11 Places That Offer Free Wigs for Cancer Patients (& How to Apply)

When you look your best, you feel your best. These groups are helping cancer patients regain their confidence one wig at a time. 

Updated January 1, 2024
Cancer patient with wig on her hand looking to the mirror

Thanks to social media and selfies, we're more aware of our faces than ever before.  This attachment to our physical identity is what can make hair loss of any kind so devastating. Thankfully, there are organizations that give cancer patients a new sense of normal with hair pieces and wigs.

If you're in the market for one yourself or have a loved one dealing with cancer-related hair loss, then these are a handful of the places that offer free wigs for cancer patients. 

National Organizations That Offer Free Wigs to Cancer Patients 

Cancer treatment costs are expensive, typically leaving patients with very little funds left over for "cosmetic" accessories and procedures. But, there are some national organizations that understand how much your appearance can impact your state of mind and work to support cancer patients with free wigs. 

American Cancer Society

Many local chapters of the American Cancer Society (ACS) provide free wigs through their wig banks. To determine if a chapter near you has no-cost wigs available, visit the ACS page for locating wig events and other resources in your area.

If you're interested in applying for a free wig, contact the ACS directly at 1-877-227-1596 for details on how to apply. In some cases, you might need to speak with your local chapter to find out exactly what's available in your community.

Fast Fact

According to the Mayo Clinic, chemotherapy, which is a standard treatment for cancer patients, attacks all kinds of rapidly growing cells in your body, including your hair. This is one of the main factors that leads to cancer treatment-related hair loss. 


CancerCare is a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing completely free and professional support services to cancer patients and anyone affected by the disease. No-cost wigs are one of the many services they offer.

You can take advantage of this no-cost wig service by calling them at (800) 813-4673 or emailing them at info@cancercare.org. Or, if a local chaper is close by, you can pop in an inquiry in person. 

Wigs & Wishes

Martino Cartier is the moving force behind Wigs & Wishes. Motivated by watching his friend undergo cancer treatment, Cartier created a consortium of salons and stylists that will provide free wigs and styling services to women battling cancer.

Visit the Wigs & Wishes website for more information. Or for direct inquiries, you can call them at (856) 582-6600 or email them at info@wigsandwishes.org. 

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

You might know Susan G. Komen best for their annual Race for the Cure, but they also offer a ton of other resources to breast cancer patients and survivors. Many local chapters of Susan G. Komen for the Cure offer wigs free of charge.

To find a Komen affiliate in your area, visit the organization's online affiliate locator


EBeauty, an organization dedicated to providing support for women undergoing cancer treatments, offers a non-profit wig exchange program. People donate gently used wigs, and then the team refurbishes them to look good as new.

Women undergoing chemotherapy treatment can apply for their wig exchange program online. 

Need to Know

If you can afford it, EBeauty asks that you make a $25 donation at the time of your application to cover shipping and handling costs. 

Verma Foundation 

The Verma Foundation is a national nonprofit that offers something different in the wig space — cap wigs. Cap wigs are tracks of hair that have been sewn into a stylish baseball cap to give the illusion of a full head of hair. 

All of their cap wigs are free to cancer patients; all you need to do is fill out their online application

Places to Find Free Wigs for Kids With Cancer

As if watching adults experience cancer-related hair loss isn't difficult enough, seeing children cope with unexpected changes to their bodies can be incredibly upsetting. Thankfully, these various groups are helping children through this difficult time with wigs free of charge. 

Children With Hair Loss

Children With Hair Loss (CWHL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to being a hair replacement resource for disadvantaged children with medically induced hair loss from illnesses such as cancer or due to burns.

Children must be under 21 and have proof of their date of birth. You can complete and submit the hair replacement forms on their website. Just keep in mind that you do need documentation proving their hair loss stems from medical circumstances. 

Locks of Love

Locks of Love is probably the most well-known hair replacement organization in the United States. Hairdressers across the country are affiliated with them because they use human hair ponytails to make hair prosthetics for underprivileged children in the U.S. and Canada. 

Kids must be 21 or younger and have medically documented hair loss. If your family is going through a tough financial time, then you can get your wigs free of charge.

To apply, you need to finish a four-step application process:

  • Complete the hairpiece application form
  • Provide documentation of the patient's medical diagnosis
  • Attach family financial information
  • Attach two letters of recommendation 

Wigs for Kids

Children 18 years old or younger with cancer are eligible for a wig free of charge from Wigs for Kids. Like Locks of Love, this non-profit relies on donated ponytails to create their wigs for children.

To request a free wig, simply download and fill out their wig application.

Local Organizations to Look For Free Wigs For Cancer Patients

National organizations aren't the only groups you can turn to in your time of need. In fact, local organizations are sometimes the quicker of the two options. Connect with your community through these local wig programs: 

Beautiful woman putting on a wig after hairloss due to cancer treatment.

Cancer Center Patient Support Programs

In North Carolina, the Duke Comprehensive Cancer Center offers a variety of support groups for patients at the hospital and within the local community. Among them is the Belk Boutique, which offers free wigs in various styles and colors, as well as turbans and hats (also provided at no charge to the patient).

The Duke program is just one example of hundreds of similar programs across the country. Another example of a similar program is the University of Michigan's Wig Bank Program.

Pink Hearts Fund

Joann Nicely founded the Pink Hearts Fund because of her own battle with cancer. This nonprofit organization provides free wigs to needful adults or children in Mississippi and Texas who have medically induced hair loss.

Individuals requesting a free wig must have a prescription from their oncologist before filling out an application.

Need to Know

To get your Pink Hearts Fund wig fit in person you have to make an appointment. You can set up an appointment by emailing pinkheartfunds@gmail.com or calling at (228) 575-8299.

Additional Places You Can Investigate 

The hunt for a free wig doesn't stop there. We can't cover every group in the country that provides free wig services to cancer patients. And only a handful of them can afford the major publicity to be recognized at the national level. 

If these groups don't fit your situation, there are other places you can turn to. Try contacting individuals, groups or corporations such as:

  • Local cancer centers or organizations: Even if a local cancer center or organization doesn't offer free hair prosthesis services, their staff may be able to tell you about other local groups that do. 
  • Wig specialists and wig stores: Wig stores/specialists might offer free wigs themselves. Even if they don't, they may know of someone who does offer that type of service, so they can point you in the right direction.
  • Hairdressers and salon owners:  Hairdressers and salon owners typically have industry contacts they can use to get quick information about hair replacement and other hair loss services available for cancer patients. 
  • Insurance companies: If you have health insurance, check with your provider to see if your benefits include covering the cost of an extra-cranial prosthesis. If not, ask your insurance company if they can refer you to a free wig bank or program. 
  • Friends and family: You have a support system, so why not use it? Check in with family and friends to see if they know of any programs or organizations you can reach out to. 

Wigs Can Help Cancer Patients Regain Their Confidence

Cancer is a cruel disease that eats away at the body and as well as finances. When you look your best, you feel your best, and these groups are helping cancer patients regain their confidence one wig at a time. 

11 Places That Offer Free Wigs for Cancer Patients (& How to Apply)