What Mythical Creature Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Live the life of a legend by tapping into the energy of the mythical being that's a perfect match for your zodiac sign.

Published June 28, 2023

You have a legend living inside of you waiting to come out - it was written in the sky at the moment of your birth. Live the epic life that was destined in the stars by tapping into the magical, mythical being that best matches your zodiac sign. Not sure what type of magic lives in you? Check out our list of zodiac signs as mythical creatures and let your own epic tale begin.

Can't remember how you or your family's stars align? Don't sic your protective house brownie on us! We've got a handy guide to your zodiac sign to freshen up your memory.

Aries the Dragon


Aries, the hot-headed first of the zodiac signs, makes for the quintessential dragon. Dragons are powerful beings with a temper that shouldn't be challenged. But, as medieval legend attests, they'll do anything to protect their hoard, whether it's a home, a person, or a pet, and Aries are the first in line to defend their loved ones. And if you're not an Aries, make sure to stay far out of the reach of their fiery blasts.

Taurus the Minotaur


Taurus, the bullish zodiac sign, shares a lot in common with the minotaur. On top of being bullheaded (quite literally in the minotaur's case), Tauruses are pleasure seekers - something the minotaur, with its bloodthirsty desires, can empathize with. The classic minotaur was locked in his labyrinth. Because of it, he grew quite possessive of his space, much like Tauruses are of the things they love and hold dear.

Gemini the Chimera


Geminis are well-known for having strong personality impulses that can flip-flop on a dime. This makes them perfect chimeras. Chimeras are creatures that have the head of a lion, body of a goat, and tail of a serpent. Like a chimera, Geminis use this multi-faceted personality to their advantage. They can weasel their way into (and out of) just about any situation that comes their way.

Cancer the Selkie


Cancers are known for being emotionally sensitive and for feeling things very deeply. Often, they struggle to find true love, much like selkies do. Selkies come from Scottish mythology and are shapeshifting creatures with two forms: human and seal. If someone picks up their shed skin (often in the form of a coat), they'll be locked together forever. But, this can lead to selkies being bound in bad relationships, much like Cancers find themselves in complicated entanglements. Outside of relationships, they're kind and attractive, just like cancers are.

Leo the Manticore


There's a reason Leos are represented by the majestic lion. They're proud, self-confident, and ready to deftly navigate any difficult situation. All these things they share in common with manticores. Manticores have the body of a lion, head of a human, and a scorpion-like tail. Naturally, Leos couldn't be a mythical creature that wouldn't capture their perfectly curated visages, which just adds to their manticore energy.

Virgo the Sphinx


When you think about the sphinx, the iconic Egyptian ruin comes to mind. But the mythical character it's based on is far more of a challenging foe than this weather-beaten sculpture. Sphinxes are just like Virgos in how knowledgeable they are. They're armed with riddle after riddle for you to answer, lest you face their vicious teeth. Tell a Virgo you didn't get your half of the group project finished, and you'll see just how much of a sphinx they can be.

Libra the Sylph


As a mythical creature, Libras would need to be something that's well-balanced and sociable. Look no further than the air fairies known as sylphs. These humanoid creatures get along well with humans, and they have a deep sensibility for balancing the natural world. However, they're not as strong or powerful as some of the other mythical creatures on this list, much like how Libras are steadier and less prone to outbursts than their zodiac siblings.

Scorpio the Bigfoot


With Scorpios, you really only know what they want you to know, and that's as little as possible. Naturally aloof, they're like the Bigfoots of the zodiac signs. Not much is known about Bigfoot, but what's suspected is that he's living his best life and avoiding all human drama, which Scorpios try to do every day. All we can say is there's a reason you've never seen your Scorpio friends and Bigfoot in the same room.

Sagittarius the Unicorn


Pop culture unicorns have departed a lot from the myth, and the myth is one terrifyingly beautiful beast. These social creatures roam the lands to their hearts' content, exploring every nook and cranny, just like the Sagittarius sign. Unicorns are also deeply intuitive, understanding people and their intentions right away, and Sagittariuses have the same knack.

And unlike what My Little Pony would have you believe, being on the wrong side of a unicorn only has one ending - getting gored to death by their sharp horn. While Sagittariuses won't clobber you if you've upset them, they will tear your insides out with their cutting honesty.

Capricorn the Elf


Elves are another mythical creature that's gotten the fantasy pop culture treatment in the past few decades. At their heart though, these creatures have a deep connection with the physical world and an intelligence that's only gathered over hundreds of years of interesting experiences. Capricorns love learning new things and exploring areas where they can expand their knowledge. And, like the gracefully stoic elves, they keep their emotions well beneath the surface.

Aquarius the Pixie


Everyone loves having an Aquarius in their group because they're innovative, curious, creative, and unpredictable. In the mythical realm, this perfectly encapsulates pixies. Kin to fairies, these spritely little magical creatures flit back and forth from one endeavor to another. Pixies are quite childlike in their behavior, and Aquariuses' childlike imagination can put them down the same mischievous road at times.

Pisces the Mermaid


Pisces are the water sign to end all water signs. They're sensitive but adaptable, much like the mermaids of the mythical world. Mermaids are beautiful, sensitive creatures that have a tendency to get swept up in other people's orbits. Throughout mythology, there are a handful of tales of mermaids rescuing drowning victims, and Pisces are just as likely to use their compassion to pull you out of the stresses you're drowning under.

Life's More Fun With a Little Fantasy


When you put mythical creatures and people under a microscope, they're not all that different from us. So many of our inherent characteristics are reflected in these fictional creatures, so it's no wonder that we'd be able to closely tie them to our zodiac signs. Now that you've figured out where you shape up in the mystical realm, see just how lucky you were born to be.

What Mythical Creature Are You Based on Your Zodiac Sign?