Cosmic Treats: The Zodiac Signs as Halloween Candies

Fill up your candy bowl with these Halloween candies tailor-made for the zodiac signs.

Published October 12, 2023

It's all treats and no tricks here in our astrological Halloween candy bowl. You're just in time to dig up a fistful of the zodiac signs as Halloween candy. If the stars are out on All Hallows Eve, then we might as well let them guide us to the perfectly assembled astro-tastic candy bowl. Discover just which spooky sweet treats are your zodiac sign's match.

Sugar crash making it hard to remember which astrological sign you are? Don't worry, you can learn more about the zodiac signs and their dates

Aries: Hot Tamales
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Aries, you're known for that hot, quick temper. Just like you're willing to go four rounds in a fight over something that irks you, Hot Tamales will wreck your mouth with their spicy cinnamon flavor. Your fiery temper ends in a flash and so too does that mouth-on-fire feeling.

Hot Tamales know what they're about and they'll tell you right away (flames on the box, anyone?), and with your courage and confidence, you do too. 

Taurus: M&Ms
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When you pick up a pack of M&Ms you know exactly what you're going to get, and seldomly does it disappoint. A wonderful Halloween candy that marries a delicious balance between crunchy shells and smooth chocolate, M&Ms are just as consistent as Tauruses.

And what clinches the win for M&Ms is that they come in a rainbow of colors, from classics like blue and red to seasonal delights like purple and lime green. After all, ruled by Venus and lover of aesthetics Taurus couldn't have a Halloween candy that wasn't beautiful to look at.

Gemini: Sour Patch Kids
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Sour Patch Kids' iconic marketing couldn't be more Gemini if they tried. "First they're sour, then they’re sweet"? Well, Geminis aren’t represented by the twins for nothing.

From enthusiastically making plans to being inconsistent with keeping them, Geminis have got personality to spare, and Sour Patch Kids are just the same. Only a colorful and lively candy could match a Gemini's own larger-than-life personality.

Cancer: Wax Bottles

Cancers, like the crabs they are, need to decorate the perfect domicile. As natural homebodies, Cancers need to build the perfect home to feel safe in. It's not the shell that matters, it's what is inside that does. Toss that concept onto a Halloween candy bag and you get wax bottles.

No one's really interested in the plain wax that holds the tangy liquids: they're all about what lies inside. There are multiple colors and flavors to choose from, just like how no two Cancer's homes look the same.

Leo: Pop Rocks
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Leos can't help that they're a proud sign and that they crave being the center of attention. During Halloween, you probably bypass the racks of regular costumes like vampires and clowns and head straight for the biggest, brightest, most accessorized selections on display.

In line with your infectious enthusiasm is the only Halloween candy flashy enough to match your energy — Pop Rocks. Just like Emperor Kuzco bursting through the doors and screaming “Boom Baby” in Emperor's New Groove, Pop Rocks hit your tongue with a kaleidoscope of feelings and flavors. Just like Leos, they grab your attention from the jump and leave you wanting more.

Virgo: Skeleton Candies
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Virgos, your analytical nature makes you the perfect Halloween skeptic. You can't stop asking about where the real evidence of all those ghosties and goblins is. While you might not be all-in on traipsing through graveyards and holding seances, you definitely love the goodies spooky season has to offer.

The most Virgo Halloween candy to ever exist you might ask? Why skeleton candies, of course. You can organize these babies by color or shape, or even assemble them in some anatomical fashion. There's an endless number of ways to order these candies and because of that, they're the perfect Virgo of the confectionary world.

Libra: Candy Corn

Libra, as a Halloween candy you have to be something that's unproblematic, noncontroversial — a sweet that just about anyone would swipe out of the candy bowl and at least tolerate. That makes the perfect candy for you candy corn.

The ultimate Halloween candy that's just sugar and food coloring brings the entire season together. You might not love peanuts, or nougat, or gummy things but you probably won't throw a fit at seeing a bowl of candy corn (or pumpkins) on the table. Candy corn is the middle road of the Halloween candy lot, matching Libra's diplomatic energy to a T.

Scorpio: Licorice

Black licorice has a notorious reputation, with rowdy middle schoolers daring each other to down the dark jellybeans or pitch-colored ropes. It's an intimidating candy that doesn't get a lot of attention, just like how Scorpios' mysterious intensity gives them a scarier reputation than they deserve.

But licorice can come in a myriad of delicious flavors and Scorpios aren't all hard stares and leather jackets. They're extremely passionate and emotional; you've just got to work your way through that hard exterior to get to their tasty insides.

Sagittarius: Dum-Dums
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Sagittariuses are the life of the party. Always on the go, they're constantly bringing back silly knick-knacks and entertaining anecdotes from their adventures. They'll pepper in their captivating tales with deep philosophical insights and hard-earned advice on life.

Essentially, they're the physical manifestation of a grab bag; you just never know what you're going to get. Which makes Dum-Dums an instant Halloween candy match for Sagittarius. They're easy to share, a crowd-pleaser, and they come in every flavor under the sun.

Capricorn: White Candy Sticks
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Once upon a time, white candy sticks were known to the world as candy cigarettes. The ethical implications not withstanding, these chalky sticks are the ultimate sugar bombs in your Halloween candy bag. Just as Capricorns will hunt down the most efficient way to achieve their goals, these candy sticks will send you into a sugar high in seconds flat.

Also, images of people playing with their white candy sticks in an old-school way, ala mid-century chain smokers you'd find in Mad Men, just evoke Capricorn energy, and we love that.

Aquarius: Fun Dip
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Fun Dip is all about the experience. Everyone attacks their Fun Dip differently. Which flavors you tear open first, how you scoop out the sugary powder into your mouth, and when (or if) you eat your candy stick is all unique to you.

That uniquely individualistic quality is what makes them a perfect match for the highly original Aquarius sign. As an Aquarius, you move through life with your own vision. You conquer the world using creative and off-the-wall tactics, just like little kids do when tearing into a pack of Fun Dip.

Pisces: Swedish Fish
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It's a massively missed opportunity if we didn't serve up the most fitting match in the bunch — Pisces and Swedish Fish. Pisces, the consummate water sign, is literally represented by a fish. But the obvious similarities aside, Swedish Fish are also a pretty noncontroversial gummy. They're a sweet snack that you can grab a handful of at just about any time of the day, and Pisces people are just as easygoing to be around.

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