Which Mean Girls Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

The Plastics are back! Discover which iconic Mean Girls character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Published January 9, 2024

On Wednesdays, we wear pink. As for the rest of the week? We’re showing off our astrological symbols with pride. But this week, you might want to put on your mom’s miniskirt from the 80s or that tank top with the holes cut out because we’re heading back to school. From one of the Plastics to the parents that suffer their children’s antics, discover just which Mean Girls character you are based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Janis Ian


Janis Ian (Lizzy Caplan), with her perfectly unkempt style and iconic 2000s butterfly clip hairdo, is chock full of the boundary-breaking spirit that makes Aries people wake up in the morning. She’s irreverent and bold, and not afraid to be on the cutting edge.

A true Aries isn’t without their passions, and Janis has hers in spades: bringing down Regina George. It takes one look at the way the fire heats up between her and Cady when Cady bails on her art show to see Janis’s hot-headed nature. She’s impulsive enough to send a fish out of water like Cady on a mission to infiltrate the Plastics and take down Regina George — and for that, she gets the coveted Ram badge.

Taurus: Betsy Heron


Betsy Heron (Ana Gasteyer), Cady’s mom, is such an interesting foil to Regina’s mom, June George. She’s intellectual, has a love of the arts (peep those beloved vases Cady hides under the sink), and isn’t trying to have the spotlight turned her way. She doesn’t need pop culture to tell her what beautiful art really is, and that’s a Taurus thing which can’t be denied.

She’s as supportive as a mother with a challenging teenage daughter can be, and even when Cady lies and throws a massive party at her house, she still doesn’t shut her daughter out. This Taurus is as steady and reliable as any teen girl could hope for.

Gemini: Gretchen Wieners


Not a word passes through North Shore High School without Gretchen Wieners (Lacey Chabert), heir to the Toaster Strudel empire, knowing about it. She single-handedly runs the rumor network at North Shore, something only a Mercury-led Gemini would be able to handle with such finesse. How could a teen whose hair has a reputation for being “full of secrets” be anything other than the crafty and cunning Gemini?

Despite her efforts, she can’t quite break free from Regina George’s shadow. Like the Gemini she is, Gretchen doesn’t have the patience to play the long game. But that doesn’t mean she isn’t up for a little bit of sabotage if it helps put her on top.

Cancer: Damien Leigh


Everyone needs a ride-or-die friend like Damien Leigh (Daniel Franzese) in high school. Always perched at Janis’s side, Damien is 100% down for whatever schemes his friends have planned. But his feelings sit much closer to the surface than the cut-throat cast of characters around him.

Only a crabtastic Cancer would sweat bullets over being out 10 minutes past curfew for fear they’d upset their parents. And while a Cancer will hold a grudge like nobody else, they’re also quick to change their mind, too. One piece of the fated split tiara later, and Damien and Cady are back to being besties.

Leo: June George


What other zodiac sign could make a showstopping entrance in a bubblegum pink track suit than Leo? June George (Amy Poehler), Regina George’s mom, is constantly fighting for the spotlight. She lingers at the edges of her daughter’s room with a tray of drinks hoping she and her friends will notice her.

No one needs all eyes on them like a Leo, and Mrs. George’s camcorder-taping-turned-solo performance during the Plastics’ Jingle Bell Rock dance is a total Leo move.

Virgo: Mrs. Norbury


Mrs. Norbury (Tina Fey) serves up math problems with quiet confidence and leads her mathletes to the state finals with pride. Virgos are drawn to analytical subjects like math, and they’re not one to seek the spotlight. With scandalous teachers like Coach Carr counted among her coworkers, Mrs. Norbury does the only thing a Virgo would do — keep their head down and do their job.

Yet, she’s also not afraid to tell the hard truths that only a discerning Virgo could see. With her straight-talking guidance, Cady’s plasticification melts away.

Libra: Aaron Samuels


Aaron Samuels (Jonathan Bennett), aka the most popular boy at North Shore High. While his grades might be slipping in math class, Aaron sure piles on the extracurriculars: football, swimming, and soccer to name a few. But what makes Aaron different than most teenage love interests is that he’s harmlessly charming.

It seems like people genuinely like him because he’s sweet and well-meaning and doesn’t read too much into his own hype. This makes him a perfect Libra. He can navigate the tricky waters of the high school social ladder without even trying and somehow, he always comes out on top.

Scorpio: Regina George


Based on looks alone, Regina George (Rachel McAdams) seems like she’d be anything other than a Scorpio. But this moody character is a water sign through and through. Scorpios are intense, to say the least. Take one look at how characters respond when Regina’s eyes are trained on them, and you’ll see that Scorpio effect in real time.

She’s incredibly intelligent and independent; she knows exactly how to manipulate any situation to have a favorable outcome. And she’s jealous like a Scorpio, too, which ultimately leads to her downfall.

But that Scorpio loyalty runs deep. So even at the end of the movie, she’s still on good terms with her old Plastics crew.

Sagittarius: Cady Heron


Up until she steps foot on North Shore’s campus, Cady Heron (Lindsay Lohan) has been on a never-ending adventure. She’s grown up overseas, exploring unspecified African countries, and has spent years soaking up all that the world has to offer. And — despite the antics that ensue — this lust for life follows her throughout the film.

Also, a true Sagittarius isn’t just a social smile and a pretty face. They’re also really smart. Cady’s natural aptitude for math contradicts the typical nerdy girl trope. Just like Cady, Sagittariuses are simultaneously fun-loving and serious, social and independent.

Capricorn: Principal Duvall


We don’t envy Principal Duvall (Tim Meadows). All day long he’s cleaning up teenage messes. And if teacher salaries are anything to go off of, he’s doing it for way too little money. But a Capricorn won’t let a broken arm, a vindictive Plastic, or a school-wide brawl stop him from doing his job.

Principal Duvall harnesses the full might of a Capricorn on a mission when he wrangles the warring factions of teenage girls together in the gym. Some legally questionable trust falls and a sharing-is-caring Prom Queen moment later, and the year ends on a calm note, just like Principal Duvall had planned.

Aquarius: Kevin Gnapoor


Kevin Gnapoor (Rajiv Surendra) is one of the quirkiest characters in Mean Girls. He’s a math whizz with a side-passion for rapping. He subverts the ‘nerdy’ stereotype with his witty asides and social forwardness. Basically, Kevin balks at what the audience expects him to be, and that’s an Aquarius move through and through.

Unlike Cady, Kevin isn’t ashamed of being a mathlete. He loves his people! If you’ve got to change yourself to make friends with some of North Shore’s cliques, then Kevin isn't having any part of that. And that independent streak runs straight through the Aquarius sign.

Pisces: Karen Smith


Karen Smith (Amanda Seyfried) aka the lovable — if vacant — Plastic. She’s a Pisces at their dreamiest, with their heads just a step above the clouds. Unlike Gretchen or Regina, she’s not fiery. Karen is passive where they’re reactive. Pisces aren’t naturally leaders, and neither is Karen.

But the best part of being a Pisces is having their innate intuition, which Karen definitely does! Who else has "ESPN or something" and can tell when it’s raining thanks to their boobs?

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12 for You, Mean Girls


It’s mind-boggling that Mean Girls is 20 years old. But with iconic quotes like, “she doesn’t even go here” and, “four for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!” we’re not surprised it’s lasted long enough to get a 20-year chip. And these zodiac signs show just how much fun we’re still having with these characters some two decades later. So in Mean Girls' spirit, that’s 12 for you, everyone!

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Which Mean Girls Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign