Which Succession Character Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign

Boar on the floor? More like swine in the sky. Find out which Succession character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Published February 22, 2024

Waystar Royco may be no more, but the characters that schemed and fought in its hallowed hallways live on. Despite their best efforts to shirk any outside opinions off of them, the Roys and company aren’t exempt from Mother Nature’s shrewd eye. Do your part in keeping the Succession love alive by discovering which Succession character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Siobhan "Shiv" Roy


Shiv Roy isn’t the stereotypical Aries you always hear about. She’s not going to launch into an aggravated tirade or try to throw punches at the first insult. Although she doesn’t get physical (that often), it doesn’t mean she’s above getting angry. Just watch the powerful whiplash about-face she does when she discovers Lukas Mattson intends to back out on his promise to make her CEO.

As an Aries, she’s got the most confidence out of all her siblings. She forged her own path into politics, cementing her sense of self and what she was capable of before returning to Waystar Royco with every intention of coming out on top. Couple that with her tumultuous relationship with Tom proving that she’s prone to slotting herself into an antagonistic position, and you've got one powder keg of an Aires. 

Taurus: Nan Pierce


The last two seasons of Succession were so jam-packed that prominent early-season characters like Nan Pierce are often forgotten. But this legacy media matriarch embodies Taurus energy so well. She’s got an appreciation for classical beauty if the family estate she tends to is anything to go off of. She’s intellectual, emotionally resolute, and not prone to making rash decisions. It’s why she takes a comparatively long time to even pitch a Pierce Global Media acquisition.

She has all the New England panache of Katherine Hepburn, and it’s this unwavering sense of steadiness — especially in the face of louder voices — that makes her a Taurus through and through.

Gemini: Tom Wambsgans


Tom Wambsgans is the perfect example of a Gemini on their A-game. He’s a chameleon, molding himself into whatever people around him want him to be. He’s exceptionally socially adept — don’t let that good old Minnesota boy routine fool you. Tom’s as intelligent and aspirational as the next person on Waystar Royco's hamster wheel.

Geminis aren’t just social creatures. They’re cunning, too. Who else but a Gemini could successfully outmaneuver his wife and brothers-in-laws' divine move against their father and end the series with the coveted CEO position?

Cancer: Roman Roy


Roman Roy, the youngest son, is undoubtedly a Cancer. Out of all the Roy siblings, Roman wears his emotions on his sleeve the most. Only someone who feels things deeply would run to his mother's house in the face of some sibling machinations. He oscillates between being kind to acerbic as if he’s afraid of people noticing his sensitivity.

His deep need for approval — a true water sign trait — sends him straight into Gerri’s arms… of sorts. Only a Cancer would fool themselves into thinking they could process their father’s death in a few weeks, stand in front of hundreds of people, and give a speech without breaking down. Roman’s search for an emotional connection, whether through self-flagellation, violence, or childish taunting, is the throughline that carries him across the series and right into the Cancer category.

Leo: Logan Roy


Logan Roy’s explosive temper makes many people send him straight to the Aries camp. But the thing that made him and unmade him was his pride. If Logan Roy had one cardinal sin to his name, it was pride.

While he loves to dish out hurtful venom to everyone within shouting distance, he can’t take a single ounce of criticism himself. His flip from begging to be read for filth to immediately blustering with a heightened insult to Greg  — the only one misguided enough to take him up on his offer — just proves the roaring lion that sits inside.

Logan Roy is the center of his whole world. Take one look at his failed marriages, manipulated relationships with his children, and tight grip he kept on Waystar Royco until the bitter end, and you’ll notice how his eyes only go so far as to see the things that will add to his reputation and name. After all, that intrinsic Leo pride made him refuse to apologize to his children and left him totally alone in his last moments.

