Which Taylor Swift Era Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?

The stage is set for this starlit soundscape, which Taylor Swift lyrics will your zodiac sign be singing?

Published January 22, 2024

Like the star she is, Taylor Swift lights up not only the night sky but our world. So naturally, with all she's contributed to the world, it's no surprise some zodiac signs tend to gravitate towards albums and eras of hers. They're as intimate and succinct as the signs, after all. So why not press play and find out which Taylor Swift era you are. 

Aries - Fearless Era


Fiery, bold, and the first to shine, Aries and Fearless are an iconic duo. With Aries's energy and enthusiasm and the charm, passion, and dynamic music the Fearless album brings to the world, it's no wonder these two go hand in hand. Who better to recruit to your team when you're in need of someone bold and fearless than an Aries? 

Taurus - folklore Era


Often mistaken as always taking life by the horns, Taurus is just as happy to be low-key, sensual, and cozy. As for Taylor Swift's folklore album, a Taurus is right at home. With songs about favorite cardigans, imagery of forests and their cottagecore secrets, make no mistake. This album is about comfort, beauty, and a connection to nature — much like a Taurus at heart. 

Gemini - Speak Now Era


Some signs are natural storytellers, and Gemini is one of the best. As for Taylor Swift's albums, Speak Now moves from chapter to chapter with narratives of love, relationships, and adapting to all that life can throw at you. Let us not forget that "Speak Now" itself is all about speaking your mind; Geminis will never leave you wondering what it is they're thinking about. 

Cancer - Taylor Swift


Like Cancer, the most loyal Swiftie knows her all the way to the beginning. And the beginning her is Taylor Swift's very own debut era. Emotional, a little insecure, but all about that dreamy romantic imagination, Cancers can certainly find echoes of their personality from start to finish in the Taylor Swift era. Who else could pen, "I'm Only Me When I'm With You" but a Cancer? 

Leo - 1989


An album with a hat tip to one of the most famous cities in the world, New York, of course a Leo knows how it feels to live and thrive in the spotlight. From the first note until the last lyric, 1989 is about a shining life in the spotlight. Upbeat, energetic, and above all, warm-hearted, Leos are ready to rally behind their friends and remind them to "Shake It Off." 

Virgo - Fearless (Taylor's Version)


Starting over is no easy feat, but when it comes to forging new trails and making things your own, Virgo is no stranger. When the fine print doesn't work out as it should, or people have been taken advantage of, Virgo, like Taylor, is ready to bring their Fearless version and their truth into the spotlight. That fearless and focused eye for detail to re-record album after album with new songs? Totally Virgo. 

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Libra - Lover


Libra, the romantic, harmonious sign of the zodiac, ever dreamy yet in search of making sure everyone around them is happy and okay. Taylor Swift's Lover album speaks straight from a Libra's heart. The songs sound like pastel and joy and serenity, much like the vibe a Libra gives off day after day. Make no mistake though, we all know that Libra is happy to let someone know when they need to calm down

Scorpio - reputation


The first time we collectively, as a world, heard Taylor Swift's "Look What You Made Me Do," we all became a little more Scoprio that day. Who is more concerned with their own reputation era, following the trail karma takes, and sharpening up with each fall and victory like a Scorpio? The old Scorpio you once knew? They can't come to the phone right now. But you can't blame a Scorpio for what they do in the name of love. 

Sagittarius - Red


As the movie credits fade, the Sagittarius climbs in their car and drives off into the sunset on the horizon with Taylor Swift's Red playing at full volume. On the move for the next great discovery and adventure with a free-spirited soul, no era captures that youthful optimism and energy like Red. As for the sign that can meet that album with all the energy and philosophy that life can throw your way? Sagittarius. 

Capricorn - evermore


Practical, patient, and careful in almost everything they do, Taylor Swift's evermore era effortlessly echoes the soul of Capricorn. An era that's introspective with cutting lyrics that float from top to bottom of the album, Taylor Swift's words on heartbreak move from pop lyrics to speaking straight to the soul, like poetic and melancholic Capricorn. 

Aquarius - Midnights


Oh so contrary, Aquarius can sometimes find themselves in the role of anti-hero. Unpredictable and uncompromising, Aquarius may not openly knock on your day to say, "It's me, hi, I'm the problem, it's me," but these inventive free-thinkers often chase new ideas with little attention paid to the time. Like Taylor Swift in her Midnights era, they could likely send a message saying, "Meet me at midnight," so they can tell you about their grand plans. 

Pisces - Red (Taylor's Version)


Dreamy, cutting, emotional, wise, and artistic, in the time it takes to listen to Taylor Swift's "All Too Well (10 Minute Version)," a Pisces already knows exactly what type of person you are based on their intuition. But Taylor's version is more than the roller coaster of emotions that is "All Too Well." The album is one of nostalgia for some, when life was easier, brimming with daydreams — not unlike dear and loving Pisces. 

Harmony in the Stars


Grab your headphones, get your playlist ready to go, and hit play on your own zodiac era. Take a trip through the Taylor Swift album that puts a mirror to your sign. You never know which of the lyrics may just have a little extra meaning this time around. 

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Which Taylor Swift Era Are You According to Your Zodiac Sign?