What to Expect When a Virgo Is Your Boss

Published September 13, 2018
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You've found a career path you're excited about and your new boss is a Virgo. Expect a pragmatic, hands-on boss who is a hard worker, and expects the same from those who work for her. In short, she expects everything to be aimed at tangible results, done right, on time, and in the most economical way.

Virgo Boss Traits

A Virgo boss stays in the background, has his eye on the details and particulars in the workplace, is involved with everything that's going on, and doesn't mind getting his hands dirty. He also wants to be very in touch with those who work for him. He'll have team meetings, want reports on everything you've done, what you're doing next, and he'll want everything planned out from beginning to end.

Their Best

At their best, a Virgo boss can be a gentle, kind-hearted, and wise adviser, who's good at analyzing and deciding what needs be done, giving concise instructions as to how it's to be done, and will, more often than not, help you do it.

Their Worst

At their worst, a Virgo boss can be a finicky micromanager who will unsympathetically criticize and judge your every move, is quick to point out anything you're doing wrong, and never seems to be satisfied.

Introverted Leadership Style

Introverted Leadership Style

A Virgo boss tends to be a quiet, soft-spoken introvert who'd rather listen and give advice than command the center of attention and take over discussions. Her style of leadership means she's flexible and open to new ideas and projects. Those who work for her can offer suggestions and she'll carefully listen and show receptivity to all they're saying. Which makes those who work for her feel valued, motivated to work harder, and be more dynamic and proactive employees.

Working for a Virgo Boss

The most important thing to remember if you have a Virgo boss is to know what you're talking about when you interact with him and have all the facts, figures, and details at your fingertips. Working with a Virgo boss is as simple as:

  • Being alert and on your toes with your nose to the grindstone.
  • Following company policies and procedures.
  • Knowing your stuff and not making mistakes.
  • Being ready to back up every suggestion you make with logic and acceptable evidence.
  • Keeping your work area clean.
  • Dressing neatly and modestly.
  • Not being whiny or emotional and never talking behind his back.

Once you've adjusted to your Virgo boss' perfectionist and quiet professional attitude and gained his trust, you'll find his best qualities will come shining through and that he'll be extremely helpful, kind-hearted and fair.

Helpful, Kind-Hearted and Fair

A Virgo boss may ask for repeated corrections to what you're working on, but chances are he'll make sure you have everything you need to get the job done correctly and even lend you a helping hand. Plus, his kind-hearted helpfulness won't be restricted to professional matters. If you need time off for illness or other personal matters, he'll understand.


Trust is a big issue for a Virgo boss. However, once you've gained his trust, you'll discover just how helpful, kind-hearted, and fair a Virgo boss can be. But keep in mind that your Virgo boss is more sensitive than he might seem and needs to know you don't take his help for granted. Every boss appreciates a thank you note, but you can impress your Virgo boss with one, and he will be more touched and appreciative than most.

No Small Talk

A Virgo boss is not into small talk, so don't expect her to open up to you about anything more than work. However, she will be open and clear in communicating about work issues and she excels at giving feedback. She'll give positive feedback that makes you feel recognized and appreciated, and if she has something negative to say, she'll do it privately and in such a way that it preserves your dignity and is not hurtful.

Sedate and Easy Going

Despite a Virgo boss' need for perfection and her critical eye, on the whole, her sedate and easy-going temperament makes for a comfortable work environment. A Virgo is a boss who is not bossy, but rather modest in appearance, professional behavior, and interpersonal dealings.

What to Expect When a Virgo Is Your Boss