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Virgo: Gerri Kellman


Gerri Kellman is what Karl and Frank think they are. She’s extremely astute and capable of performing under probably the most HR nightmare-inducing work circumstances possible. Gerri routinely stays out of the limelight in favor of accomplishing her job. It’s this dedication that keeps her on the team through many culls, but that lack of ambition prevents her from navigating right to the top.

Similarly, as someone who isn’t led by emotion, she gets swept up in Roman’s Cancerous tornado. As an intelligent Virgo, she thinks she’s pulling the marionette strings. But underestimating the emotional signs in her life is what leads to her getting fired — though in this case, we think it was a bit more of a blessing than a curse.

Libra: Stewy Hosseini


Stewy Hosseini is the information highway of Succession. He’s always got a friend on the line or a connection that’ll help him climb out of any pit he falls into. Despite scheming his own way in and out of bad decisions, he never makes an enemy. This innate adeptness at navigating people and their emotions makes him a Libra through and through.

But, like Libras before him, he’s a bit of a gossip, and his codependent streak with Kendall is the source of most of his problems.

Scorpio: Marcia Roy


After season four ended, we were left with just as many questions about Marcia Roy as we started with. Marcia is an enigma, and we’re only spoon-fed little pieces of her past along the way. She’s extremely mysterious and mercurial; you can’t pin her motivations down.

But just like the Scorpio that she is, she’s obsessive and prone to jealousy. Despite how piss-poor of a partner Logan Roy was, she felt like he was hers over anyone else’s. These intense feelings brought out the vindicative side in her when Kerry (Logan’s then-mistress) came to his wake.

Sagittarius: Connor Roy


Connor, the eldest son, is a true Sagittarius. He’s idealistic (though his values leave much to be desired) and spends an entire season campaigning for the presidency. He doesn’t blink twice at the potential consolation prize of losing the position to be an ambassador of some faraway country.

Connor’s story ends much the same way it begins — entrenched in his own philosophy and seeing where it takes him. Although Connor struggles with his father’s lack of interest in him, as a fellow fire sign, he can understand Logan to a certain extent — at least enough not to be as broken by the lack of love there as his brothers are.

Capricorn: Kendall Roy


If you compress Kendall’s entire arc to the sandwich that is his opening and closing scenes, you come to the same conclusion you do when you watch the entire thing unfold — this man is a Capricorn with a goal he’ll never reach. Kendall’s whole existence is defined by believing he’s the rightful heir to Waystar Royco. He’s “like a cog built to fit in only one machine.”

His marriage falls apart, his mental health crumbles, and each time, the allure of being CEO pulls him out of what we all think is going to end him. But a Capricorn that’s denied their goal is a dangerous thing indeed. Just look at how he attacks Shiv and Roman when she changes her mind and takes away the thing that’s been fueling him for years.

Aquarius: Lukas Matsson


Lukas Matsson is the wild card of innovation and unhinged behavior on Succession. He’s a unique man, to say the least, and he has his own visions for the future of news and media. He’s comfortable with himself and doesn’t put on airs to try and appear more digestible. He’s slippery and hard to rile up, which are all Aquarius traits. While he’s as driven as Kendall to get what he wants, it’s this laid-back approach that lets him win the proverbial throne at the end of the rat race. 

Pisces: Hugo Baker


Hugo’s smaller stature only adds to his vulnerability. He’s a guppy in a sea of sharks, and people push him around. But Hugo wants to be liked, and it’s this misguided devotion that keeps putting him into toxic situations. Only a Pisces would continue to follow someone who blackmailed them into helping with a smile and an attentive personality. Hugo wants what he wants and is not afraid to put his needs last to get it.

You Can't Manipulate the Stars


We just know that if you tried to pin down these characters with a zodiac sign to their face, they’d roll their eyes, call you a slur, and stomp off in the other direction. But the joke's on them because no amount of money can manipulate the stars. So, grab your ludicrously capacious bags and get ready to wade into the filth with your Succession zodiac sign brethren.

Which Succession Character Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign