Knowing Your Juno Sign Could Lead You to Your Soulmate

If you want to know who your perfect partner is, your Juno sign is the perfect place to start.

Updated January 30, 2024
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We know how it feels to long to find your soulmate. When you're still looking, you'll take almost any avenue that could help you find them. We've been there, so we totally get it.

In your search for your happily ever after, you may have heard on social media or somewhere else about Juno — the love asteroid — in your birth chart and how it could help you find your forever person. In the search for your perfect match, Juno can point you in the right direction. Since we love love, and we love it for you, we have everything you need to know about your Juno sign. 

What Is a Juno Sign in Astrology?

Juno is an asteroid that appears in every birth chart. Your Juno sign is the zodiac sign where the asteroid was in the sky on the day you were born. Wherever Juno was on at the moment of your birth could be your soulmate's sun sign. So, if you want to discover an important clue to help you find your soulmate, look to Juno.

The Queen of Heaven and Divine Consort, Juno, is one of astrology's four asteroid goddesses. The planet Venus represents love and Mars represents sex. But love, sex, and partnership don't always spell loyalty. Astrologically, Juno represents marriage/partnership, what you need in a mate, and the kind of mate you'll be. However, Juno, at her most basic, is also about commitment.

Juno Sign in Your Astrological Chart

Juno represents your desire to enter a committed relationship and build a future with someone who's your equal. Any intimate relationship falls under the jurisdiction of Juno. She speaks of issues of submission and domination, fidelity and infidelity, trust and deception, forgiveness and revenge. Whenever these issues come up in your life, it's because of where Juno is in your birth chart. 

Juno in Compatibility

Juno is essential to consider in synastry. Her sign indicates the type of marriage or long-term partner you seek as well as the kind of mate you will be. Connecting aspects from Juno to the planets or other important points in chart comparison can result in a magnetic union, but she can also make a person feel victimized, violated, battered, abused, quarrelsome, and pressured. As with everything in astrology, how Juno is expressed depends on the entire birth chart, the life the person has led, and the choices they make.

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The Glyph of Juno

Ready to take a peek at where you can find Juno in your chart? The glyph for Juno (⚵) is the scepter or cross of matter topped with a star.

Juno Glyph

How to Find Juno in Your Birth Chart

Not all sites that provide free birth charts include the goddess asteroids. However, you can calculate a chart on that will allow you to add Juno.

  1. Visit the website.
  2. At the top navigation bar click on "Free Horoscopes," and then click on "Charts and Data."
  3. Under "Horoscope Chart Drawings," click on "Extended Chart Selection."
  4. Enter your birth data.
  5. Scroll down to "Additional objects" and select Juno.
  6. Click on "Click here to show chart" button.
  7. Find the Juno glyph.

Understand Your Juno Sign Placement

Juno's sign placement shows what you feel you need to have a successful, satisfying, long-term commitment, your ideal partner, and the kind of mate you will be.

Juno in Aries

If your Juno is in Aries, you want to experience life and require every day to be an exciting new adventure. Your ideal partner is fiery, independent, adventurous, and courageous.

Juno in Taurus

If your Juno is in Taurus, you want and expect to experience unflinching stability in your marriage. Your ideal partner is stable, dependable, peaceful, secure, and financially stable.

Juno in Gemini

If your Juno is in Gemini, you want to experience freedom and lightness in your partnership. Your ideal partner is versatile, bright, talkative, and fun.

Juno in Cancer

If your Juno is in Cancer, you want to experience a family and an ever-deepening emotional connection in your relationship. Your ideal partner is a sensitive and nurturing caregiver.

Juno in Leo

If your Juno is in Leo, you want to experience a great show of love and appreciation in your relationship. Your ideal partner will share themselves openly and shower you with romantic attention.

Juno in Virgo

If your Juno is in Virgo, you want to experience a relationship of quiet and orderly service to others. Your ideal partner is thoughtful, health-conscious, and involved in meaningful causes and work.

