Venus in Aries Meaning and Sign Explained

Published May 8, 2020
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Venus is the planet of love and when in Aries the meaning is best explained as fiery love that can easily change. Venus in Aries is a positive and negative influence in various areas of your life that may require extra attention.

Venus in Aries Is a Dynamic Combination

Venus in Aries is a very dynamic placement that bring a fiery element to the rather cooperative and harmonious Venus. Aries is confident, bold and very confident. When combined with the planet of love and the charming and assertive Aries, the result can be a passionate, yet often irresponsible personality.

Venus in Aries Impulsive Need for Excitement

Aries has a very magnetic and seductive nature that finds the need for partnership thanks to Venus. As a result, Aries is on the mission to find the perfect mate. The impulsive nature of this combination means you often behave rashly under an insatiable drive for excitement and adventure.

Money Matters

Venus in Aries earns a good living, but impulsive tendencies means you are prone to impulsive buys that can strain your budget. You often find yourself under financial distress due to overspending. If you can learn financial discipline, you'll have a new freedom from the stress you find yourself in over money matters.

Pitfalls of Love When Venus in Aries

If your natal chart reveals Venus is in Aries, you pursue relationships that offer you pleasure. However, you may discover you need to master a few disciplines to avoid unhappiness in your love relationships.

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Bold and Determined in Love Interests

Venus in Aries makes you a very determined and bold lover. You pursue whoever attracts your interest and piques your curiosity. You're a big flirt and not everyone can tolerate your roving eye. Whether your flirting is serious or simply harmless fun is difficult for others, especially your mate to determine.

Love of the Chase

For Venus in Aries, most of the time, it's all about the chase. In fact, your love instincts are so finely, you quickly decide who you want and go after them with great finesse and boldness. This impulsiveness often gets you into love triangles and other situations you quickly find too messy and hastily disentangle yourself. This can leave a trail of broken hearts and resentment.

Confusing Sex for Love

Due to your Venus in Aries nature, sexual attraction is very powerful, and you often confuse it for love. Sometimes, this can be an extremely negative trait, especially since you can act rashly and spontaneously in pursuing a new love interest. This means you may rush into a marriage only to realize later that it was impulsive and the wrong choice.

Self-Love Versus Loving Others

The placement of Venus in Aries redirects the normal focus of universal love and love/caring for others to self-love. This can interfere with your love relationships being fulfilling to you and your partner.

Selfish Tendencies

Since Venus in Aries can make you rather selfish when it comes to love, you often drop a love interest as soon as you're captivated by a new potential lover. Your lack of concern for the feelings of others is a sharp contradiction since you are easily hurt emotionally.

Considerate of the Feelings of Others

However, if you're aware of your tendency to ignore the feelings of others, you can learn to pay closer attention to their feelings. This in turn will make you more considerate of others, especially your lover(s).

The Art of a Breakup

The art of a breakup can be difficult to learn. It is something you should take the time to learn so you can let a lover down with the same grace and finesse you first practiced when you were chasing and wooing them.

Finding the Perfect Mate

Venus in Aries can find the ideal mate and settle down. In fact, you can be very faithful to the right person. Your perfect mate must be able to keep you interested and willing to try new things.

Famous People With Venus in Aries

There are many famous people with Venus in Aries. Some may have very prominent traits of this heated combination while others may exhibit fewer traits due to other placements in their natal charts. However, all had some major traits of Venus in Aries.

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Albert Einstein
  • Audrey Hepburn
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Jack Nicholson
  • Jewel
  • Johnny Cash
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Michelangelo
  • Pierce Brosnan

Venus in Aries Meaning and Traits Explained

Venus in Aries has special meanings particular to the planet of love and the fire sign of Aries. This combination creates specific challenges, especially when it comes to the affairs of the heart that once conquered can lead to a satisfying relationship.

Venus in Aries Meaning and Sign Explained