What Comic Villain Is Your Ex According to Their Zodiac Sign?

If your ex was a supervillain, which one would they be? The stars have the answer.

Published June 9, 2023

Let's get real for a second: any of your exes could qualify as one of these comic villains. But there's an art to loathing and breakups, and pinpointing the exact villainous traits is not only fun but adds a little humor to those regrettable relationship decisions. Of course, you remember your ex's birthday. They sure as heck never remembered yours, so check out their star sign to see which comic villain their zodiac sign aligns with.

That being said, who doesn't love a good comic book villain? They're complex, always entertaining, and sometimes, they remind us of people we know... including our exes! Let's take a tongue-in-cheek look at which comic book villain your ex might be, based on their zodiac sign.

Aries - The Joker


It's no coincidence that an Aries ex is passionate, energetic, and annoyingly headstrong - much like Batman's nemesis, The Joker. This chaotic-tumultuous-anarchic villain embodies Aries's own daring and dynamic spirit. Just like The Joker's unpredictable antics, your Aries ex probably has you guessing their next move.

Taurus - Lex Luthor


Not unlike like Superman's archenemy Lex Luthor, a Taurus ex is grounded and practical. But you knew all about how stubborn practicality can be. Their persistence is legendary, bordering on infuriatingly stubborn. The Taurus ex has a penchant for the finer things in life and can be ruthlessly protective of their interests and treasures, much like Luthor in his pursuit of power.

Gemini - Two-Face


There's no better sign in the zodiac than Gemini to represent the dual nature of Gotham's district attorney turned villain, Two-Face. Known for their versatility, Geminis can be both communicative and elusive, charming one moment and puzzling the next. No wonder your ex kept you scratching your head, wondering just what you were in for that day. Gemini: the perfect match for Two-Face's fluctuating personality.

Cancer - Poison Ivy


Poison Ivy, and all her nurturing yet deadly characteristics, resonates all too well the Cancer's own profound emotions. Just like your Cancer ex might have been sensitive, caring, yet fiercely protective, Poison Ivy uses her power over plants to protect nature and attack those who threaten it. But once you're on the outside, Poison Ivy and your ex are only interested in protecting themselves.

Leo - Magneto


Just like the charismatic and authoritative mutant and villainous leader Magneto, a Leo ex demands attention - and they'll certainly live rent free in your head. Are they are warm, passionate, and somewhat dominant? Absolutely. Magneto's strong personality, combined with his passionate defense of mutant rights, perfectly mirrors a Leo's fiery nature and leadership instincts.

Virgo - Doctor Octopus


Detail-oriented, methodical, and intelligent, there's an incredibly good reason your Virgo ex might remind you of Spiderman's own nemesis, Doctor Octopus. Doc Ock's eye for detail along with his technical mastery and precision aligns all too well with your Virgo ex's own meticulous nature.

Libra - Loki


Loki is all about mischief, and rightfully so, he's the God of Mischief. With his charm, wit, and ability to see and play to both sides of an argument, you can see why he is an ideal match for a Libra ex. Known for their love of harmony, Librans can, however, be indecisive, reflecting Loki's shifting allegiances in the world of Marvel. You know where you stand - until you don't.

Scorpio - Venom


Venom, that voice inside of you that urges all things chaotic. You can see why a Scorpio ex shares many traits with this fearsome yet fascinating villain. Both are known for their intensity, emotional depth, and transformational nature. You know how your ex became a completely different person? Just as Venom bonds with its host for survival, your Scorpio ex might have exhibited a similarly deep and sometimes overpowering connection. Go find a new host, am I right?

Sagittarius - Harley Quinn


Before she was Harley Quinn, she was Dr. Harleen Quinzel. The adventurous, unpredictable, and vexing nature of a Sagittarius ex aligns perfectly with the persona of Harley Quinn. Their zest for life, desire for freedom, and energy can often lead to chaotic moments. Even without the Joker by her side, Harley Quinn will keep you on your toes.

Capricorn - Thanos


He was working behind the scenes for much longer than we realized, with his eyes on the prize. So, much like Thanos, a Capricorn ex is not only disciplined but driven by a long-term plan or dream. Serious, stoic, and uncompromising in pursuit of their goals. And you know Thanos's quest to acquire all Infinity Stones at all costs? It sure mirrors a Capricorn ex's determination and ambition.

Aquarius - The Riddler


Your Aquarian ex, with all their intellectual flair, penchant for mystery, and individualistic spirit, might remind you of The Riddler. And rightly so. Known for their puzzles, enigmas, and eccentricities, you have walked away from an interaction with your Aquarius ex bewildered more than once. The Riddler so completely embodies the Aquarian's innovative thinking and unique approach to life.

Pisces - Mystique


You may also know her as Raven Darkholme, the slippery and duplicitous Mystique. Much like Mystique, a Pisces ex is deeply intuitive, empathetic, and often shrouded in mystery. And often far beyond your reach, living in their world. Pisceans' adaptable nature can sometimes make them hard to pin down, much like Mystique's shape-shifting abilities.

There's No Villain Quite Like a Supervillain


Of course, this is all in good fun, and no villainous traits should overshadow the actual person who is your ex. It's always interesting, though, to see which comic book villains our exes might resemble, isn't it? Now that you know, everything makes sense.

Now that you know who your ex is, check out which mytical creature you are based on your zodiac sign.

What Comic Villain Is Your Ex According to Their Zodiac Sign?