7 Most Haunted Places in Gettysburg: Search for the Supernatural

Updated June 15, 2021
Civil war cannon in Gettysburg

Gettysburg is haunted by the ghosts of soldiers who perished on the battlefield and makeshift hospitals. All kinds of paranormal activity happens throughout Gettysburg and beyond the battlefield, making it one of the most haunted places in America.

General Lee's Headquarters

General Robert E. Lee's headquarters is said to be one of the spookiest places in Gettysburg. When you visit the museum, you may catch a glimpse of full-body apparitions. The upstairs attic is said to be haunted by a spirit that roams about, especially at night. The 4-acre property has been host to various ghosts. Phantom sounds are prolific and include cannon fire and gunfire. A drummer can be heard in the distance. The unmistakable sounds of the bloody battle are heard by many visitors and the museum staff.

General Lee commandeered the small home of the elderly widow, Mary Thompson, to use as his headquarters for the duration of the Gettysburg Battle. Today, it is a museum and open to the public. In addition to the house having been restored, you can walk a trail that meanders through the property, but be prepared to meet up with a ghost or two. You may even hear some of the disturbing phantom battle cries or wounded soldiers' painful cries.

General Lee's Headquarters

Other ghostly happenings inside the museum include:

  • The front door opens on its own.
  • Cabinet doors are discovered open.
  • Objects are found moved.
  • Phantom objects that sound like bullets hit the front of the building.
  • Lights turn off on their own.
  • Phantom gunshots are heard along with the sound of objects hitting the front.

National Homestead Orphanage

The children's orphanage, National Homestead, was built to care for children orphaned by the Civil War. In a twisted fate of irony, someone thought the Gettysburg Battlefield was an excellent location. Nevermind that it was the scene of the bloodiest battle and that some of the parents may have been killed on the battlefield.

National Homestead Orphanage

The children had suffered great trauma, but the fear they'd faced wasn't anything compared to the sheer terror that awaited them at the hands of the headmistress Rosa J. Carmichael. This evil, vile woman used the basement of the building as a discipline dungeon where children were shackled. It's no wonder that the souls of these poor innocents and those of the soldiers who perished on the battlefield make this one of the most active places for paranormal encounters.

There are many haunted tales from those who tour the orphanage. The basement is the epicenter for most of the ghostly activity. Over the years, various entities, orbs, and strange streaks of light have shown up in photos. The phantom sound of rattling metal chains and crying are reported. The haunting apparition of a young boy has been seen emerging from the shadows, only to vanish in front of the eyewitnesses.

Sachs Covered Bridge

Sachs Covered Bridge is the gruesome scene where three confederate soldiers were hanged. There are two versions of the story. The first claims the men were deserters and executed by hanging them from the bridge as a warning to other Confederate soldiers. The other version tells how the three men were Confederate spies who'd infiltrated the Union army, but were discovered and hanged from the bridge.

Sachs Covered Bridge in Gettysburg PA

Both Union and Confederate troops used this 100-foot bridge during the Gettysburg Battle. Several paranormal investigative teams have recorded EVPs of disembodied voices and phantom cannon fire. Other reports include the smell of a burning cigar, although no one present is smoking. Some people claim to have been tapped on the shoulder when no one was there. The bridge spans a small creek called Marsh Creek located about 100 yards off Millerstown Road and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Explore the Haunted Battlefields of Gettysburg National Military Park

The massive loss of life during the Battle of Gettysburg has created one of the most haunted places in America. There have been a few videos over the recent years claiming to have captured some of the ghosts that haunted the battlegrounds. Some of the hauntings include ghost soldiers, both Union and Confederate, seen walking about the battlefield and emerging from the surrounding woods.

Haunted Battlefields of Gettysburg National Military Park

Strange orbs are seen moving about the land and the many buildings that surround the area. Full body apparitions have been seen only to vanish into wisps of mists. Ghosts are seen emerging from the morning fog. Phantom sounds are often heard throughout the battlefield, such as gunfire, screams and yells of wounded soldiers, cannon fire, drumming, bugle calls, phantom galloping horses, and other frightening paranormal activity.

Soldier Ghosts at Devil's Den

There was heavy fighting at Devils Den on the second day-July 2, 1863-of the battle of Gettysburg. This hillside offered excellent protection for sharpshooters who positioned themselves between the boulders. Many Union and Confederate soldiers were killed in the exchange. There are many stories of visitors hearing the phantom sounds of drum rolls and gunshots.

Soldier Ghosts at Devil's Den

Electronic devices often malfunction, especially cameras. Some visitors report their camera batteries died when visiting Devil's Den. A few witnesses claim that their cameras were knocked right out of their hands by an unseen force. Many people claim to have seen and had conversations with a congenial soldier who vanishes. The soldier often poses for a photo, but doesn't show up in the picture.

Jennie Wade House

The Jennie Wade House is haunted, but not by malevolent ghosts. The sweet spirit of Jennie is often seen about the house. The smell of freshly baked bread, like the loaves she and her sisters made for the soldiers, often wafts through the house. There are reports of the laughter and antics of children, especially the phantom sounds of small running footfalls and loud banging sounds. Some visitors claim feeling tiny arms wrap around their legs, while others see two male apparitions moving through the house.

Jennie Wade House

Located near the Gettysburg battlefield, the Jennie Wade house saw tragedy during the Civil War that resulted in a stray bullet piercing the house and killing 20-year-old Jennie as she kneaded bread in the kitchen. Jennie is reportedly the only civilian that died during the Battle of Gettysburg. Her sister's home where she died is now a museum.

Baladerry Inn

Like many of the surrounding homes, the Baladerry Inn was turned into a makeshift field hospital. The house was witness to pain, suffering, and death. Today, the inn has a few resident ghosts. Seven confederate soldiers are said to be buried on the property, and their spirits are often seen roaming about the property or inside the inn. Guests at the inn have captured photos of uniformed confederate soldiers seated or standing in different areas of the inn.

Baladerry Inn

The inn's most famous ghost is called Geoffrey and rumored to be a young Casanova. His nickname is Lover Boy, and female guests have reported him rubbing their feet, whispering in their ears, and in some instances, he's startled guests by climbing into bed with them. The Marigold Room has a resident female ghost who is sometimes seen standing by the bed. She often tidies up the room by moving objects about.

Gettysburg's Most Haunted Places

Thousands of men and boys died horrific, bloody deaths at Gettysburg and many of their spirits remain. People have seen, heard, and even photographed many of these spirits at some of the most active places of paranormal energies.

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7 Most Haunted Places in Gettysburg: Search for the Supernatural