Dating and Loving a Pisces Woman

Updated November 30, 2019

Loving a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman is blessed with a vivid imagination, empathy, and a wealth of creativity. Loving a Pisces woman means understanding that this special woman is not only elusive but also quite sensitive with a depth of emotion just bubbling under the surface. Pisces is a water sign that loves to share feelings.

Attracting a Pisces Woman

A Pisces woman can be elusive and as slippery as a fish. She's a gentlewoman who will quickly slip away from a person who's self-serving or crude. So be kind, considerate, gentle, and helpful to everyone, and you're sure to find you appealing.

Handle With Care

She's a shy woman who can be a bit standoffish, so if you're interested in dating a Pisces woman, you'll have to make the first move, but keep things friendly, easygoing, and don't come on too strong. You're not likely to find a more tender-hearted woman in the entire zodiac, so handle a Pisces woman with care.

Make Her Laugh

Be positive, happy, and fun to be around. A Pisces woman is empathetic and is drawn to people who can make her laugh and see the sunny and funny sides of life.

Inspire Her Love

A Pisces woman can be easily overwhelmed if she feels she's being controlled, so it's best to step back a bit, let her take the lead, dance with her, and be ultra-romantic. This will allow her to gain a sense of what's possible and a longing that inspires her to want your love.

Setting the Mood for Love

A Pisces woman is very romantic and very mystical. Candles, romantic music, flowers, wine, and cozying up together in a quiet, serene place will set the mood for her to lose herself in the bliss of love.

Is She Attracted to You?

A Pisces woman's mind can be far away even when she's talking to you, so if she calls you by name the next time you meet it's a sure sign you've caught her eye. However, it's when she starts worrying about you, asking questions, and begins to show concern for your well being, it's for sure you have a good thing going.

Share Your Dreams

Pisces' ruler is Neptune, the planet of dreams, schemes, and magical things. So share all your dreams and magical wanderings and wonderings with a Pisces woman. This will foster a feeling of intimacy she'll find irresistible.

Dates by the Water

A Pisces woman has a special affinity for tranquil lakes and the rollicking waves of the ocean. If you wonder where your first date should be, wonder no more. A day or night spent at the beach or on a boat will make her very happy.

Open Up to the Unconscious

A Pisces woman loves anything that's mystical or unseen. Opening herself to the cosmos in meditation is a joy for her. She'll feel much closer to you if you join her mystical journey by exploring the world of mysticism and meditation.

Consider Yoga

If meditation proves to be too difficult, consider yoga instead. The gentle, yet strong poses of this art are sure to entice Pisces. Inviting a Pisces woman for an hour-long session is sure to raise her spirits.

Indulge Her

A Pisces woman enjoys indulging her senses. You can indulge and pamper her by giving her a thoughtful gift of day at a spa or a variety of new bath scents and salts to calm her often frayed nerves.

A Pisces Woman in Bed

Sex for a Pisces woman is an out of body experience. She's a submissive, who's eager to please and can blur the lines between fantasy and reality. She's open to all avenues of sexual expression and melds with her partner's every need.

Give Her Time Alone

It's easy to become so enchanted by a Pisces woman that you want her near all the time. However, due to her sensitive and empathetic nature, a Pisces woman has highs and lows and needs time alone for self-reflection and putting things in perspective.

Holding Onto a Pisces Woman

Pisces woman can be passive and adaptive to the person she loves. However, to hold onto her forever you'll have to love and cherish her, never take her for granted, and show her how happy she makes you. If she knows she makes you happy, her joy and bliss in your relationship are assured.

Enjoy LIfe!

Loving a Pisces woman can have its ups and downs, but expressing your joy for life will inspire an empathetic Pisces woman to be happy and exuberant when she's with you. A Pisces woman wants love to be a playground filled with joyful and jolly experiences, as well as a sublime dance filled with charm and passion. It's all part of loving and being loved by a Pisces woman.

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Dating and Loving a Pisces Woman