Juno in Libra

If your Juno is in Libra, you want to experience a relationship that's harmonious and balanced. Your ideal partner is charming, social, and is willing to sit down, talk, negotiate, and work things out.

Juno in Scorpio

If your Juno is in Scorpio, you want to experience a relationship that is a deep merging of mind, body, and soul. Your ideal partner is intense, emotionally intimate, strong, and accepts the ecstasies and agonies of life.

Juno in Sagittarius

If your Juno is in Sagittarius, you want to experience a relationship that involves continual growth, expansion, and travel. Your ideal partner is an optimistic and energetic extrovert who can inspire you.

Juno in Capricorn

If your Juno is in Capricorn, you want to experience a relationship of integrity and excellence. Your ideal partner has wisdom and common sense and gives trustworthy advice.

Juno in Aquarius

If your Juno is in Aquarius, you want to experience an unconventional relationship or perhaps no long-term relationship at all. Your ideal partner is freedom-loving, a good conversationalist and listener, and is continually reinventing themselves.

Juno in Pisces

If your Juno is in Pisces, you want to experience spiritual bliss in your relationship. Your ideal partner is compassionate, creative, emotional, and on a spiritual path.

Juno in the Houses

The astrological house where Juno is located indicates the area of life where you're the most committed and where a marriage or long-term relationship can thrive.

Juno in the First House

Juno placed in the first house indicates the individual who needs a union that feels like it is a deep and natural extension of the self.

Juno in the Second House

Juno placed in the second house indicates a person who needs a union that's stable and financially secure.

Juno in the Third House

Juno in the third house indicates an individual who needs a union of restless minds with shared interests.

Juno in the Fourth House

Juno in the fourth house indicates and an individual who needs a union with a home base.

Juno in the Fifth House

Juno in the fifth house indicates an individual who needs a union filled with creativity, children, fun, and games.

Juno in the Sixth House

Juno in the sixth house can indicate a person who needs a union of shared respect for day-to-day living.

Juno in the Seventh House

Juno in the seventh house indicates an individual who needs a union that focuses on the relationship's well-being.

Juno in the Eighth House

Juno in the eighth indicates an individual that needs a passionate union and profoundly emotional and physical intimacy.

Juno in the Ninth House

Juno in the ninth indicates a person who needs a union that is open to movement and constant, inspiring stimulation.

Juno in the Tenth House

Juno in the tenth house indicates a person who needs a union that will bring them worldly success and social standing.

Juno in the Eleventh House

Juno in the eleventh can indicate a person who needs a union that provides them many casual friend who they can talk and listen to.

Juno in the Twelfth House

Juno in the twelfth house can indicate an individual who needs a union that is private and reclusive.

The Roman Goddess Juno

Zeus and Hera at Austria Parliament Building

Juno (Greek Hera) was the wife of Jupiter (Greek Zeus). In mythology, Juno is seduced by Jupiter, her twin brother, and they marry. Juno endures a marriage of ongoing power struggles and infidelity. It's ironic that Juno should represent marriage, while her own marriage was plagued by her husband's numerous sexual affairs. Despite her husband's philandering, Juno remained fiercely loyal. She believed in fairness and equal partnerships, but she was also jealous and vindictive. Juno was not a lovey-dovey, content, stay-at-home wife.

Juno was the Roman goddess of marriage and childbirth and presided over every aspect of a woman's life. She was the protector of pregnant women and ensured their safety during childbirth. Her domain was homemaking, birth, and motherhood. Juno was also the protector of money.

The Four Asteroid Goddesses in Your Chart

Juno, Ceres, Vesta, and Pallas, the four asteroid goddesses, open up a world beyond the traditional roles of lover, wife, and mother and reveal the complexity of the feminine. Juno differentiates between being in love and sexually attracted to someone versus committing to someone who's a good fit for a long-term relationship. She represents loyalty to a relationship, for the sake of the relationship and speaks of ways spouses can live as one without losing themselves.

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Knowing Your Juno Sign Could Lead You to Your Soulmate