Happiest Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most to Least Joyful

Some sun signs find it easier to be happy than others. Where do you land on this ranking of happiest to least happy zodiac signs?

Published June 21, 2023

There's something magical about waking up in a pleasant mood, where feeling the sun on your face and drinking a sip of your morning beverage fills you with as much elation as accomplishing a big win at work. Some sunny people can thank more than a good night's rest for making them the happy people they are. The happiest zodiac signs can attribute a bit of that cheery disposition to the stars. And if your sign doesn't top the list of the most naturally happy, you can still find ways to bring joy into your life.

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Topping the list is the eternal optimist of the zodiac signs - Sagittarius. Sagittariuses are by and large the happiest of the 12 signs. They have a zeal for life and easy social sensibility that draws good vibes, good food, and great experiences their way. Being the happiest sign feels like a natural fit for the luckiest zodiac sign, too. Sagittariuses have time for a lot of things in their lives, but bad moods aren't one of them.



Runner up to the happiest zodiac sign is Leo. The lions of the astrological world, Leos are proud by nature. This inner confidence makes them unflappable to the trials and tribulations that life throws their way. You can try your hardest to shake a Leo from their good mood, but they're so secure in their place in the world that it'll wash over them like rain.



Rounding out the top three happiest zodiac signs is fellow fire sign, Aries. Aries people have a reputation for being hot headed, but it's this emotional intensity that lets them tap into the happier feelings just as easily as the angry ones. They're brash and want to take the world head on. They're not afraid of taking risks and reaping the rewards from them.



Libras are some of the most socially adept people, curating a community of friends around them to support every kind of need. Being emotionally balanced and diplomatic lets them see problems and conflicts exactly as they are and not what they want them to be. Having a strong support system and a sense of clarity gives them the toolkit to staying on the happy side of life.



Pisces might be one of the most emotional zodiac signs, but rather than holding in and dwelling on negativity, they let it wash over them. They cling onto the bouts of joy, whimsy, and brevity that come their way. Due to their sensitive nature, they're able to pull positivity towards them and push negativity away.



With Geminis, when they're on they're on. Dualistic by nature, they do have a tendency towards mercurial feelings. Because of this, they can't compete with more emotionally stable or inherently optimistic signs. But that double-sided coin of a personality means they can easily shift any bad mood into a good one.



Tauruses fall neatly in the middle of the happiest zodiac signs. Attracted to beauty in all forms, Tauruses can curate a personal environment that's filled with pleasant things. But when faced with a conflict, they're far too stubborn to let an argument go, and will stew in negative feelings just to prove their point. So at the end of the day, Tauruses can have incredibly happy days but also have the penchant to ruin them when pushed.



Unlike their water sign sibling Pisces, Cancers are a highly emotional bunch that easily fixate on negative feelings. This can manifest as a kind of moodiness that gets in the way of a sunny disposition. It doesn't mean that Cancers can't be extremely happy at times, but you've got a higher chance of finding them mulling over something than dancing jubilantly.



Aquariuses beat to their own drums. They're creative, individualistic, and prone to flights of fancy. That being said, while they make a unique stamp in the world, they can find it hard to connect with other people. A lack of social circle only compounds their daydreaminess, meaning that it takes work for them to get joy out of the real world and not the ones they make up in their heads.



Virgos get a bad rap for being too clinical and emotionless. But it's this analytical and logical nature that makes them such a valued part of the zodiac family. However, their need to be perfectionists can make them swing violently from one emotional pendulum to another. It's hard to be naturally happy when you're locked into the logical side of life and aren't instinctively drawn to more whimsical ways.



Scorpios are known for being moody and aloof, so it's natural that they'd fall towards the bottom of the happiest zodiac signs ranking. Being so introspective and oftentimes closed off can have its drawbacks. People love connecting through sharing with each other, and Scorpios aren't comfortable with all that touchy feely stuff. So, they're definitely one of the less happy zodiac signs.



Keep in mind that being the least happy zodiac sign doesn't mean they're cursed to never being happy! Capricorns aren't incapable of being joyful; it just doesn't come as easily to them as most others. By nature, Capricorns are a serious bunch who keep their emotions close to the chest. This means that, even when they're overjoyed, you might not realize it. Sharing is caring, and Capricorns would rather eat dirt than share their feelings.

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Happiness isn't controlled by the position of the stars and sun in the sky. The happiest zodiac signs aren't meant to only exude positivity, while the least happy ones only experience joy in rare moments. It's just that, for some people, living in a happy state comes much more easily than it does to others. But remember that life is what you make it, and if you choose to be happy, then you'll be happy, zodiac sign be darned.

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Happiest Zodiac Signs Ranked From Most to Least Joyful