What Jeopardy! Category Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Step up to the Jeopardy! stage and see where your Sun sign's trivia strength lies.

Published June 8, 2023

A part of astrology that believes the positions of celestial bodies at birth determine an individual's personality traits, strengths, and compatibility with others. What is the zodiac, Alex? Correct!

With 12 signs making up the entire zodiac, there's no shortage of wit, knowledge, and know-how behind each of these signs. And just like each has its own strengths and weaknesses, you know each sign has a Jeopardy! category that they'd crush. All you need to know is your star sign, or that of your friends and family, to see where your zodiac dominates Jeopardy!

Aries: Hodgepodge


Fierce and always looking for the next challenge, no one knows a little bit of everything quite like you, Aries. A sign that's tied to self-improvement, it's no surprise that an Aries Ram is such a versatile person. A jack of all trades, an Aries's mind is sharp. But, of course, you knew that, didn't you? Your fearless approach of charging full speed at life has helped you learn much along the way.

Taurus: Literature


While you also know a little bit of everything, Taurus, it's from all those plans you cancelled to curl up in bed early with yet another book. With a to-be-read pile taller than you, and your shelves meticulously organized, cozy, curious Taurus knows their books. What would you expect from a resourceful sign that lives for happiness and life's pleasures? Self-indulgence happens to be a strength when it comes to knowing all things lit. Now stop adding to your TBR, Taurus. You have plenty of books.

Gemini: Before and After


You've always had a love of games, Gemini. You're right at home putting your mind to use in this cunning Jeopardy! category. When you hear the clue "12th U.S. president who topped the pop charts with Shake It Off" your brain has no problem sorting out the answer: what is Zachary Taylor Swift? Correct, witty Gemini. Your hobby of knowing a little about a lot works to your advantage.

Cancer: 4-Letter Words


Your intuition, Cancer, is why you are the champ of the 4-letter words. And, for once, your suspicious nature will help your mind weed out any of the wrong answers to the one your gut instinct supplies. Don't let your insecurity keep you from double-guessing the answer. You could say your discerning personality will give you the edge.

Leo: Rhyme Time


Your self-confidence and playful personality is just the thing you'll need to be the best at Jeopardy's rhyme time, Leo. Don't let your pretentious attitude get the best of you though, or else someone else could beat you at your own game. Go ahead and let your theatrical side roar like a Leo in a field of weeds, you dandelion lion.

Virgo: Name's the Same


The archetypal analyst, no one is as quick as you when it comes to finding a common thread between things, Virgo. Your discriminating mind is what makes you the sharpest and quickest of the contestants on the buzzer. With your keen eye for detail, you can rely on yourself to connect the smallest of details. You already know what a cocktail, an island, and a WWII venture originally called "Development of Substitute Materials" all have in common.

Libra: Signs and Symbols


The zodiac sign that's all about harmony, art, and peace - you're the clear winner of interpreting all the signs and symbols with ease. Make no mistake, if you're going up against a Libra, don't be fooled by their easygoing personality. Libras have a keen and fierce mind, and they'll be armed with a solution to any problem in no time.

Scorpio: Contronyms


Secretive and resourceful, Scorpio, your mind is always geared up and ready. You feel like people don't often get you or understand you, or misinterpret your intentions. Not unlike the contronym category. A single word with two opposing meanings, you can cleave to your knowledge that you're the best at it. But you're a detective, Scorpio, so you knew your opponents didn't stand a chance.

Sagittarius: Potent Potables


The comedian friend of the group, you, Sagittarius, are all about adventures and learning about the fun things in life. Jovial yet philosophical, you know all there is to know about potent potables: a Sag loves a good cocktail, after all. Not only are you a master mixologist, but your intellectual side makes you the cocktail historian too. And much like the effect of a few drinks, you're ready to strike up a conversation with anyone.

Capricorn: Final Jeopardy


Wise and ambitious Capricorn, you are the most unforgiving yet rewarding of the Jeopardy! questions: Final Jeopardy. Your desire to be successful means you are stubbornly disciplined, almost to a fault. Some may call you detached, but you call it ambition. Your practicality and patience is the reason you can wager it all.

Aquarius: Anagrams


Aquarius, you are the scientist and the life-long learner of the zodiac. Your mind is always busy at work, so using your knowledge and sharp mind, not even the trickiest of anagrams would trip you up. Your ability to think abstractly and quickly will get you to the buzzer quicker than your components. Your chaotic, unpredictable mind is your edge on Jeopardy!

Pisces: Art History


Dreamy Pisces, it would be too obvious to say you'd sweep the Mythology category because you're also a dreamer, and what better way to dream all day than with art? With a strong imagination and a mind that creates and builds, the Pisces mind can't be contained, not unlike the water this water sign calls home. Your sensitivity is a strength to your art knowledge.

What Is .. a Zodiac Sign?


After leaving the Alex Trebek stage, victorious obviously, you might not be a little wiser, but you certainly flashed your muscle - well, brain. And if you really want to see where your Jeopardy strengths lay, check in on your moon and rising signs. I'd be concerned to face off against an Aries-Virgo-Capricorn.

What Jeopardy! Category Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?