Smartest Zodiac Signs Reveal Who's Most Likely to Win Trivia Night

Everyone has their own type of intelligence, but some signs are more likely to ace tests and win at trivia than others. How smart is your sign?

Published June 16, 2023

There are all sorts of ways of being smart. There's creativity, inventiveness, social intelligence, street smarts, emotional intelligence, artistic talent, savvy, mathematical intelligence, and spatial awareness, just to name a few. But what about sheer, raw intellect? The kind of smartness that always wins at trvia night or busts the curve on every test?

While people from every zodiac sign are smart in their own way, which zodiac signs are the most likely to be curve breakers and Jeopardy! winners? Here are the smartest zodiac signs ranked from most to least likely to ace the SAT.

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Aquarians are the sterotypical absent-minded professor. They've got so much going on in that big, brilliant brain of theirs that they're often lost in their own world.

With quick, inventive minds and high intellect, Aquarius is often the smartest person in the room. Is it any surprise that Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin, and Mozart were all Aquariuses?


Virgos have sharp, analytical minds and great attention to detail, so it's no surprise they're near the top of the list. They are keen problem solvers who meet challenges head-on. And, they're going to work harder than just about anybody else in the room. It's no wonder that Virgos are one of the smartest signs.

Need more proof? Scientist Michael Faraday and philosopher John Locke were both Virgos.


A Scorpio's intelligence runs deep and true. Known for their exceptional savvy, Scorpio has never met a puzzle they don't want to solve. A big part of Scorpio's intelligence is their desire to delve deeply into subjects that interest them, but equally important is their powerfully intuitive nature.

Bill Gates, Marie Curie, and Jonas Salk are all great examples of super smart Scorpios who took a deep dive into a subject and turned it into something great.


You know that smart person who's also super witty? It's probably a Gemini.

Geminis are great at witty banter because they're fast and smart verbal processors. Their inquisitive minds lead them on an endless quest for knowledge, and they love to share the factoids they discover. They also are adept logical processors who often did very well at math in school.

Need more proof of a Gemini's verbal wit? Comediens Stan Laurel (half of the famous comedien duo Laurel and Hardy), Bob Hope, and Tim Allen are all Geminis.


Aries is street smart. With a sharp mind, the willingness to take risks, social adeptness, and the tendency to combine everything they've learned and experienced into success, Aries may be one of the savviest signs of the zodiac.

Lady Gaga and Harry Houdini are great examples of Aries who used their unique intelligence to become successful in life.


Capricorn's ambition and work ethic combined with a top-notch logical brain allows them to make smart choices and decisions that propel them to success in life. They're great critical thinkers with an excellent sense of discernment. When they set their mind to something, there's nothing a Capricorn can't accomplish.

Martin Luther King, Jr., Greta Thurnburg, and Benjamin Franklin are all examples of driven, accomplished Capricorns.


Libra's thoughtful and balanced nature helps them make smart decisions after carefully examining all sides of an issue. Their sense of humor, natural charm, and empathy also makes them one of the most socially intelligent zodiac signs.

Libras also often display their artistic intelligence through musical talent. Librans whose artistic and social intelligence have taken them far include Jimmy Carter, John Lennon, and Bruce Springsteen.


Sagittarians are curious adventurers who love learning and exploring. With a thirst for knowledge and travel, Sagittariuses gather information through experience, so they tend to be well-informed and worldly, which is its own kind of intelligence.

Wordly Sagittarians include Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, and Jimi Hendrix.


Leos are very socially intelligent. Their outgoing personalities allow them to easily make friends, and their sharp wit makes them fabulous conversationalists. They're also creatively intelligent and excellent at brainstorming and problem solving.

Examples of Leos who have used their social intelligence to great advantage include Barack Obama, Lucille Ball, and Bill Clinton.


Taureans have strong and powerful bodies, and their intelligence is often kinesthetic (movement oriented). This is because Taurus is the most grounded sign of the zodiac, and that grounding helps Taurus to inhabit their bodies in a smart way that other signs don't necessarily do.

Taurus is also emotionally intelligent and self-aware. They know and understand themselves well, and this also translates to a unique understanding of others.

You can see Taurus intelligence in action in famous Taureans including Jet Li, baseball great Brooks Robinson, and Fred Astaire.


Cancers are deeply compassionate towards other people, animals, and the planet. This connection gives them a great deal of spiritual intelligence. They're also highly intuitive and in touch with the natural world, and they often wind up with important humanitarian and naturalist missions in life that requires their own unique brand of intelligence.

Princess Diana, Malala Yousafzai, and Henry David Thoreau are all examples of Cancers who used their spiritual intelligence and mission-focused drive to pursue important life missions.


Pisces have vivid imaginations and a deep connection with nature. They're also creatively intelligent, often finding inspiration in the world around them to create incredible works of artistry. They can use these gifts to make the world a more connected and beautiful place.

Famous Pisces that used their creative intelligence to improve or beautify the world include Steve Jobs, Alexander Graham Bell, and Michelangelo.

The Smartest Zodiac Signs Have Different Types of Intelligence

Every zodiac sign has its own unique strengths and challenges, and each has its own type of intelligence. While not every zodiac sign has the same raw brain power, all are smart in different ways that contribute valuable things to society. So whether you're book smart, physically talented, emotionally intelligent, socially aware, or a creative genius, allow your own unique intelligence to shine.

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Smartest Zodiac Signs Reveal Who's Most Likely to Win Trivia Night