What Is the Nicest Zodiac Sign? All Signs Ranked From Most to Least

From good Samaritan to fearless friend, these are the nicest zodiac signs.

Published July 7, 2023

Some zodiac signs naturally exude good vibes. You know what we're talking about. The nicest zodiac signs - they're walking sunshine, welcoming to everyone they meet. They're the zodiac signs that naturally make you want to be a better person after every conversation because of their charming and gracious nature. The sweethearts, the friendliest friends, the ones who are the salt of the earth.

Take a peek at your zodiac sign, or that of your closest buds, and see who takes home the heart of gold. There are no losers here because even those with hearts of bronze are some of the best friends you'll have.



The stereotype about Libras being cool headed and thriving with peace and harmony? Oh, it is so very true. Libras are all about harmony in their life and in every relationship - both platonic and romantic. With their eyes set on fairness and balance and their effortless ability to navigate any social situation with grace and class, they have hearts of pure gold.

Libra is your friend that'll pick you up the airport at any hour of any day.



Sweet, dreamy, and compassionate Pisces knows what you need before you even need it. Ready to swoop in and help, hype you up on good days and bad, Pisces is a sign that's sensitive to everyone's emotions. Courteous Pisces will always be ready to fix any problem. Their empathy and willingness to help is a hallmark of their niceness.

Pisces is the sign who's ready to problem solve at the drop of a dime - and then compliment you endlessly on your brilliant solution.



The Crab of the zodiac is far from crabby! Although Cancers can sometimes be a little moody, they're sympathetic and protective. So don't heed their pessimistic nature, because they're ready to love everyone that walks into their life without question. Their emotional nature is a strength because they'll layer on the kindness without a second thought. Their pincers are ready to give support with a moment's notice.

Cancer is the friend that'll cancel their dinner plans to pick you up when your car broke down on the side of the road. They may not be able to fix it, but they'll happily wait with you.



Stubborn Taurus has a heart of gold - don't let those horns fool you. Patient, dependable, and generous, Taurus will give you time, money, and endless support and comfort. The bull is dedicated to their relationships and will always be ready to help. Just give them a minute to change out of their cozy pants and into some jeans. Then their warm heart is ready to make friends and hang out with their closest buds.

Taurus is the sign that'll charge to your side first and ask questions later. Looking for a friend to check out the brewery? They're already on the way to your house to pick you up. And you didn't even tell them where you're going.



As the happiest sign of the zodiac, it's no wonder that Sagittarius, the ever optimist, is also one of the nicest signs. Radiating constant good vibes like it's just another arm, their generous and adventurous spirit makes them a blast to be around. Their sense of humor and jovial personality more than balance out their sometimes nonchalant ways.

Sagittarius is always armed with smiles, a hug, and a genuine compliment (or four) just for you.



Virgo is an incredibly kind-hearted sign, it's just a little hidden at times. Arguably the most stubborn of the signs, the steadfastness means their demeanor is dependable. Their practicality is a gift of kindness on its own. After all, they won't let you go off on a wild goose chase without the right supplies. Virgo's nice side isn't always easy to spot, but like everything Virgo, their kindness is in the details.

Virgo's nice side manifests when they surprise you with your favorite candy bar and a keychain of your favorite dinosaur - both of which you only mentioned once in passing. Virgo heard you, and Virgo remembers what makes you happy.



Social butterfly Gemini wouldn't have such an adoring group if not for their kind and sweet nature. Gemini may not be in the top of the nicest zodiac signs, but don't mistake that for this sign being mean. Quite the opposite! Their adaptability means they can pivot in any situation to make new friends. After all, Gemini does have two faces ready to present to the world. Their ability to connect to everyone and their cousin is thanks to their kind wit and lively nature.

Gemini will give you the world on a silver platter - but which platter depends on who they are that day.



With a heart of solid bronze, Leo is generous and warm-hearted, loving and enthusiastic, and a bit stubborn at times. Occasionally, their grandiose nature takes hold. But it's their larger-than-life personality and charisma that draws so many into their warm and generous life. As a sign that's all about self love and admiration, they'll readily give that kindness to those around them, too.

Leos may seek the spotlight, but they're the type to believe that all ships rise together. It might be rocky at times, but success is a team sport.



The leader of the zodiac, Aries has a lot on their pioneering plate. Their endless passion for life extends to those in their circle. They're willing to do anything to be the best, and that means being the best, nicest, most loyal friend. Their infectious enthusiasm and positive energy put their kind and nice nature front and center, even when you don't know them well. Don't mistake their assertiveness as coldness - they'll take an arrow for you any day. But they will remind you of it. Often.

Aries will take the fall for their friends. After all, no gesture of kindness or good-natured niceness is too grand.



Aquarius's naturally nice demeanor is thanks to this sign's constant drive to make the world better and help everyone they meet on their journey. Along the way, Aquarius's warm heart collects friend after friend. Their friendliness is second to none, but it's their detached and unpredictable side that makes it hard to see how nice they are at times.

Aquarius will accept you for just who you are with no judgment and an open heart. That's true for everyone, so even though you might be one of millions, you're still one in a million to Aquarius.



Practical and disciplined Capricorn is always the most committed to any cause. They're eternally patient - almost a little too patient. Ambitious in all that they do, they'll ambitiously love and give and help without a second thought. But their drive and ambition can be off-putting, especially if friends aren't at the top of their to-do list this week. Or month. But the secret to a Capricorn's nice nature is in their dependability to be there.

A Capricorn heart will always be there for you - even if they take a few business days to reply to your text message. Being nice is on their list of goals.



Sweet, misunderstood Scorpio. Your determination and secretive nature make people wonder just how kind you are. But your nice side is slow to emerge because you don't want to be taken advantage of. Fiercely passionate, a Scorpio's intense nature can put people off. At first glance, the face of a Scorpio might make you think they never want to be your friend, but they're really just calculating their plan.

Scorpio will be the first to pick you up when you fall, call you when you said you've had a bad day, or have flowers delivered just because. But only after they let you in.

Nice to Meet You


Hearts of gold, reliable friends, and loyal to a fault, every zodiac sign has a nice side that shines through. Some may be readily apparent and others may slowly warm up, but make no mistake, each sign has a soft side ready to love and support.

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What Is the Nicest Zodiac Sign? All Signs Ranked From Most to Least