Senior Mobile Home Park Guide

Updated July 3, 2019
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Senior mobile home parks offer more affordable housing compared to traditional homes with communities that tend to be geared towards the needs of those older than 55. If you are looking for a senior friendly community and a simple and affordable home, a mobile home park might be a good option to investigate.

The Features of Senior Mobile Home Parks

Senior mobile home parks offer a great opportunity for those who are interested in living in a community with similarly aged residents. There are also typically amenities and a generally lower cost of living in comparison to traditional homes.

The Perks

Senior mobile home parks offer residents some great advantages when it comes to housing. Some benefits include:

  • Spending time around individuals in the same life phase
  • Having access to a close knit community
  • Having an easier time making friends and meeting people
  • Typically gated for safety
  • Events, speakers, and services catered to those over the age of 55
  • May have a pool, be by a lake, or offer other amenities that would otherwise be expensive
  • Affordable living in your own home

Challenges You May Face

There are a few considerations to keep in mind if you're interested in living in a senior mobile home park. One person must be 55 or older to qualify, so if one partner is younger and their spouse passes away, they may be forced to relocate. Take note that:

  • May lack privacy with such a close knit community
  • Homes may look similar and not be unique in appearance
  • Must pay for the plot of land as well as the mobile home
  • May need a higher level of care than a mobile home is suited for

Who Is Best Suited to Live There?

Mobile home parks work great for those who need little to no help with acts of daily living. In these circumstances, a mobile home park offers great amenities and a strong community base for those 55 and older. For anyone who needs a bit of help, a daily or live-in caregiver is permitted to assist the resident and live with them if necessary, although laws will vary by state. It is always best to check in with the mobile home park company regarding live in help if you are unsure before signing a lease or purchasing a home.

Seniors Couple in front their mobile home

Finding Senior Mobile Home Parks

There are tons of great sites that are easy to navigate and give a large selection of mobile homes in your area. Just be sure to specify on the filter whether you are interested in purchasing or leasing. You can check out:

  • Senior Mobiles: This site offers a comprehensive look at senior mobile homes for rent or purchase all over the United States.
  • MH Village: On this site you can search for local mobile homes for rent or for sale in your area.
  • On this site you can search for mobile or manufactured homes in your area that are located in senior communities.

Leasing, Renting, or Buying a Mobile Home

If you opt to lease a mobile home, you can either lease the lot and purchase your mobile home to place on the land, or lease both the land and the home. This will depend on the mobile home park you select. Rent will include park amenities and potential upkeep fees. When you purchase a mobile home, you may have the option to rent the land plot or purchase it. In some cases, the land will be included in the purchase price of the home, so be sure to specify with your agent when going through this process.

Health Care Services and Mobile Home Parks

Some mobile home parks invite health care professionals in to speak about important aging related topics. These speakers can provide helpful information regarding living a healthy life as one gets older. They may also offer referrals and quick suggestions for issues that residents may be facing. In terms of health care services, mobile home parks may bring in doctors to discuss topics and run shot clinics, but in terms of comprehensive care, mobile home parks do not typically offer these services to residents.

Make the Right Decision for Your Needs

Mobile home parks in senior communities can be a great option for those who want to decrease their cost of living and join a community of other seniors. Take your time exploring your options and reach out to a realtor if you need extra assistance during the purchase or leasing process.

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Senior Mobile Home Park Guide