanks to the $250 they get off.

Take Back the Power From Ticketmaster


Ticketmaster's well known for being a difficult ticket-buying platform that's cornered the market and locked many people out of getting tickets that they've waited hours for. Yet, AARP members get to avoid some of that frustration with the many discounts and offers that are available.

Through Ticketmaster's website, you can view available shows with tickets that AARP members can get for half-off, shows that you can get 2-for-1 tickets at, and more.

Explore the Arts Through AARP


For many years now, theaters have been struggling to stay operational and so many people haven't had the chance to see their favorite shows on the stage. Through AARP, you can watch professional screenings of some of the best theater productions to come out of the past few decades. For example, you can watch the Bolshoi's 2015 production of Swan Lake. Keep in mind that these screenings premiere for one day at one time and can't be rewatched.

How Do You Become an AARP Member?


All of these discounts are only offered to AARP's paying members. You only have to be 18 years or older to be able to apply (though some insurance services aren't available to anyone younger than 50). They have three different packages you can sign-up for:

  • 1 year subscription that costs $12
  • 3 year subscription that costs $43
  • 5 year subscription that costs $63

Yes, you can get all of these multi-year discounts for less than the monthly cost of most streaming services.

Get in on AARP Membership Benefits ASAP


Culturally, AARP has a reputation for being a service that's only offered to older people and tailors their stuff to seniors. Just like us, it'll blow your mind to realize how much you're missing out on by not being an AARP member from the minute you turn 18. They have discounts on about anything you might need, and if you're just now navigating the troubling waters of adulthood, these offers can be a lifesaver.

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15 AARP Benefits You're Probably Missing Out On