Which Barbie Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Even though she's a Pisces, Barbie has been and done practically everything. Discover which Barbie is a match for your zodiac sign.

Published July 11, 2023

With her birthday on March 9, 1959, Barbie is a sensitive Pisces. In her 64 years, Barbie has lived a life worthy of every sign of the zodiac - pursuing her many hobbies, careers (she's even been a mermaid), and iconic fashion with equal passion.

Barbie is a single-name celebrity; she's the Cher of the doll world. Her new movie proves this, bearing simply her first name as a title. But before you jump headfirst into Greta Gerwig's color-saturated Barbieland, see just which of Barbie's numerous alter-egos matches up with your zodiac sign.

Can you name Barbie's family and friends by heart but can't remember your own zodiac sign? Never fear, discovering your zodiac sign is just a click away.

Aries: American Idol Barbie


Starting off the zodiac charts is everyone's favorite hot-headed sign - Aries. Barbieland is full of bombastic characters that Aries would get along with smashingly, but the most Aries-like Barbie is the early 2000s American Idol Barbie. A tie-in for the smash hit reality competition, American Idol Barbie represents the hopeful contestants betting on themselves and their talent. Aries is just as much of a courageous risk taker as these singing contestants. Dangle a competition in front of an Aries, and they'll enter it without thinking twice.

Taurus: Architect Barbie


Tauruses, with their love of enjoying the physical world and basking in the beauty it has to offer, make for the perfect Architect Barbie. Not only are they hard-working and methodical enough to accomplish a herculean task like bringing a building or structure to life, but they're also tailor made to enjoy the end results the most. After all, there's nothing a Taurus loves more than basking in the successes of their labor, especially when it's something as beautiful as the architecture they create.

Gemini: Day to Night Barbie


Geminis, look no further than Day to Night Barbie. Day to Night Barbie is ready with an outfit for every occasion, and Gemini is armed with a myriad of personalities to match. This adaptability makes the Day to Night Barbie their perfect persona. A Gemini's socially adept nature lets them expertly navigate from one group to another, whether that's a room of their colleagues or their new bar besties.

Cancer: Art Teacher Barbie


Cancers are deeply emotional people and are highly sensitive to their own feelings as well. This sensitivity can easily translate across the arts, making them a good match for the Art Teacher Barbie. The best kind of teachers, art or other, can sense a kid's emotions and be able to help them navigate through them. And Cancers, while prone to being a little too emotional at times, thrive in these safe and imaginative environments.

Leo: Golden Dream Barbie


If there was one zodiac sign that nobody should put in a corner, it's Leo. Leos are by nature self-confident and dramatic, and the Golden Dream Barbie is the boldest self-realized Barbie of the vintage bunch. Decked out in an eye-watering golden ensemble equipped with sheer overskirt and cape, the Golden Dream Barbie isn't asking for your permission to be fabulous, and neither will Leos.

Virgo: Computer Engineer Barbie


Without Virgo's sensible planning skills and analytical aptitude, where would the more mercurial and impulsive zodiac signs be? Virgos excel at troubleshooting, compiling data, and managing their calendars…sounds like something else we use, right? These real-life computers make perfect models for Computer Engineer Barbie. After all, who are we to deny Virgos access to their favorite digital tool - the spreadsheet?

Libra: Presidential Candidate Barbie


Without a doubt, Presidential Candidate Barbie is a Libra through and through. Unlike Sagittariuses with their playground approach to gregariousness, Libras are naturally gifted conversationalists who find being charming as easy as breathing. To be a good politician, you need to be captivating but also shrewd, and there's no better diplomat in the zodiac collection than a Libra.

Scorpio: Color Reveal Barbie

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Scorpios are magnetic; you can't help but want to be in their orbit. Yet, they're incredibly slow to reveal their true selves, which makes sticking around to see each layer get peeled back the best kind of adventure. The way they reveal themselves to their loved ones a layer at a time makes them an ideal match for the magical Color Reveal Barbie. A mystery Barbie that you have to dip into water to see what's inside? Name anything more Scorpio than that.

Sagittarius: International Travel Barbie

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Sagittariuses are the signs with a passport book full of stamps from around the world. This optimistic zodiac sign hates being tied down and is the most fulfilled when able to explore new places and connect with new people. Thus, they are the quintessential International Travel Barbie. They're pros at packing a single suitcase and joyously taking every red eye. Along the way, they collect more than souvenirs, but also fresh perspectives on life, love, and all sorts of philosophical questions.

Capricorn: Producer Barbie


Take one look at Producer Barbie's sharp side-eye, and you'll see exactly how their energy perfectly encapsulates the Capricorn zodiac sign. Film and music producers are highly ambitious, looking to outwit their competition for the best talent, best locations etc., and they're disciplined enough to wrangle an entire crew together in the wee hours of the morning. Not to mention those hefty paychecks that speak right to a Capricorn's wealth-driven soul.

Aquarius: Cool Blue Barbie

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Aquariuses are the kookiest zodiac sign. They're unorthodox and original, driven to make their unique dreams a reality, whether that's a monochrome outfit of the day or spending an afternoon mixing the perfect ratio of ice to beverage. It's this cool and original vibe that meshes perfectly with Cool Blue Barbie, a 90s staple. Dressed in an all-blue ensemble, with big overalls, a teal beanie, and the best striped shirt, this Barbie is all about living life under her own vision, and so are our Aquarius friends.

Pisces: Panda Care and Rescue Barbie

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Just like their water sign sister, Cancer, Pisces are highly emotional people. But it's not just sensitivity you'll need if you plan on being a Panda Care and Rescue worker like Barbie. You need to be compassionate and selfless to take care of the tiny babies who don't know how to express exactly what they need. And like Barbie with her panda brood, people flock to their Pisces friends when they need to be seen and heard.

Be Like Barbie and Reach for the Stars


Barbie is a woman of many outfits, zodiac signs included. Just like Barbie doesn't let any roadblocks get in the way of her dreams, don't let your zodiac sign define who you are or what you can achieve. For you and Barbie both, the sky's the limit!

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Which Barbie Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?