Free Online Ouija Board Sites

Mystic ritual with Ouija and candles

The spirit world has made its way to the Internet in the form of free online Ouija boards. Virtual Ouija boards are easy to use and don't require multiple users. All you need is your mouse and a keyboard. Ask your question and string the letters together until you have your answer.

Four Free Virtual Ouija Boards

The Ouija board is one type of talking board. Most online talking boards are quite similar. Many have the look and feel of a traditional Ouija board. The typical interface either requires you to ask your question aloud or to type it into a text box on the website. Different boards respond in multiple ways. Responses may be nonsensical, or they may actually make sense in the context you asked the question. All the following online talking boards are for entertainment purposes only.

Hidden Influences Interactive

This online talking board has a traditional Ouija board layout, but it functions differently than most other boards. To play, it asks that you speak your questions aloud.

Using the Board

To start the session, you must click or tap on the board. Once you do, the board begins responding with a string of words, which the application records in the space alongside the board. It will continue to record every word until you close the window or click on "Farewell." The planchette moves without a hovering mouse. It moves at variable speeds, sometimes quickly and sometimes slowly, but it always spells out words via what appears to be a random word generator.

Ending a Session

Once you click "Farewell," the Ouija session ends and you have the option of having the responses emailed to you.

Brain Jar

The free Ouija Board at Bain Jar is pretty basic. It has a classic Ouija board layout with "Yes" and "No" in the corners and letters below.

Using the Board

To use this free talking board, you type your question into the text box at the top of the screen and then hold your mouse over the planchette. Your mouse must follow the planchette as it moves or the planchette will stop moving.

What to Expect

The planchette moves at a moderate pace, and the site records the letters it lands on in a response box at the bottom of the screen. Responses to questions are often noncommittal, such as, "Ask later," or "I cannot tell."

Museum of Talking Boards

The Museum of Talking Boards is a wonderful resource for people who want to learn more about talking boards. It also features a free Ouija board application.

Using the Board

To play, you type your question in a text bar along the top of the screen, and then hold your mouse cursor over the top of the planchette as it moves. The planchette moves at a moderate pace. The answers aren't spelled out on screen, so keep a pen and pad handy to record them.

What to Expect

Answers to personal questions tend to be very general with this board, while questions about the spirit controlling the board receive more specific answers.

Exchanging Information With a Ouija Board

Except for the first name and date of birth asked for at Free Online Ouija Game, the rest of these websites do not require you to sign up for an account or leave any personal information in order for you to have your questions answered. You simply go to a site and use the board. Most of the websites offering an online Ouija board give directions for its use, and some offer a short Ouija history. You aren't required to give up any information except the question in your mind that you'd like answered.

Getting Ouija Board Answers Online

When you want to find out information beyond the average search engine experience, online Ouija boards can take you to the next level. Try out a few boards to see which one feels right for you. Using a virtual board makes the experience even more convenient because you won't have to find a willing partner to participate in the experiment. You can ask anything you'd like and ask as many questions as you want.

Free Online Ouija Board Sites